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July 26, the National Proton Electronics (300101.SZ), such as three new Gem will be published online, the Gem will be a mighty stock into hundreds of ranks. Because of the high growth and profitability of the gem, the financial situation of this new army is particularly interesting.  The financial data, growth level and profitability of 100 successful gem companies have been statistically analyzed in the first financial daily, intending to reveal the general standard qualification and distribution characteristics of successful listed enterprises. Good financial quality: average income over 200 million average net profit over the past three years 50 million statistic results show: 100 gem Enterprises in nearly three years of average income of 256,714,780 yuan.  2009 Total operating income average of 324.6691 million yuan, mainly concentrated in 100 million ~5 billion, fell in the interval of 80 enterprises, income of more than 1 billion of 5, of which the highest income enterprises for Jiffeng agricultural Machinery (300022.SZ) 1,603,394,200 yuan. The average net profit for the last three years is 42.1958 million yuan. 2009 net profit average of 58.3575 million yuan, mainly concentrated in 20 million yuan ~ billion. Fell in the interval of a total of 93 enterprises, the remaining 7 enterprises 2009 years net profit of more than 100 million yuan, of which Le Pu Medical (300003.SZ) and Shenzhou (300002.SZ) of the net profit of more than 200 million yuan, respectively, 292.3581 million yuan and 270.484 million yuan.  However, the latest issue of the quarterly bulletin shows that there have been two gem losses in the first quarter of 2010 years, three environmental protection (300072.SZ) and the National Union Aquaculture (300094.SZ) net profit of 5.3947 million yuan and 14.4114 million yuan respectively.  In this regard, Wanguo market research director Gui Haoming evaluation that China's gem overall better quality, for these innovative enterprises can not be too harsh, the situation of overseas gem is that 60% of enterprises can not achieve the expected, China's more stringent financial checks. Growth slowed down profitability better: Roe have reached the SASAC performance evaluation "excellent" Standard Hundred GEM Enterprise 2009 Annual Total business income growth rate of 28.08%, the main concentration range of 20%~50%, the scope of which there are 52. More than 50% of the income growth rate of 10 companies, of which 4 are greater than 100%.  Income growth of less than 20% of the 38 companies, of which 5 companies have negative income growth.  Compared with the 100 companies in 2008 56.38% of the operating income growth rate, a large brokerage investment bankers said that the growth of gem companies is slowing, but the product's gross profit margin, indicating that products, services, marginal profit margins are high. The average net profit growth rate of 2009 was 47.63%, the concentration range was 20%~50%, and there were 56. There are 31 companies with a net profit growth rate of over 50%,Of these, 6 are larger than 100% and the net profit growth rate of national technology is 384.83%.  Net profit growth rate is less than 20% of 13, of which the smallest value of 0.25%, for Netac Technology (300042.SZ).  Compared with the 100 companies ' 2008 average net profit growth rate of 61.88%, net profit growth also has a moderating situation. From the growth of each gem company, Century Ding Li (300050.SZ), Ding Han Technology (300011.SZ), National Technology (300077.SZ) three enterprises to show the most eye-catching, 2009 income growth rate and net profit growth rate of more than 100%,  And compared with previous years, the speed of promotion. It is noteworthy that with the second half of last year, the opening up to date 180 of the SME board enterprises, the growth of the gem is still highlighted, income growth rate and net profit growth rate are higher than the SME.  Statistics show that in the past year, the listed small and medium-sized Enterprises 2009 annual total revenue growth rate of 14.05%, net profit growth rate of 33.19%, two indicators are lower than the gem 14%. Li Dahuan, director of the British Securities Institute, said that the growth of the gem is better than the motherboard and the board, but the valuation is much higher.  Overall short-term risks outweigh opportunities, and local opportunities are greater than overall opportunities. In terms of profitability, the company's 2009 Equity return (ROE) interval distribution, 10%~30% between the 57, 30%~50% between 37, 50% over 6, the highest for national technology 72.2%. According to the Bank's Statistical Evaluation Bureau on corporate Performance assessment criteria, roe more than 10.6% of the "excellent".  Gem listed enterprises are basically to achieve excellent level, with good profitability. Gui Haoming also agreed.  Most companies, he argues, show high growth and are in the lead in their respective areas, offering conditions for continued expansion. At the same time, he also pointed out that the problem of super raise a lot of enterprises suddenly a large amount of money, net assets expansion will allow the return on equity after the listing of the apparent decline, and then slowly rebound.  How to use the fund well and improve the efficiency of fund utilization is the biggest problem that the gem is facing at present.   Table: Provinces and cities to declare the number of enterprises to report the proportion of successful enterprises in the provinces have been successful companies accounted for more than Guangdong 21 19.81% Shandong 3 2.83% Beijing 20 18.87% Gansu 2 1.89% Zhejiang 10 9.43% Hunan 2 1.89%  Shanghai 7 6.6% Jiangxi 2 1.89% Jiangsu 6 5.66% Shaanxi 2 1.89% Fujian 5 4.72% Hainan 1 0.94% Sichuan 5 4.72% Hebei 1 0.94%Anhui 4 3.77% Heilongjiang 1 0.94% Henan 4 3.77% Inner Mongolia 1 0.94% Hubei 4 3.77% Tianjin 1 0.94% Liaoning 3 2.83% Chongqing 1 0.94% Total 106 100% Note: As of May 28, 2010 Source: US Letter Consulting
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