Wan Qi Competition in the "reduction tide" quietly hit the major shareholders in Hong Kong are throwing stocks

Securities Times reporter Tangsun The recent Hong Kong stocks in 17,000 points near the concussion favoured, the big city deal is showing a continued shrinking trend.  In the market direction of the choice is not clear, many of the company's major shareholders have to sell shares are now, a time of the Hong Kong stock market to reduce the tide. Only in this week's two trading days, there are a number of companies announced pro shareholders have to reduce the move. According to HKEx information, the British hedge fund the Children ' s investment Fund Management (TCI) recently ...

Oil price adjustment to window period Sinopec says oil prices will rise

As of November 10, the National Development and Reform Commission has raised oil prices for 22 working days, and domestic products have come to the sensitive window of price adjustment.  "Strict oil prices will also rise," Yesterday, Sinopec board of Directors of the Secretariat, Deputy chief of staff Huang in "into the Chinese petrochemical ——— media reporters, investors in Zhejiang province" to answer. The recent international oil price has been closed at $75 a barrel for several consecutive trading days, following several factors such as the strong dollar, the Dubai debt crisis, and the downgrade of Greece's sovereign credit rating, which has remained close to two months after oil prices have been kept above $75 per barrel. Oil futures return ...

KANG: Macro-control of economic means will transform industrial structure

On the morning of 12th, Kang, director of the Finance Science Institute of China's Ministry of Finance, said in a speech at the 2010 China Iron and Steel Market Meeting held in Shanghai that next year will mainly use economic means mainly indirect macro-control, to adjust the structure, transfer mode.  Kang predicts that next year's economic trend will appear before the high stability, the first quarter and the second quarter will undertake the fourth quarter of the high, and then two quarters although there will be a retreat, but the policy factors on a reasonable lift strength, will stabilize in 8.5% growth, macro-control policy will play a role. In this respect, he proposed that next year will mainly use ...

The Golden Cross is a precaution against false cows

After 3 months of successive waves, Hong Kong stocks eventually appear "gold cross" technical good signal.  In the past 5 years, the 50-day moving average of the Hang Seng index rose again through the 250-day moving average and, according to previous records, more than 15% increases were recorded in the 1-year period following the signal.  However, investors should not be taken lightly, cautious defense is only "false cow" (false breakthrough). The Hong Kong Economic Daily reported that in the past 10 years, there had been 3 "gold crosses" in the HSI. After 1 years of "gold Cross" in the 2002 HSI, the impact of the Shahi fell 14.8%;2003 and 20.

The basic framework of the Copenhagen Conference: a dual-track confirmation

In the Danish capital, Copenhagen, December 10, ice sculptures are making ice sculptures "Marcel fighters" outside the climate change conference. In the Danish capital, Copenhagen, December 10, ice sculptures are making ice sculptures "Marcel fighters" outside the climate change conference. The original ice sculptures were taken from the Bosnian Serbs, who are being severely affected by climate change, and severe droughts are destroying the livelihoods of Masai. The 3-metre-tall "male warrior", carved by 4 tons of ice, and the "female warrior" in the arms of a baby are presented to the public and will fade away to reflect the dangers of climate change. New ...

550 billion tax reduction small and medium-sized enterprises benefit less positive fiscal fall into paradox

Since the end of last year, in response to the international financial crisis, the country has introduced a series of tax concessions, the annual tax deduction is expected to reach 550 billion yuan a year, the intensity of unprecedented.  The Ministry of Finance said that the current structural tax reduction policy has been effective, and strongly promoted the steady and rapid economic development. However, the Chinese Times reporter interviewed found that most small and medium-sized enterprises reflect that they do not feel the benefits of tax policy. Have tax cuts been discounted in implementation? Liu Huan, deputy dean of the Taxation Institute at the Central University of Finance and Economics, said that according to the definition of positive fiscal policy, it should be to increase expenditure and reduce ...

Kang: Next year fiscal policy focuses on public risks and holds pressure

On the morning of 12th, Kang, director of the Finance Science Institute of China's Ministry of Finance, said in a speech at the 2010 China Iron and Steel Market Meeting held in Shanghai that this year's government monetary and fiscal policy makes China's fiscal deficit and national debt scale expand, fiscal policy next year to pay attention to public risk, so that  Kang introduced that the government's package of economic stimulus program to the national economy from the previous low to high, from the start of the industrial chain upstream, to the current downstream gradually feel the economic recovery, as well as the gradual increase in income, the Government's investment on the effect of economic pull constantly appear. But he is with ...

Lamy reiterates call for completion of Doha round negotiations

Geneva, May 26 (Xinhua) The Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Liu Guoyuan, 26th reiterated his appeal to WTO members to push for the success of the Doha round negotiations in order to resist the rising risk of trade protectionism. Speaking at the WTO General Council meeting that day, Lamy said that some people believe that the current global economic crisis has bottomed out, but the social impact of the economic crisis is clearly not yet fully demonstrated. He warned that as the economic crisis caused unemployment and rising prices, the impact of trade protectionism will be further enhanced, and the multilateral trading system will also face ...

The mineral Resources law will be revised again

The mineral resources Law of the People's Republic of China will be revised again.  Wang, Deputy minister of Land and Resources, said today that the modification of the Mineral Resources Law would force the operability. China's current Mineral Resources Law promulgated and implemented in 1986, 1996 was amended. Currently, modifications will be made again.  According to the introduction, the main reason for this change is that in recent years, the Mineral resources management has appeared many new situations, new problems, and the existing law has appeared obvious indications. Ministry of Land and Resources related to the head revealed that since 2003, the Ministry of Land and Resources on the revision of mineral resources law related to a large number of preliminary research.

EU agrees to provide 7.2 billion euros to developing countries to fight climate change

Xinhua Beijing, December 12, comprehensive report 11th, the European Union leaders said agreed to give developing countries 2.4 billion a year in 2010-2012, a total of 7.2 billion euros of funds to help them fight climate warming. Europe, America and Japan to provide aid funds are expected to be integrated into a $10 billion trillion global aid fund, according to the BBC. In announcing the news, Swedish Prime Minister Reinfeldt, the EU's rotating presidency, added that EU Member States would contribute to the dedicated fund, a move that indicated that the EU was committed to its obligations and that the EU wanted to do so.

A 2% increase in the creation of the composite has reflected positive factors

The company today showed a first-and-most-rising trend, with shares falling 1.62% to HK $11.32 in the afternoon, closing 17.84 million shares.  Macquarie issued a report that downgraded the stock from the market to neutral, but set the target price by 63% to HK $12.1, based on the 2009-year forecast P/E, which was 5.9 times times higher than the market premium of 7%. Macquarie pointed out that the 2009-2010-year profit forecast for the OECD will be adjusted by 18% and 9% respectively to reflect the bank's latest forecast for Chinese city prices. It is said that the current share price of the creative exhibition has already reflected ...

News: Chongqing department store holiday shopping department stocks active

Fundamentally, the company's asset injection expectations are more clear. The company's most attractive investor concern is the injection of new century department stores by major shareholders. The New Century department store is the company's major shareholder Chongqing trading Group's larger sales, more profitable quality assets.  The Chongqing Sasac, at its meeting in January 09, reiterated its determination to integrate commercial assets two times. Secondary market, the unit today's rapid rise, up to 11:24 points, Rose 5%. Tomorrow is the traditional Dragon Boat festival, stimulating the activity of department stores.

Developers pressure plate to earn excess profits experts said the next year's middle price correction

This reporter Dong Ying Shang Wang Bing, Beijing reported on real estate policy speculation controversy dust settles, and the glorious property market seems to hide more helpless. "The market has been like this, there is no way, only spell it."  December 4, Ocean close to the south of the five ring also Zhuang "King", a person from the ocean to reporters helplessly said. According to the "Huaxia Times" reporter statistics, the current five-ring has become the main battlefield of land supply, the supply of residential real estate, also accounted for the total of nearly 60%. In this market environment, personal housing transfer business tax preferential policies ...

The new Austrian Gas program to 2014 annual sales growth of 25%

Wang Fu assets Deng Hing New Austrian Gas (2688) (proposed to buy) that the next 5 years of sales will be doubled. The group plans to increase the annual sales growth of 25% from now to 2014. The group plans to sell 2.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas this year, up from 2.2 billion per year. The mainland's plan to multiply the gas penetration rate to 5.3% next year will bring opportunities for the group. The group is expected to add 750,000 to 4.5 million households this year. Target $14, stop eclipse in $10.8.

Aluminum Industry: Industry reviews LME aluminum stocks high

Events: LME aluminum inventories have risen, stubbornly high, and now have more than 4 million tonnes of inventory. Shanghai Aluminum May 22 a week inventory of 173890 tons, compared to the May 15 week of 170479 tons increased by 3411 tons, for the March high value.  The minimum value for this period is 124421 tonnes for the week of April 3.  Comments: High-rise aluminum inventory is the biggest pressure on the production of aluminum, domestic inventory changes also show an increasing trend. According to the China Securities newspaper May 22 reported that the Chinese aluminum industry (601600) was originally in slow ...

Ah overflow 1 point to 132 bank property leads to rebound

IPO restart is approaching, some chips cautious mentality reappear, once dragged down the deep Shanghai A-share market shock downward, but the afternoon capital raids on the real estate sector with popular sentiment, boosted the stock index reversal after the day after the rise of more than 1%.  Morning market Lower Hong Kong and the city's H shares were encouraged by a a-share first, the index was once a quick rebound regained lost ground, the closing also only slightly decreased by 0.15%. A+h shares, A shares near the full rise, the H-share is only up and down each half; the Hang Seng Ah shares Premium index rose 1.39 to 131.83 points; today, after the close, the upside down to three. The whole day A shares part of the deal only micro ...

Green Concept Stocks shine

Great Fortune Securities U.S. President Barack Obama has advocated the promotion of environmental industrial development, as one of the main strategies to create jobs to stimulate the economy. China's future economic development plans, but also the environmental emission reduction in priority position.  Following the 2000 dot com boom, the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation will promote another drum investment fever. In fact, the stocks related to environmental and energy conservation have been lead, for example, Dongfang Electric (1072), which has the capacity to produce wind power equipment, has already created a new high, China's high-speed transmission (658), and the loss of the Northeast Electric (42) is also heavily invested by the state.

Australian Bo Holdings is up 12.03% Credit Suisse first rating wins the big city

SJM (00880-HK) is now up 12.03%, at HK $2.98, for a deal of HK $63.744 million, which is now winning the big city, with the index rising 3.44%. Credit Suisse, for the first time, tracked the unit, winning the market rating at a target price of HK $4.60. The bank said that the Australian Bo holding a comeback, the second half of this year will open a new two entertainment venues, the move helps to consolidate SJM's market leading position, improve overall profitability. In addition, the company is also streamlining products, the closure of some unprofitable entertainment often the bank said that the strong balance sheet is one of SJM's holdings ...

Experts predict: building affordable housing costs about 320 billion a year

Xinhua Beijing June 17 (reporter Lo Yufan, Zhu) Development Research Center of the State Council, Deputy Minister of Social Development Research Lin Jiabin in the "2009 Cities in China International Summit" on the forecast, in order to complete the housing security system cover, our country each year to spend about 320 billion yuan,  Equivalent to 1.06% of GDP in 2008. According to Lin Jiabin estimates, China's existing 147 million urban floating population, if 60 million of them for housing security objects, an equivalent of 20 million households. Each year to solve 20% of them about 4 million households, even if all are according to the new low rent ...

The month point Falls 167 points to receive 17870 large low water 215 points

That is, the month refers to lower 167 points, received 17870, a large low water 215 points, deal 89321. The state refers to futures also lower 34 points, received 10551, big low water 149 points, deal 37524.

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