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SEO optimization in the promotion, outside the chain of the overall weight of the site to promote and keyword ranking plays an important role, but in the construction of the outside chain will encounter a lot of obstacles, such as the invitation to register the forum, the post was deleted, the account was sealed, etc., in the face of these situations, seoer will have a faint sadness, when we do not enough chain skills, may lead to our external chain loss rate is too high, resulting in the site by the search engine down the right, below to talk about the cause of the high loss of the chain and the solution:

One, the software mass caused the loss of the chain

Software mass is the "convenient means" of outside chain release, early may be to the site weight promotion and keyword ranking to take a quick role, because the article is published in batches, once the search engine will be included in the post, then the effect will quickly appear, but this method is not long, when the administrator found that the article delete the possibility of a great Some sites will be due to the loss of the chain is too high to cause the site down right.

Solution: We have to understand that there are no shortcuts to SEO, only methods and strategies on some of the differences, if the use of tools for illustration convenience, then sooner or later the site will fail in their hands, tools can only assist SEO, and can not be replaced, should be enough.

Second, the account was sealed caused the loss of the chain

The account is sealed is a more sad thing, because the account is not only sent one or two articles, a few articles for the site is not significant; some accounts are long-term release of the chain, such as their own blog or forum, a lot of friends found that the weight of this place is good, posting rate is very high, do not and post is very safe, So every day to hair outside the chain, when the account is blocked one day, then the site is a fatal blow.

Solution: In the release of the chain, we should be conservative, an account should not publish too many articles, it is best to hit a gun for a cannon, published several articles, and then register an account, this will not because the account is blocked, and lead to the loss of the chain too high.

Third, the Forum signature replacement causes the chain to lose

The forum signature is helpful for keyword ranking, especially in the form of anchor text signature, the effect is better; many friends for the forum signature is not enough to understand, often in order to optimize the replacement of it, such as today in order to optimize the small species of this keyword, so in the signature made a small species this keyword signature, Tomorrow may think the mountain small black tea This keyword is more valuable, so again to change the signature to the mountain small kind of black tea, we found that once we replaced the signature, then our article all the signatures have changed, assuming that the article more words for the loss of the chain is still quite large.

Solution: Forum signature should be permanent, such as A5 forum, once set up, it should be fixed for a long time, not because the optimization of keyword changes to change it at will.

The above three points is the reason why I think the loss rate of the chain is high. Once caused so for their own site is very dangerous, the remedy is a period of time, so in our chain construction in addition to the above three points to pay attention to, the construction of the outside chain must pay attention to the broad chain, It is not because of the chain of the site down the right will be K.

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