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The novel is undoubtedly a very popular subject matter, especially in the network literature prevailing today, has already occupied the big market in the Internet, the reader multitudinous, this also has driven the related novel site The rise and the development. From the current point of view, the novel stands common: Online reading, novel download, audio fiction three categories. These 3 categories cover the two basic forms of fiction: seeing and listening.

Here's a simple analysis of these 3 modes:

1: Online Reading

There is no doubt that the online reading novel website is the foundation of the first novel and the development of the novel industry, which leads to the development of other forms of the novel. Have a broad masses of Reading Group Foundation, online reading website development is very rapid. Do not say what the starting point of the original novel station, just look at those who rely on the website to reprint the traffic, you know this kind of site is a novel type of Web site mainstream.

Online Reading station Market is big, do this kind of website easy to get high flow, but relatively fierce competition, want to big, still need a lot of strength. Novice proposed to do those relatively popular single novel, So for a novel is also better optimized, easy to develop, but also to do their own comprehensive novel station management base.

2: The Novel downloads

including many download formats such as TXT novel, because of the development of online reading website, and online reading site is only suitable for a large number of time in front of the computer, and many people are busy, not much time to sit in front of the computer reading, I hope to download to such as MP4, PSP, mobile phone and other carrier reading ( There are many people, although there is a computer, but if there is no way to network and other issues, only to the Internet café to download to their own computer reading. There is such a demand for a lot of people, but also achieved many txt large stations.

The novel download station also belongs to the competition more intense website type, but relative to the online reading site, because of the need to download space, which also limits some want to do this kind of station webmaster, so less competition than online reading station, and in the copyright issue there are those pirated original novel station reproduced cattle stand in front of attracting firepower, Relative safety points.

3: Sound Novel

including online listening and downloading category two. The sound novel station rises comparatively late, moreover is in some network radio's promotion, coupled with the present life rhythm acceleration, many original novel lovers already had no time to sit in front of the computer to read a book, can only find a way to satisfy oneself to the novel's hobby in the work road.

The sound novel station market scale is relatively small, certainly this also with the outstanding sound novel and so on many conditions limit causes, is not in the short term may develop the website type. For example, I do this audio novel download station, even if Baidu ranked still, not much traffic, not to make any money, but can meet like I like the sound of novel people to amuse themselves.

The above is my view of the novel site, such as the lack of insight caused by the wrong ideas also please advise.

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