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SEM Status:

SEO, sem may be a lot of people do not understand. Ask the people around 10 of the nine are not yet known. This is no way, the industry has just been developed in the past two years. The popularization of the Internet let more and more know the SEO, light will do the station has no use, to understand how to let you do out of the station, Let more people know, this is a topic that many people now care about. Whether it is SEO, or SEM are focused on the Internet in this new market. I have always believed that our future is good, because as long as the search engine exists, our value will be infinitely high.

SEO for the major forums are discussed, and then the SEM is rarely mentioned. This only means that the number of people engaged in SEM is very few, because often many SEO has the technology, basically do their own website, Also unwilling to join some companies. Because it is possible to include tens of thousands of months. This also causes one of the reasons why there are so few SEM teams,

What is called the SEM team?

SEM team is deep in the major E-commerce enterprises within a team. seo→sem→ Marketing-→ Enterprise brand, sem (search Engine Marketing) Chinese translation as: Search engine marketing, SEM is a new network marketing and promotion. SEM pursues the highest price/performance ratio, With minimal input, get the largest search engine traffic, and generate, commercial value. SEM can be in the search engine to carry out the maintenance of quality, the brand's negative information as little as possible in front of the search users, you can prevent competition in the online malicious framed. At the same time can be in the promotion of positive and commercial information to achieve the goal of brand promotion.

SEO is part of the SEM, SEM contains Seo,seo and SEM the ultimate goal is different. SEO is mainly for the keyword ranking, the site's traffic, the structure of the site, search engine pages included in the data; SEM is through the technology of SEO to expand the search engine to bring the commercial value, planning effective network marketing program, including a series of Web site transport. Battalion strategy Analysis, implementation, marketing results for testing and so on.

SEM Team classification:

I. Search engine Bidding Management

Two. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Three. Keyword management (due to the actual situation of the enterprise). If the enterprise is large in size, there is a need for the Commissioner in charge of the work.

Four. Product promotion-also known as Network Information publishing (if you want to make your product more than the proportion of the Internet)

Five. Enterprise brand Management (Internet)

SEM with the function of search engine constantly improve, will also progress together, the future work of SEM team will be more arduous.

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