300,000 Internet users graduate with his software 3 years to uncover the way of entrepreneurship

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Chinese people meet to greet, often say: "Have you eaten?" Now the urban tide people are more like to ask: "Do you account?"

This is from the recent CCTV "wealth Story" of a program, the protagonist called Ming Ming. He graduated from Zhejiang University Software Institute only 3 years, has become the Shanghai Financial Information Technology Co., Ltd. Technical director. He founded the "www.caakee.com online" is a free online financial management software. For 3 years he has been using this software from the beginning, has developed into 370,000 users, one of China's largest online financial management platform.


Ming Ming (middle) and his team.

What is the power to make a small idea drum up like a hot air balloon? Reporter yesterday "catch" to Ming Ming a question. It turns out that he has already made a number of attempts on the road to entrepreneurship.

Eat sesame seed for business opportunities

His hometown in Shandong, 2004 years to go to school in Hangzhou, is home to the soil of sesame seed cake rage. Most people are only for the taste, but also a lot of camp follow the bandwagon to sell sesame seed, Ming Ming eat cake, but a glance at the store loaded with sesame seed bag. "It's easy to spill, the bag is too deep, and it's hot." "He found a business opportunity from another angle, and soon invented a bag with a film, a slash in the mouth, a bag with ribbed bags." Unfortunately, the "life" of the soil home is not long, Ming Ming optimization packaging bag has not been a large number of production has been "premature".

However, this thing did not let Ming Ming depressed, he has long been accustomed to life in any time "finding fault", the head of a new idea. He disclosed that he had invented a point of mosquito-repellent incense tools, has been put into production. He has recently been studying a spoon with a new function.

Entrepreneurial passion to Last

But his first venture failed. He took part in the campus of an entrepreneurial competition, he and two students to participate in the project is built "easy Book Network", online retail, wholesale, network invited second-hand bookstore to join, is an online trading second-hand book platform, which at that time is a rather trendy creative. Unfortunately, this project has not been developed since then. Ming Ming is sorry, "the team lack of entrepreneurial passion, not too insistent." ”

"Easy Book net" This painful experience let Ming Ming in the later search for team partners, especially careful, "just like looking for an object, light one side enthusiasm is really not good." ”

In May 2005, Ming Ming entered a software company in Shanghai after a year of software college. The company is online CRM (Customer relationship Management) products, the main customer is small and medium-sized enterprises. Ming Ming Learning Technology, while understanding the business. 3 months later, the basic understanding of the common technology he found the problem: why the company's products are good, but has not been sold out?

Through research, he came to the explanation: lack of sound integrity mechanism, more importantly, China's information construction started late, small and medium-sized management level is also low, many business owners or workshop management, in the desktop version of the management software do not want to use, how can he skyrocketing to the internet to manage?

Reverse thinking works.

"At that time, I remembered the story of a ballpoint pen core. When the ballpoint pen was invented, it was found that the written steel ball was not wearable. Often the ink is not finished, the steel ball is first worn out. The factory tried, can't solve. So someone came up with a very simple way to solve the problem: the length of the core is shortened by half, so that the ball is not worn out when the ink ran out. ”

Ming Ming with the same reverse thinking, "Lower my customer level, the customer from ' small and medium ' enterprises, down to ' small micro ' enterprises, and even individuals." This part of the user's data security requirements are not high, and do not require a high level of management. "To solve this problem, for individual users of the" financial customer online "emerged.

This time, Ming Ming hand over the report card exceptionally beautiful.


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