Gem 30 and Nasdaq 30: a generation of two paths

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Despite the creation of the same generation, but gem 30 and Nasdaq 30 are essentially different business philosophy of the product article | "Entrepreneur" magazine President New Wengwen is also originated from China's innovative small and medium-sized companies, the Gem 30 and the Nasdaq 30 founder what is the difference? Just this question, let "entrepreneur" magazine and Hay (benefit) Group of staff of both sides immersed in a kind of excitement even excited mood.  China now appears to be a huge test ground for a variety of business innovations around the world, and it is quietly showing the world the glamour of creativity and diversity, and the founder is one of the most dynamic. The study found a series of interesting differences (see "Founder species study", the cover topic of this issue).  A strong impression is that these two groups, in essence, are a generation, but fate has put them on two paths of development. The founder of the Nasdaq 30 and 30 founders, most of them were born in the 1960 's and 1970 's early years, in the 80 's university, the late 90 venture. Historically, they are the same generation of entrepreneurs. But the founders of the same generation, because the time of the listing is a whole (5 years), often mistaken for two generations of enterprises.  To Huayi Brothers founder Wang Zhongjun as an example, his investors Alibaba Jack Ma and the Jiangnan spring, although more than he later entrepreneurial, but has long renowned, no wonder Wang Zhongjun Huayi Brothers in People's impression, it seems to be the two cattle companies hatch out of the subsidiary. Despite being a generation, 30 of the Gem and 30 of Nasdaq are essentially the product of different business philosophies. The 30 founders of Nasdaq are mainly returnees, basically are deeply influenced by American new economy business idea, they start a business when almost have the bright and creative commercial model, all accept the American VC investment, all believe in first big flow/scale to consider the profit philosophy, are obsessed with speed and explosive, in the venture 5 years fast listing The listings are in Nasdaq and Hong Kong. They are "eggs under the dollar" and are the "stars" of American business thinking and American capital.  If you want to give them a name, I would like to call them "running horse." By contrast, the 30 founders of the gem are more like "camels" (see Entrepreneur Magazine's 10th cover article, "Camel Company", 2009). The founder of Nasdaq often stems from a breakthrough in industry trends and new technology models, so can get the favor of overseas VC, dare in the case of business losses by VC money let go; and Gem founder often in the niche market to start, more dependent on the accumulation of resources in all aspects, gradually from quantitative to qualitative change. They are more than 5 years later than the "Horse Star", making the founders of these gem companies more tolerant.  They have more local survival wisdom, sound, comprehensive, patient. "Ben Ma" and "Camel", who will have more future? This is probably a matter of greater concern to readers, and also of the depth of our founder's species study.Layer drivers. "Ben Ma" has accepted the capital market of the fittest. Na City 30, has so far 50% of the company's shares break, 40% of the founder has been forced to leave the company.  But at the same time, a few companies withstood the test, such as Baidu, Shanda, NetEase, Ctrip and so on, resources further to its focus, is expected to rush to world-class companies. The camel's road has just begun. However, from the characteristics of a-share market and historical inertia, the gem may not be the General Assembly to withstand the city of 30 brothers so harsh test. It can be expected that most of the 30 companies can more easily meet the requirements of the gem to survive. The camel-founder of the local survival wisdom, but also to allow enterprises to develop more smoothly.  Most importantly, they are unlikely to be forced to step down, as Zhidong and Ying, because of mismanagement or shareholder disagreements. But if so, we can also boldly predict that 30 of the gem will be more difficult to appear in the hope that people can represent China's world-class companies.
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