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With more and more friends to add to the SEO line, after all, relative to SEO his threshold is relatively low, but also our business, Network Marketing, one of the most important means. Give me one of the deepest experiences: in the June of last year, I have been to the talent market (Ningbo) went to more than once, I found that the network company's recruitment unit is indeed very much, and recruit are some art, procedures and salesman accounted for the majority, in I went to a few times there is only one company in the recruitment of SEO.

A year later today, I have in hand for some network companies and enterprises in the recruitment of SEO this aspect of people. And most of the situation is in short supply, whether from the level of SEO, even if you are rookie then there will be companies and companies to you. Because the internet needs such talent, network companies and enterprises without the optimization and promotion of the site.

There is someone to consult me, the other company several SEO, there is no net? Such problems accounted for more than half of the problem, but the most important salary issues for job seekers were ranked behind. It can be seen that there is a certain problem. At the same time I also went to ask him in depth "a person to do the station too tired, if encountered some portals, the more difficult word fundamental operation does not come." Why do most people always feel the most bitter site ranking or the daily article update and hair outside the chain?

I share my understanding of SEO to everyone, in fact, the search engine and we do not directly related to the content update. Perhaps some people do not understand, update content is not to let search engine included? In fact, to do the real optimization is to do the user experience. Our daily update content, and search engine is to meet the needs of users, so will go to constantly update his database, then how to update? is to send search engine spiders to crawl the site, the latest information and high-quality content collected back into the database, and finally presented to the user. Understand, this truth, then I ask you again, is not the search engine is not the eldest, the user is kingly. We are working for users, so our content update and search engine has no direct and inevitable connection.

The above is a way of thinking of personal sentiment, so everyone in the update site content, of course, this is the other soft writers, because they understand these reasons. We go to update the content of the site is our latest news in the first time published, as much as possible to let more people know, and search engine is just a platform, no search engine people will know. When your article reaches a certain level of writing, I believe you will love to update the article with the soft text, because you can lead the article to let more people find what they want and content, and you also get a certain amount of compensation.

Good soft wen He is the price of the article, when you really reached that level, search engines will automatically pay attention to you. Because it also needs this kind of content very much. So for the most basic SEO update content is a best example. So tired because you feel that it is a burden to do to search engines, and not to your users.

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