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The newspaper SEO inspiration May this title take a bit too much, this can only be said to be engaged in the SEO after the occupation of an occupational disease bar, as long as there is life in the user experience or to say some ads and newspapers and so I am particularly concerned about. Today in reading the newspaper when the unconscious thought of SEO, I also belong to occasionally see the kind of newspaper, because a lot of information may be the network up fast and timely. OK, no more nonsense to get to the point. Let's show you the newspaper layout of People's daily.


I take just one of the newspapers, from the entire layout of the newspaper is not very similar to the layout of our website. Just some of the content will be more "practical" than our website, such as the weather forecast above and some more close to life information. Of course, this is not to say that our site does not need to add this content, just to different sites to do different design.

A long way to see, People's daily these are not big enough to stand out? By the way, this is the logo of our website. Because he is written in the form of the performance of our SEO operation may have a certain degree of flexibility, such as we add to the logo link, plus alt attribute. I just use the people's daily to do a metaphor, we can also pick up your side of the newspaper to see, for the upper left of the newspaper, is a focus of everyone browsing. Because the newspaper in typesetting also considered the principle of F-type browsing.

Then perhaps everyone is more concerned about our web site navigation in the newspaper is how to embody it? In my view of today's People's daily as an example, in general can be divided into 24 editions, that is, it has 24 pages composed. It includes news, theories, combinations, viewpoints, economics, politics, culture, society and so on. Generally speaking, people's daily know that each page is marked with a direct annotation of the content of this layout. This form of performance is a bit like the title of our website.

The news is actually the summary of our website is similar, but he also plays the role of navigation. In my Ningbo SEO blog home, you can also see the initial content of Bowen, want to see the full text must be clicked to our content page specific page. So what are the benefits of this design? I believe that most of the reading of the newspaper is limited when browsing the web, not necessarily every content you will go to see. To capture the user's eyeballs and reduce the cost of reading is not a summary of the content for most users has been enough.

And then we will go to see that the larger font of the title, is not the larger the word is more likely to attract our attention, then the opposite is not the newspaper feel more important or to emphasize the recommended content? SEO inside the H tag is also the effect of this, let us consider the search engine this H tag content is emphatically stated. The newspaper is also really trying to optimize his title and how to be more attractive.

I think the next thing I want to talk about is advertising. Not only are there advertisements on the website, but also in the newspapers. But their performance is different form, may be in the newspaper more have the advantage of optimization, and the ads on the site is more difficult to find to the content of higher advertising to put, this can go to see the newspaper operation.

To the newspaper SEO culture I simply pull to here. In fact, I want to tell you that SEO is not only displayed on the Internet, in fact, to some extent, has been integrated into the life.

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