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This reporter Yu Haitao Beijing report in the June 5 newspaper report, "Gem investors access system and trading rules subsequently issued", only a weekend, 8th afternoon, with the Gem investor access system related to the "one to two" three rules at the same time open for comments.  Unlike previous rumours, the rules do not involve funding thresholds, but rather "investor-appropriate management", in which investors with the ability to tolerate risk can participate.  Specifically divided into two categories, the first time to buy shares from the point of view of two years of investors, can be to the securities companies to apply for investment gem; Less than two years, after more stringent procedures can also apply. "is not to restrict the right of a certain type of investors to invest in gem enterprises, but hope that through appropriate procedures and requirements, investors can really understand the risk of gem market, prudent investment decision-making, so as to protect the legitimate interests of investors."  "The head of the relevant department of China Securities Regulatory Commission said that it would set aside sufficient time for investors to handle the relevant formalities ahead of the opening of the IPO stock and the listing transaction."  The introduction of the three investor access matching rules from the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Chinese Security Industry association level. The Securities and Futures Commission issued the "Gem market investors appropriate management interim provisions (draft)" Clarified the gem market "investors appropriate management" of the basic content, that is, "investors participate in the gem market, should be familiar with the relevant regulations and rules of gem market, to understand the gem market risk characteristics, with the corresponding risk bearing capacity, And in accordance with the regulations to participate in the gem market related formalities. "And in the matching" Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM market investors appropriate management implementation measures (draft) to clarify the specific criteria, that is, "more than two years (including two years) trading experience of natural investors can apply to open gem market transactions."  "It is worth noting that the two-year point is the first time to buy stocks, if an account transactions for two years, but only to buy and sell funds, bonds and other products without buying stocks, also does not meet the conditions." The specific application process is that investors first to open the Securities company's website to inquire about their account status, that is, whether the "two years of experience in stock investment" standards, such as whether to dormant accounts.  It is reported that the securities companies are currently developing this system. Secondly, if the criteria are met, the investor himself must go to the securities company he is trading the cabinet, the site to submit the application for gem trading.  The head of the relevant department of the CSRC said that the next step of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is to develop a relevant operation guideline, refine the format and content of the application document, and instruct the members of its securities company for training.  The third step, the sales department and the Chinese Securities Registration and settlement company database to check whether the investor accounts meet the requirements of the two-year transaction, and investors to provide relevant materials, including my information, property and income status, securities investment experience, investment risk preferences, investment objectives. After that, investors to sign the "Gem Market Investment Risk Disclosure book", with the previousFor the strict, the sales department staff not only to witness the signing of investors, the disclosure of the content of the book to introduce and explain, but also in the disclosure of the book signed. Two days after the above procedure is completed, investors will be able to understand their opening status by telephone or through the Securities Company website.  If not opened, the securities companies need to give investors a reasonable explanation.  It is noteworthy that investors under two years of investment, although "in principle discouraged their investment gem", but not strictly excluded, but "open up the channel", but to the risk of prompt and open procedures for higher requirements.  In addition, the opening interval has also been extended, that is, the completion of the site after five trading days to open the transaction, because (such investors) the situation is more special, the requirements of more materials, the department's verification density more. In the "Gem Market investment risk disclosure of the necessary provisions (draft)", also clearly listed in the need to reveal the risk content, such as the hint of rule differences, delisting system, the company operating instability, stock price fluctuations, the core technology may fail five of the risk.
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