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Today ordinary and everyone together meticulous analysis of a website open speed on the site's overall operation caused by the impact, welcome to share with me!

A Web site open speed in the end what impact, we from the simplest and most direct results of the analysis, from the beginning to the bottom, delamination, fast learning and absorption.

Here a brief analysis of


Just started the net Rui technology this website opens the speed in 7 seconds, in fact, is moderate, from the site's third party statistics, basically stay within 20IP per day, and floating very large, stay time of almost no more than 30 seconds, directly through the site online consultation is very little, up to no more than 5 times. Since the beginning of 2012 to change the space, the speed of the site to open the quality of the upgrade, from all over the country to open the test speed to see, The average time in 0.4 seconds or so, the site traffic stability in more than 20IP, the stay is also greatly improved, online consultation has also improved a lot, directly from the site generated by the income significantly better than the same period last year.

First, the direct impact of the user stay waiting time; Numerous studies have shown that users are most satisfied with the open Web page time under 2 seconds, the user can endure the longest waiting time between 6-8 seconds. This means that 8 seconds is a critical value, if your site is open for more than 8 seconds, then you will lose a large number of users, more than 99% users will close the page, no longer waiting. However, if the site can display feedback messages to the user during the wait load, such as a progress bar, then the user can tolerate a significant increase in time, through the progress bar to let users know that the site is normal. A Web page opened for too long, the first choice to the user is not open the site or site problems, is a bad site, directly close the probability of up to 99%, so the length of the Web page open directly related to the fate of your site.

Second, the website speed open too slow directly lead to users of your site trust; in fact, do the station as a person, and do the station and as a person, it is the trust, a person to obtain a person's trust is difficult, but to destroy the trust in fact very simple, and soon; a web site is too slow to open, First of all, others to your site's feeling is "this broken site can not open, rotten site, garbage" or "open how so slow, waste time, closed."

Why is there such a reaction, because today's internet is not a website, not to mention the common grassroots webmaster site has not been established long-term trust, when the content of the site is not the only way to obtain access through other sites, then your site is being discarded by users, in today's internet age, the site a dime, The same news multiple sites have, when the content of your site is not unique, then in the same access to their own information needs, users will certainly be willing to spend less time to achieve the same effect; therefore, the speed of the site's access to trust plays a vital role.

Third, the website opens the speed to the SEO influence; SEO is now very important for ordinary grassroots sites, because when we do not have the funds, there is no important publicity channels, the search engine optimization has become our most convenient way, but the search engine spiders are also access to the Web page to obtain information about your site, as users, When you open the site is slow or not open, the spider will be afraid, because people want to "shake hands" with you, but you refused to others in the door or others knock your door knock hundreds of times have not opened, think you will wait, you will come, even spiders to come, also talk about what SEO.

In conclusion, a website is just like a person, a healthy, positive upward, let others look comfortable, a let the leadership rest assured that the well-being of the good staff, entrusted with the task is only a matter of time; Similarly, a website content rich, users through your site with ease, build up trust, Users will naturally be willing to spend in such a website, the nature will be word-of-mouth for your propaganda, the vitality of the site will naturally flourish up; and a site's first step is to open your heart, embrace your users, the speed of the site open determines the user and you embrace the first step!

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