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One of the biggest differences between soft text and advertising is its spread, soft text is the role of communication, and most ads more emphasis on advertising (although now advertising is more and more soft), but the soft text is not born with good communication, but the quality, know how to grasp its soft and hard articles can be both communication and advertising role. In how to write soft Wen valley is no longer narrative, and talk about how to use its role.

The media channel of soft paper

Soft paper is mainly used in paper media and network media, in the channel of the truth is the same, is to put the media to be seen, and then a good soft text if no one can not play its role, the current soft text of the cost is not high, such as Soft Wen Valley, the general well-known media also on dozens of pieces. Although the soft text is difficult to get a good display position, but for its own high popularity of the network media, daily browsing volume of tens of millions, you put in the soft text in a very small browsing rate can also get a good view of the volume.

Second, skillfully set the title

Of course, the readability and attractiveness of the title is not a problem, the general writing software writers will pay attention to the title of the attraction, but do not forget, for people with SEO experience, the role of the title is far from this. As the first part of the talk, the media choice is very important to the well-known network media is not Baidu and other search engine news sources, even if not, but also in search engines to get a good collection and rankings, so good title can play a good role in advertising, such as Soft Wen gu is to do the platform for the release of soft, then I write soft wen can use " Soft wen gu "+" soft article release, such as the title, so that others in the search "soft article release" Related words, will show my article, so shun with the soft Wen gu to promote out, this is one of the biggest role of soft paper.

Iii. Popularity effect

The choice of good media, not only allows you to achieve the above role, can also play a well-known effect, for often in the major well-known network media brands, users always give a higher degree of trust, increase the credibility of the enterprise, you can also be the media coverage screenshots, and then put in print or brochure to the customer to see, Increase authority and brand degree. This kind of trust doesn't work right away, but when the consumer makes the decision, it starts to work at the most critical moment.

Four, the attention grasps its "soft" sex

Soft Wen is placed in the well-known media, another reason is the hope to be reproduced, but the article wants to be reproduced, it must have its value reproduced, must bring the relevant knowledge to readers, to the reader to inspire, this will be possible to get good reprint. In short, the soft text with advertising, but this kind of advertisement is recessive, but the dominant part is its readability and enlightening, as I today this article, if it can give you a little enlighten, that my goal achieves, my advertisement also achieves, as far as I publicize what, you understand.

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