The most critical factors affecting classified information Web sites

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I have discussed some very superficial views on the classified information website, mainly on the classification information site. Today, the more contacts, the more the idea. As an amateur I, just enter this line to learn more about the classification of information on those things, did not want to do a very in-depth classification information research. Therefore, if there is no place to say, please forgive the people who have looked at it, if you do not mind, you can leave your valuable opinions and views. Today, we mainly discuss some important factors that affect the classification information website.

User stickiness is the core of classified information website

For the lack of a clear profit model of the classification of information sites, is currently mainly to release information to attract more users, in the Internet Web2.0 era, the internet is more inclined to network users Exchange platform, classified information Web site is the typical application of the Internet Web2.0, therefore, users are also the core of classified information sites.

How to let the site retain more users, is the key to classify information sites, even if you want to do value-added services are mainly relying on the site registered users. At present, most classified information websites rely on the community to maintain the stickiness of users and websites. such as Nanchang local Nanchang Life forum is very hot, it is the Nanchang classified information site Treasure Network ( of a child channel, the treasure Net has six classification channels, there are forums and blogs, in the local are very hot. The role of the forum is mainly the user after the message can be published to the community some of their own ideas and views, to provide users with a better platform for communication, improve the classification of Web sites and users of the viscosity. Of course, the site's user experience is also very important, to grasp the user must understand the user's internet habits.

Strengthening credit system is the decisive factor of classified information website

Information on the classification of Web sites is very large, users of information "authenticity" and "effectiveness" of the most concern, which is also the determinants of the development of classified information sites. The domestic classification information website strengthens the credit system increasingly, takes the measure in the technology and the service to guarantee the information true, effective.

According to the Earth Network technician introduced, in the practical application of patented technology, so that can automatically filter and screen the information base in the duplication, garbage, to maximize the effectiveness of information. In addition, in the monitoring of intermediary information, reached more than 85% of the filtration rate, can do to automatically prohibit malicious impersonate the end of individual users again post. At the same time, the network also has a special editorial staff, the authenticity of the post verification, false, bad information to delete, for repeated offenders will delete all the information published.

Third, classified information Web site The most urgent profit problem

The free model of the Internet has made Internet companies a problem for some internet companies. The more pressing issue is how to achieve profitability relative to when the classified information Web site is profitable, the leading analyst said.

Industry analysis, the classification of information sites are mainly dispersed individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, the pressure of profit is more obvious. Although the information can be profitable, but the classification of information needs to be massive, real, effective information to attract enough users to expand the impact, which will inevitably limit the application of charging mode, which in itself is a pair of natural contradictions. In addition, the advertising model has yet to be recognized by advertisers. The profit model of classified information website is not only the demand of industry innovation but also the urgent problem of real existence.

Scrape together on the above information on the classification of the three points, I hope to help you a little, but also hope that more people to exchange.

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