American group to break out group buy life and Death field: Wang Entrepreneurship 10 years 10 Secret Secrets

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3721.html ">2014 year August, the United States Regiment net monthly turnover exceeded 4.5 billion yuan." As one of the best product managers in China, Silicon Valley geek entrepreneur, 10 years of sharpening, Wang is how to mature gradually, complete from the product manager to the evolution of the entrepreneur? The following is a summary of the absolute dry goods for 10 years of Wang entrepreneurship.

First, the spirit of entrepreneurship is not enough

When the campus of the net because Wang did not complete financing and capital chain break, forced to sell.

When the net financing, Sequoia Investors asked Wang them, how to make money? They did not think clearly, answer vague: the site and geographical location, can advertise. At that time, who can want SNS website to make money by game? Wang They did not think, so their answer, not to mention investors, even their own dissatisfied.

On this issue, the joint founder of the net, the United States Deputy President Wang Huiwen Heart first reaction is disdain, rapid growth has a large number of users, the future of the way to make money will certainly have, there is no need to discuss this issue. Investors ask how do you plan to promote? Their answer is that students are going on holiday, ready to do some activities. Investors answer, OK, then you go back to do it. When it comes to the price, they offer a price of millions of dollars. Investors said, you are not low price. They answered, "Wait a while, we'll be taller."

Wang later reflected on his own mistakes: "The most exquisite description of entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurial nature is the pursuit of opportunity, temporarily ignoring the amount of resources they now control." But the entrepreneurial spirit is not enough, you have to communicate, tolerance is very important. ”

Second, only playing with feelings is misguided

The Internet age is the product of the king of the Times, is the perfectionist has a systemic advantage of the era, only a very strong perfectionist people, to the product polished so good, excellent products, the entire company won.

Wang is one of the top product managers in China. However, the product manager to achieve this level is not the problem of doing a good job of the user experience, not the question of whether or not to do something extreme. For the product manager, Wang's view is:

"Feel that the product is to meet the needs of users, you have to understand what kind of people to meet what kind of needs, this is the core of things." As in the development of micro-letters, this team is very literary and artistic, right? More literary feelings, of course, is icing on the cake, but I think is not the key. If a product does not play a solid basic skills, do not know what is the core needs, do not understand what to meet the needs of users, learning those literary feelings, is completely misguided. ”

Iii. the "secret weapon" of the United States Regiment

In Wang's eyes, the United States network is to continue through IT system improvement, training staff, to achieve more efficient, lower costs, to consumers lower prices. Popularly speaking, is to give consumers more, better, cheaper to eat and drink. It's not easy to do. Every day low price, say all understand, do difficult. This tests the company's IT capabilities, supply chain management capabilities. Supply chain management, is to rely on excellent it technology to do support.

Wang said: "IT systems as far as possible in all aspects of the company, departments, posts, links." The value of technology is often short-lived in this industry, but in the long run, most people underestimate the value of technology in the industry. American network in the industry leader, run faster a little more directly related to information, the simplest example, in June 2011, we know how many people in the United States, we did 1.5 after the time to know how many people, these people are not really in the work. When the city expands to 100, there are people who get in every day and people leave every day, as well as the rates. Many of our opponents are not as good as the number of people in the company later than us. ”

Four, to push "axes" such as He Yi on

July 2011, the United States to complete the second round of financing, including Alibaba. At that time Wang was trapped in the BD (Business Development) department How to manage, the competitor's digging the corner to let him tired. The investor advised him to consult Canga Wei. He is 10 years older than Wang Xingda and is Alibaba's 67th employee and vice president for business-to-business sales.

Talk for 5 months, Wang persuaded Canga Wei as the United States Regiment COO, responsible for the United States Regiment network supply chain management, sales department, Quality control department, editorial department, sales support, customer service department, the Department of the purchase of goods are owned by his management. He talked to people from various departments, and felt that it was not easy for the United States to survive today, not even to make mistakes, but to know nothing was wrong at all. ”

Canga Wei's axes has laid a 2012-year performance growth: On the hardware, change the organization structure, the introduction of the regional system, in the software, the establishment of sales management system, the implementation of the "Crazy Call, Crazy single" business strategy.

Previously, sales of the main line of management is not clear, in the end is the marketing-oriented, or management and efficiency-oriented. After Canga Wei clearly increase effective supply can lead to performance, is cost-leading, efficiency ahead. 2012 U.S. network sales direction clear, "Crazy visit, Crazy on a single" to increase effective supply.

In the United States network online SKU explosive growth, the volume of transactions also erupted in growth, March 2012 began to Hurricane Mengjin. Quality control, technical base better than others, the direction of clear, increase supply, sales team management to carry out, efficiency caught up, this opened the gap. By August 2014, the market share of the United States network accounted for more than 58%.

V. Entrepreneurship what mistakes cannot be made

In the first half of 2011 did not blindly play offline advertising, is the United States network did the most correct one. Startups sometimes compete with people who make fewer mistakes and live longer with less money. In the school, Wang learned the lesson, must leave sufficient funds, the cash flow has enough attention. Rely on capital strength fatten urge Big group purchase website, in capital suddenly encounter cold moment, expose Puffiness Foundation. In 2011, the number of group-buying companies climbed to more than 5,000, a huge expense. July 2011, the capital market cooling, not to melt the money, the hands of the funds can not support the scale of expansion, they hastened to brake, layoffs, from more than 5,000 people to more than 2000 people. The company that is busy downsizing, people are in a panic, everybody is careless work. And the U.S. regiment, because of prudent control of operating costs, rapid attack, by the end of 2011, to become the market share of the first group buying site.

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