Gem: A small group of moving forward to fall behind

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Securities Times reporter Yangli Flower today, Juloka, Shuang Lin shares, National Teng electronics, such as 3 gem IPO online distribution, thus, except for the cancellation of the issue of Suzhou Permanent, gem number just reached 100.  The high growth of the head of the halo, wearing a high risk coat plate, in less than nine months of rapid expansion and expansion of the time, triggering a high degree of market concern. The Securities Times Data Department statistics show that since the IPO restarted last year, the average sales gross profit margin of the newly listed SME is 24.4%, 25.12%, 27.41%, average less than 26%.  And hundreds of gem companies 2007, 2008, 2009 average sales gross profit margin of 33.35%, 34.83%, 37.97%, the average sales gross profit margin of more than 35%, and gross profit rate is still accelerating. The average operating income of hundreds of gem companies in 2009 was 324.6691 million yuan, an increase of 28.08%.  One of the century Ding Li, Ding Han technology, Jiffeng agricultural machinery, national technology and other 2009-year operating income growth of more than 100%, 18 operating income growth of more than 40%. In terms of net profit, Year-on-year growth averaged 47.95% per cent in 2009. Among them, national technology, Century Ding Li, Ding Han technology, Shenzhou Thai Yue, Jinlong electromechanical, Wambonda, Canchi Pharmaceutical industry growth of more than 100%, 25 (does not contain an increase of more than 100% enterprises) net profit growth of more than 50%, only 34 net profit growth of less than 30%, 2009 years no net profit decline enterprises.  Hundreds of gem companies 2009 net assets yield of more than 20%.  Gem is not only carrying with high growth, High-tech, but also contains a huge risk, in the high growth behind the performance gradually into the differentiation track. The 2009 Annual report on performance differentiation is emerging. According to the empirical analysis report of the listed companies in the SSE capital market in 2009, the 58 gem companies listed last year had 39 companies operating income growth rate lower than 2008 last year, of which 3 companies had a sharp decline in operating income growth and two companies had a negative growth rate of 2007-2009-year operating income. Net profit growth slowed for 27 companies, of which 9 companies grew less than 20% per cent. A handful of companies were affected by industry policy, with notable declines in the second half.  Overall net profit grew 27.32% per cent in the first quarter of this year, a sharp contraction from last year's annual growth. Recently, the Chinese newspaper also showed this differentiation: as of July 22, the gem Company issued 25 performance forecasts, of which 17 of the pre-XI, 8 worry. In the 8 companies, Bao Tak shares, Netac technology, South Power supply, Warburg stock, Huayi Brothers 5 decline in the performance of the larger.  Some of the company's rapid performance of the face, but also prompted the market for the growth of the gem of doubt. Century Securities analyst Lu Lihua that the current gem performance of the company less, and the quarterly and annual report does not fully explainThe company's annual performance. But the gem small scale, stability is poor, overall, the operation process of the risk is certainly bigger than the small and medium-sized, so investors for the enterprise board to judge more cautious.
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