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Money scares you and makes you strong

In 2007, an Internet company into the sales interview will be asked two questions, a computer? Have a deposit? Sales success We often talk about methods, attitudes, in fact, money is neglected and important condition. No money to buy a computer can only use the company's desktop, colleagues have laptops, in the development of customers, to prepare information on the dominant. The best deposit of 10,000 yuan or more, when most of the factories visited the industrial park sales chartered, 150 yuan a day, plus call to customers, eating, renting and other expenses of 5,000 yuan a month to keep the basic salary of only 1,500 yuan, the new Induction ...

Auto is actually not cattle, the main other site is too lazy

Auto listed, and the market value of up to 3 billion U.S. dollars, broken down a lot of vertical website glasses. For a while, the network was talking about auto, many vertical web site boss asked me: "Qin Gang, you began to do vertical web site in 99 years, Pacific, Pacific Car network, 39 health nets and other industries in the vertical site, you have the most say, how do you see Auto listing,   Why are auto so bull? "   Oh, how do I see auto? My point is: not auto, but its ...

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