Dawn biology yesterday washed off the gem 18-Year-old debut female director worth billions

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On the eve of the listing of a surprise increase in capital to bring 126 additional natural shareholders. Yesterday, Chenguang Bio-Tech Group Co., Ltd., a company consisting of 175 natural shareholders and 4 corporate shareholders, will be the pioneer board. At the beginning of 2000, the natural person named Zhou Jing in the restructuring of the 20,000 yuan to obtain the company 4% of the original equity. According to the Dawn biological disclosure, the company's current financial director Zhou Jing was born in 1982, from the company since its inception in 2000 has been in the company to conduct financial work. But it is surprising that Zhou Jing was 18 years old to be able to "preside over financial work". Up to now, Zhou Jing holds 2,506,356 shares. In accordance with the 45 yuan issue price calculation, once the dawn of bio-listed, her assets will be over billion.  and 7 of natural persons, and Zhou Jing also invested 20,000 yuan to subscribe 4% Ningjinyang and Zhou Jing cousin Ning Yanting, belong to sibling relationship.  Surprise increase in capital only for company development? Chenguang said in the prospectus that an increase in capital in September 2009 had led to a sudden increase in the company's natural shareholders from the original 23 to 149.  The capital increase price is 2.02 yuan/share. For this increase, the Chenguang prospectus says it is "a need to increase capital to meet the company's rapid development needs, and to implement equity incentives and to consider the liquidation of delegated ownership". September 2009, the second general meeting of the Company to consider the adoption of the company to increase the registered capital of 6,785,436 yuan.  The additional shares are all subscribed by 149 natural person shareholders, of whom 126 are added, and the original natural person shareholder is 23.  Chenguang Biology prospectus shows that after the completion of the replenishment, the 149 natural persons shareholders accumulated 5,571,271 shares of the company, accounting for the total share capital before the issuance of 9.8112%.  The new shareholders ' requirements for the applicable equity incentive include those who have worked in the company before June 30, 2009 and are currently scheduled, on-duty general manager, department manager, department head, and distinguished staff, as well as the backbone employees who entered the company before December 31, 2005. The authorized shareholding liquidation is a 2003 replenishment.  Is the year, Quzhou Chenguang (company predecessor) registered capital from 2 million yuan to 8 million yuan, a total of 86 people to participate in capital contribution, and through the generation, industrial and commercial registration shows the number of shareholders is 49 people. Chenguang Bio Prospectus shows that at the end of 2009, the company's operating income of 414.0238 million yuan, attributable to the parent company shareholders of the net profit of 48.762 million yuan.  The amount of capital increase is equivalent to 14% of the net profit of the company which was attributable to the parent company. It is not just these 149 natural persons who are involved in the replenishment. In 149 natural people to increase the month, the company added a registered capital of 10 million yuan, all from 4 PE provided, respectively, is the Shenzhen Innovation Investment Fortune, Kim Yo-da Venture Investment, June run investments, increase the price of 4.90 yuan per share. 2009 Morning Light biological earnings per share of about 0.8997 yuan. According to the Gem 50 times times more than the issue of P/E price, the company's price will reach45 Yuan.  If the company has a smooth meeting, the capital increase in September last year, the lucky natural person shareholders and corporate shareholders will instantly add more than 22 times times and 9 times times. Barriers and sequelae in Nanjing one investment banker told reporters that excessive diversification could become an obstacle to the dawn of life today, because the CSRC is now very strict about the situation before the IPO. For each increase in capital, the SFC Commission will ask why financing?  What's the reason? If the issue succeeds, chairman Luqing's shareholding will fall further to 9.9822%.  This means that the company will have a stake of more than 10% per cent once the dawn is successful. The investment banker said that as a gem, the so-called "big non" is only diluted 10% of the company's shares.  A year after the listing, more than 140 "small non" if the Sell-off will immediately give the two-tier market caused serious dumping pressure.  The longer-term effect is that, because the largest shareholder share is too low, the probability of malicious funds holding large shareholders will be significantly higher than in other companies. And for the chairman, he wants to profit from the company's listing, or the ban on the expiry of the restrictions to further reduce the shareholding, or raise dividends. But because its shareholding is too low, the company is divided into 10 million, he personally can only get a 1 million.  It is clearly not cost-effective for the Chairman to expect to gain more stakes in the two-tier market. Economic report 21st century of the first financial journal
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