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Today suddenly mentioned do SEO older and more valuable this topic, which let me into meditation, many people are doing SEO, do very good only a few people, some people do not only do SEO not to do the company's website, but the company's website to do a collapse, let us calm down to think about, when you put the ranking of the site to do up, Did you really bring the order to the company? SEO is a complex process, always in the challenge themselves, if you can not find the right method, SEO very difficult to do, accidentally you may do something wrong.

The domestic SEO market is more chaotic, relative and foreign should still be in the development stage, but with the rapid development of the search market in recent years, domestic enterprises to the demand for SEO more and more, embarrassing is the domestic site optimization many still stay in do keyword ranking level, A large number of SEO studio services are basically to the customer ranking, hair outside the chain, of course, this and the domestic enterprise website owner's understanding, some bosses for SEO this word cognition is not enough, as a domestic enterprise website boss should learn more SEO knowledge, try to expand their own, regardless of in the environment you can win people.

Personally feel that the real SEO should be based on the site for long-term packaging, long-term network marketing under the conditions, because you put up the rankings, but found that their orders did not increase, this time should take a good look at, is not what is wrong? or where it's not. If we optimize the good and still do not increase the order, this time we have to re-examine what is going on. We do optimization not only to do rankings, but also to do marketing, orders added to explain our optimization do a good job.

SEO is based on the site and user experience-oriented, your content must be useful, better, SEO not only to adhere to, but also to do a good job of technology, we have done optimization of the site must be reasonable structure to be customer acclaim, otherwise an unpopular site how may attract customers eyeball, We want to ensure that the user experience based on the search engine as much as possible, a lot of SEO skills based on the understanding of the search engine on the basis of.

SEO optimization site is to minimize the workload of search engines, reduce the difficulty of the search engine, so that the search engine can be easier, fast collection of site pages, more accurate extraction of page content. An experienced SEO staff of the search engine will certainly be more than an experienced SEO staff, the so-called Jiangshan generation have talent, may be a part of the new ability is also particularly prominent, but this is only a few.

SEO is really the older the more valuable, of course, this old is not necessarily age, some people although young but very rich experience, which is also "old", do seo when really the older the more valuable Ah!

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