Jiangsu to build emission Trading management Center

Since last year, there have been 556 enterprises in the Taihu Lake basin, which have already subscribed to the sewage emission index on the Internet.  The newspaper reporter from Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Department learned that the province is currently preparing the provincial emission Trading Management Center, and further standardize the secondary market for emissions trading. The establishment of emission trading center, which also has a precedent in the country. November 10, 2007, Zhejiang Province Jiaxing emissions Reserve Trading Center opened, and the center's main task is under the authority and guidance of the local Environmental Protection Agency to engage in cod and sulfur dioxide and other major pollutants emission rights ...

Global loss of $10 trillion trillion if not reached

"Report" The United Nations International Energy Agency (IEA) executive director Tanaka recently warned that the Copenhagen Summit, once the failure of the global economy will bring about 500 billion dollars a year loss.  Tanaka said in Paris that from 2010 to 2030, the total amount of extra investment by the international community to restore the impact of climate change would be $10 trillion trillion. Kevinparker, head of global asset management at Deutsche Bank, said: "The most concern is cost, but the cost of not taking action is higher." "The cost really becomes this week in Copenhagen ...

The month refers to the low open 123 Point report 17,602 points

That is, the monthly HSI Futures low Open 123 points, reported 17,602 points.

The value of above-scale industry increased by 19.2% and 1.46%

National statistics 11th released data show that November China's industrial production growth rate continued to accelerate, the scale of industrial growth above the year-on-year increase of 19.2%, faster than the same month earlier 13.8%, faster than October 3.1%, for 7 consecutive months year-on-year growth accelerated; 1-November, year-on-year increase of 10.3  %, down 3.4% from a year earlier, 0.9% faster than 1-October.  Initial calculation, November industrial scale above the increase in the value of the chain growth of 1.46%. Look at the economic types, November, state-owned and state-controlled enterprises ...

Experts predict GDP growth of two quarter to 7% June CPI continued negative growth

China's economy "two dip" is impossible, next year will face inflation risk in June and two, the main macro data will be released this week, industry experts expect two quarterly GDP growth rate between 6.9% to 7.5%, and due to last year's base reason and "growth" measures gradually emerged,  Full-year GDP is expected to rebound quarterly, the Chinese economy "two dip" is impossible. Economic growth in the first half of the year is expected to grow by 6.5% per cent year-on-year, with the impact of the base last year, the annual economic growth rate will appear before the high trend of the year ...

Prices are unlikely to rise sharply next year

Since August food prices began overall higher than last year, but most of the experts surveyed that Royu Fansu Wanming in the next period of time, China's significant changes in price levels are mainly in the CPI and PPI coverage of the goods are not likely. The end of the end of China's edible agricultural products prices generally rise. The state-run Xinhua News agency monitoring system of agricultural and sideline products and agricultural materials showed that in November this year, the prices of grain, eggs and fresh vegetables rose 8.4%, 5.5% and 18.6% respectively. At the same time, monitoring shows that since August, China's food prices began overall higher than ...

Continue to push price reform next year

NDRC: To ensure that people's living standards are not reduced by price changes "according to Beijing, December 10 (Xinhua) The National Development and Reform Commission deputy Director Penson 10th said that next year, China will continue to actively and steadily promote water, electricity, natural gas products prices and environmental charges reform, promote energy conservation and emission reduction and structural adjustment  At the same time, coordinate with relevant departments to improve the supporting programs to reduce the impact on the life of the masses and the public welfare industry, to ensure that the basic standard of living is not reduced by price changes. He said at the national Price Director meeting, the next year will also strengthen the comprehensive price control, and steadily increase the minimum harvest ...

Penson: Energy Resources price reform cannot affect residents ' life

According to the Xinhua news agency, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Penson, said 10th that next year, China will continue to actively and steadily promote water, electricity, natural gas resource prices and environmental charges reform, and coordinate with the relevant departments to improve the supporting programs to ensure that the basic standard of living of the masses is not  He called for a positive and steady push for price reform, keeping the overall price level basically stable and paying more attention to safeguarding and improving people's livelihood. He said at the national Price Director meeting, the next year will also strengthen the comprehensive price control, steadily improve the minimum purchase price of food, improve the pig market regulatory plan, supervision implementation ...

Wuhan property market year without off-season November sales easy million

November Wuhan Commercial housing sales million, the expected, but the increase in sales, but in unexpected.  A few days ago, the hotline real estate market Information Network monitoring the data show, November 1 ——— November 30, the city's commercial housing turnover of 14422 sets, the ring October, an increase of about 40%. Since March, Wuhan City, commercial housing sales,-straight has not fallen out of the million sets of gates.  A variety of reasons for the joint role, so that 2009 years of Wuhan property market, the whole year hot. 4 Peak season buyers began to rational into the December, just held the central economic workers ...

Big Boss wants to take Shanghai World Expo to promote image

Chinese private enterprises hold regiment to build "private enterprise Pavilion" a few months ago, Fosun Group chairman Guo from Shanghai to Hangzhou, to find the chairman of Alibaba board, Ma Yun, to discuss a "very significant, very important" thing, "before Guo chairman to find me are let me go to Shanghai, this is the first time to Hangzhou to find Me",  Guo is the president of Shanghai Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, and Ma Yun is a good friend.  Zhou Chairman of the United States, the President of the former, some time ago, "Guangchang president" had deliberately took wine to find him, but also to discuss a "very important, very significant" thing. What Guo said was "very important" ...

China's foreign trade achieves its first monthly year-on-year growth in the year

BEIJING, December 11 (Xinhua) China's Import and export value of November to achieve the first monthly year-on-year positive growth, foreign trade significantly improved. According to customs statistics, the month of November, China's foreign trade import and export value of 208.21 billion U.S. dollars, compared with the same period last year (same) growth of 9.8%, the chain growth of 5.4%, of which the export value of 113.65 billion U.S. dollars, the year-on-year decline of 1.2%, the chain growth of 2.6%;  , the chain growth of 9%. Customs statistics show that January-November, China's foreign trade cumulative value of imports and exports 19640 ...

Russia closes biggest Chinese business market will cause 100,000 people to lose their jobs

This newspaper in Russia special correspondent Zhao Hansen our correspondent Liu Yupeng "Cherkizovsky market close may cause the situation to explode dangerous!" The Russian Federation of Immigrants issued the warning in a statement 11th on the closure of Russia's largest Chinese business market. After the Cherkizovsky market was closed, not only the interests of the majority of Chinese businessmen were damaged, but also brought a series of problems to Russian society. Russia estimates that the closure of the Cherkizovsky market will cause more than 100,000 people to lose their jobs, possibly leading to a rise in crime. Some Russian officials and academics have started calling on the government to resolve the current market closures caused by a negotiated settlement.

That is, the monthly H-share period means low 87, 10,520.

That is, the monthly H-share period is 87 points low, 10,520 points

Two anti-American and Russian-oriented electrical steel Ministry of Commerce's first anti-subsidy investigation

The Ministry of Commerce announced in Thursday that the initial identification of imported-oriented electrical steel originating in the United States and Russia has been dumped, originating in the United States import-oriented electrical steel there is a subsidy, and decided to import from the United States and Russia since December 11 of orientation of electrical steel levy corresponding margin.  According to the Ministry of Commerce, the dumping margin for US companies was 10.7% to 25%, with an ad valorem subsidy rate of 11.7% to 12%; the dumping margin for Russian companies was 4.6% to 25%.  According to the Ministry of Commerce, the results of further investigation will be based on an objective and impartial final decision. Orientation ...

China Railway built counter to market micro-gains big order industry fundamentals are also good

Earlier said that the 11.4 billion Hong Kong dollar listed to raise funds to return to domestic settlement use, so as to circumvent the exchange losses of China's iron construction, H-shares this morning after the exchange of the market slightly higher than 0.17% to 11.6 Hong Kong dollar, 45,500 shares; China Railway construction A-share (601186-CN) is also up 0.99% To 10.25 yuan. Or boosted by the latest big order news, which announced that its winning bid for six major projects in the near future amounted to 14.6 billion yuan, accounting for about 6.46% of the company's 2008 revenue. At the same time, according to domestic media reports, China's top half ...

Business tax discount to cancel Wuhan property market year or current deal peak

Yesterday, the State Council issued a policy, decided that "personal housing transfer business tax exemption period from 2 years to 5 years, other housing consumption policies continue to implement."  "Wuhan Industry analysis, the country in the previous preferential measures to deal with housing, the abolition of the only involved in the 1-room, aimed at curbing speculative buying, Wuhan housing market may appear in the peak of the year. Wuhan Sunco Customer Manager Xiaolong Introduction, 2006 State promulgated "State Six" when, on the second-hand housing business tax began to levy 2 years of 5 years of policy, mainly in order to alleviate the house price increases too quickly, the speculative phenomenon of housing, control room ...

Afternoon: PetroChina's early-trading rally prev 0.83%

Today is the last trading day before the Dragon Boat Festival, the two cities early in the stock rally affected slightly higher, and then the index in the petrochemical double-hung, such as the weight of the drive under the driving all the way up, PetroChina plate in the increase of more than 4%, to one's own strength contributed to the most of But the majority of stocks but the market fell, the stock index then fell back, Chengzhi plate was once turned green.  Near noon close before the stock index again slightly up, the final prev closed 2609.95 points, rose 21.38 points, or 0.83%, Chengzhi reported 10082.98 points up 0.61%. On the news side, the SME board ushered in five ...

General Administration of Customs: the total value of imports and exports fell 17.5% in the first 11 months

Xinhua News: The General Administration of customs 11th released figures show that the first 11 months of China's foreign trade import and export value fell 17.5%. Among them, exports fell 18.8%, imports fell 15.8%.

Tracking: Gold to accelerate the rise in the air upward force

Affected by the acquisition of large shareholder gold ore news, gold rose again today, near midday, the unit began exerting force, up to 11:05 points, Rose 7%, was forced to empty the trend. Gold is disclosed today, the company on May 22, 2009 to Beijing Equity Exchange Limited submitted the application for the bid, to the listing price of 255.4317 million yuan, but the highest price of 1.1 times times the listing price, bid China Gold Group to sell its holdings Hebei Gold Factory Valley Mining Limited liability Company 100 % equity and Henan Qinling Gold Mining Limited liability company 100% Equity.

The dollar's strength has led to a fall in international oil prices

International oil prices fell for the sixth consecutive trading day on 9th, closing at $70.67 a barrel, the lowest in two months. Six trading days the cumulative decline of more than 10%.  The recent strengthening of the dollar has weighed on commodity prices, which are represented by crude oil futures, but market insiders believe the dollar's long-term devaluation is hard to change, and that the decline in commodity prices caused by the dollar's rise will not last. This round of dollar strength is a direct cause of lower commodity prices, represented by oil and gold, because of the negative correlation. Greek debt rating downgrade and Dubai debt crisis did not ease, the market risk aversion recently ...

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