Two strokes for Xu Vancl to sell accessories

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Two strokes for Xu Vancl to sell accessories

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Recently, has been thinking about the essence of e-commerce, and finally I came to the conclusion is: Syntao! Some people say that E-commerce is to experience good, to have good faith protection, to be able to quickly release goods, quickly search for goods ... All these are the needs of E-commerce network, not the true meaning of e-commerce success.

I have also always believed that the internet is not a castle in the castles, the need and the real economy of mutual integration, the end of the Internet to be able to "sell goods", and the model of integration is e-commerce. Xu Jing is called a talented woman, because she not only in the film film, but also blog, more importantly, she is also a webmaster, engaged in a "open" magazine website, this is the first female star, also seems to be the only one.

Rely on the popularity of Lao Xu, opened a lot of users should be. But how to make a profit? Advertising? Charges? None of this seems to be the best solution. In addition, the Internet in China for ordinary users are not fashionable fees. What to do? It's easy to sell.

So, it is natural to have Xu Lei on Taobao selling T-shirts, Han also imitated Xu Jing on Taobao sell autographed books. But Han's books are selling well, and Xu's t-shirt sales are quite deserted. The reason is very simple, T-shirt price hundred yuan, too high, and Taobao is the most powerful place, higher prices means difficult to sell; second, the T-shirt brand is open instead of Xu, the relationship is far from a layer of attraction will be much worse.

Xu Lei on Taobao test water E-commerce can be said to be reactive and return. But the old Xu did not give up, and will "open accessories" put on the Vancl sales, from Taobao to VANCL, this transformation is very large. First of all, is the transformation of the user base, hundred-dollar T-shirts sold on Taobao, it is obvious that the low-end fans do not buy, 98 collocation decorated in Vancl, for white-collar people, the price is not high.

However, I still have some concerns about the sale of Vancl to Xu. Because the brand of jewelry is still "open", and the relationship between Xu Jing is far from a layer; second, Xu Lei this time to learn, to want to sell jewelry, just hang a link on the blog is not enough, more important is that you want to toss like Han, through the blog positions, soft Wen bombing, so that the extraordinary effect.

The following to Xu Lei in the VANCL sell accessories to support two strokes:

First, in order to narrow the relationship between the accessory and Xu Jing, it is recommended that Xu be signed on the accessories, and then seal to the accessory, which is much better than the brand that only opened.

Second, busy, old Xu to draw a free, many for accessories in good words, write a few more about Accessories blog, each blog remember to add pictures and Vancl links, estimated will greatly improve sales.

Third, do not only accessories, United Vancl launched fashion "> Women's clothing brand seems very reliable." It is said that Vancl in the case of No star endorsement, BRA-T series of women on line on the first day of sales on the million, if old Xu can do the spokesperson, estimated sales must double, Xu Lei's E-commerce road is also shining.

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