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Speaking of net, everyone may be familiar with it. Advertisement overwhelming, especially in Beijing Subway, hear that shout all a little feel mental breakdown (fair!).

Today, stone with you to analyze net in SEO early take an SEO strategy. In the early net is such a top-level domain name into the city after the station. The first tier of the city bold, red and then two level three this way down. Through a variety of advertising net to obtain a very large amount of information, but also a relatively large original.

We know a website if the customer experience is very good, the traffic is very huge the search engine will certainly give a good weight to judge from the quality of his website. Those two-level domain name through the homepage of the link to the weight caused by the net those two-level domain names and directories and the value of the PR has come up. A large and complex SEO program is quietly implemented. I call it "ant seo".

We know that the weight of the site through the link to the transfer, and "friendship link" the weight can be said to be very large. NET uses his countless two-level domain names and level two catalogs for countless links. And a large part is someone else's homepage link! Please look at the picture:


What I want to say is that this is definitely a very inaccurate number, and I still see net link people in exchange for the chain. A way like this I call ant seo.

Soaring stone and everyone has been talking about the SEO before the market how about net now?

We open the market home can see the direct jump to the city, we know that a website home weight is very high if used to do optimization will magnify the effect, today's net abandoned part of the SEO conversion for the customer experience. Perhaps they realize that 8630.html "> sometimes customer experience than SEO also seo."

Stone is also shallow talk, net weight of course will not be so simple out, but this definitely accounted for a very large proportion. Today to share with you this SEO strategy hope for everyone can help. Article original, Welcome to my website Exchange Reprint also please specify.

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