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My friend is a sell link, put this kind of question spread out, this does not lay out the job that does not make one's own? In fact, sell the link is not 32 days, sold for so long links, experience or a little bit of, do this job can not unilaterally consider how much to sell how much money, more time to consider for buyers, You have to think about how much people buy to achieve the desired ranking effect. Is the so-called ' I sell I make money, you buy you benefit ', this is the seller's industry ethics is fundamental, but also to ensure the credibility of the premise.

Objectively speaking, the more the outside chain ranking the better

I have a customer, the key word ' Beitun ' in the third place in Baidu, ranked first in the Baidu Encyclopedia, because it is Baidu's own products, so for the moment to throw aside, the second is his only competitor. He often studied the station, trying to find the advantages of competitors, in contrast to the two-stop page design and content, found himself not inferior to the opponent, so he added my QQ to discuss with me.

As a professional link to the seller, analysis site I will first from the outside chain look. Because I know, two stations in the same premise, outside the chain played a decisive role, the quantity and quality of the chain will determine the final ranking of the site. I use Yahoo webmaster tools to view the outside of the chain of two stations, as I expected, the number of the site outside the chain of my customer site 3 times times more, the problem is already very obvious.

This shows that the chain for the site's ranking is too important! If the search engine rankings algorithm does not include outside the chain factor, that content will be the core. Yes, content is the core of the ranking algorithm, which is immutable. But in this universal SEO network era, pseudo original content is very easy to achieve. After all, search engine is not a person is a machine, in the content for the approved algorithm to arrange the index, will inevitably appear large area of judgment errors, may cause good station instead of the situation after the platoon. Obviously this is the search engine does not want to see the situation (Baidu in this respect do not place, a serious impact on the user experience). So even if the ranking algorithm how to adjust, the search engine will never give up the external chain factors as an important aid to the algorithm. The reason is very simple, good station have rich outside chain support, the important external chain of the algorithm is used to statistics the popularity of the site (search engine that the number of chain outside the site marks the popularity of the site, the more outside the chain of the popularity of the site, the higher the ranking). Buy links to do rankings, the principle is this. In short, the more the outside chain ranking effect is better.

In a short time, the more the chain, the more dangerous the ranking

Purely rely on the chain to do ranking is to touch the search engine nerve approach, is not desirable. Continuous high-quality content and long-term stability of the high quality outside the chain is the search engine to refer to the important basis of ranking. On the contrary, the rapid growth of the internal and external chains will be noticed by the search engines and may well be suspected of cheating to the K station. The overall word, the long-term stability of high-quality outside the chain the more the better, a short period of time, the proliferation of the outside chain more but more dangerous! Before long there was a customer who bought my link, he asked me to give him 40 pr5+ a day link, I went, because the customer is God, and finally was K, because God does not listen to me. Of course, if you think you've had a good luck lately, you can touch it!

Reasonable increase in the chain, buy every day, buy less each time

How to increase the chain in a short time is reasonable? Remember a word-buy every day, buy less every time. Avoid visitors and search engines from noticing this action as much as possible. For a large number of outside the chain of the site, the recommended daily increase in the external chain of the total amount of 10% or less; for the outside chain generally many sites, the daily increase in the number of outside the chain to maintain a total of less than 20%; for not many outside the chain of the site, it is recommended to increase the number of external chain every day not more than 10

Writing this, and finally remind you reader, PR will be updated, if the algorithm does not have special changes, it is estimated that the month is not the end of next month is the beginning of a good time to buy a link!

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