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Before a friend asked, what kind of article length is conducive to SEO? First of all, say two basic nonsense principles that are always right:

1 starting from the user, consider the user experience, do not consider search engine optimization.

2 If there is a long word, no words are short.

Again to analyze, if you have to stand in the SEO perspective, what should be handled?

First of all, the article should be in the shortest 200 words or so. There are two reasons:

1 if only dozens of words, search engine is not easy to determine the text of what the theme is, it can not determine what the most relevant keywords.

2 The text is too short, there may be more than the navigation system, menus, copyright notices and other assorted things add up the words are less, is suspected to be copied content. If such a large number of text pages exist, may cause the site to increase internal replication pages. Because the similarity between your pages is too high, the text that is different is too short. We can refer to the next http://www.gongfuwz.cn this station.

Long articles are easy to attract links. Read a lot of long articles, even dozens of pages. Although it is a bit inconvenient to pull and pull while reading, such articles are actually more attractive links.

Because such articles are usually in-depth analysis of a topic, not in-depth he can not write so long. So other blogs or websites find such an in-depth research article, and naturally find its value, the article as a resource, and then reference.

If you divide long articles into paragraphs, other blogs are not easily referenced. More fragmented articles are less likely to be used as resources. There is a subtle psychological difference between the two, a very long, very complete, very in-depth article, give people the impression is valuable resources.

Another advantage is that such an article is rich in content, in search engine view, can enhance authority.

Sometimes the long article into several pages, but also has its advantages. The first advantage is that the entire Site page increase, the size of the site become larger. And the big website has the innate Authority degree.

The second is that if your article is divided into different chapters, and each chapter has its own focus, it is more advantageous to divide the chapters into different pages. Because each chapter has his topic relevance, divided into multiple pages, to be able to optimize the page for different keywords.

Generally speaking, in addition to the long article discussed earlier, according to the characteristics of the article itself and whether you want easier to attract links, to consider whether divided into different pages, ordinary articles should be more appropriate between 400-800 words. This is not only from the perspective of SEO, but also consider the user. Too long easy to let users see the first eye is annoying, too short as the previous said can not form a theme.

Of course, the discussion here is to SEO point of view, but a lot of time to do the site, SEO is only a small part of the consideration. For example, many Web sites have a common FAQ, if the question of one or two words to answer clearly, there is no need to write to hundreds of words. Oh last ad under my station http://www.yueguang.org.cn

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