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Currently in the peak of Internet entrepreneurship, saw many internet entrepreneurs, most of the models have their own unique, but in all fairness, truly innovative, or technical innovation and rare. Even so, the Internet industry still has the best entrepreneurial soil, especially for Chinese entrepreneurs, which are not available in other areas of entrepreneurship,

The advantage of Internet entrepreneurship is that the Internet itself is an open platform, the spirit behind it is open, synergy, sharing, sharing. This is different from many types of resource-based and relational business barriers.

Of course, not all people start a business to change the world, to build a new business civilization, for the vast majority of people, stand firm, able to successfully achieve the Internet support team and their own, and development is the first step.

At present, a number of vertical web sites, do is very good, it is worth looking for Internet entrepreneurs to reference. Many sites here are just not known to everyone, for example, China Heavy Machinery Network ( is a focus on construction machinery and heavy mechanical business-to-business website, not handsome, but has developed into the country's largest engineering machinery of the site. Although the direction of engineering machinery is very small, but very accurate. It through the Community +b2b condensed a group of concerned about the construction machinery users, attracted to the users here are concerned about the construction machinery, so, basically, the quality of the user is very high. So, on the basis of the website business-to-business, build the E-commerce Community model shows a strong vitality, with a very high conversion rate, the current sales have reached millions. While sales are not dazzling, it is a fairly good achievement for small teams in the early stages of entrepreneurship, at least to survive and to begin to develop. Such examples, for many people who want to engage in Internet entrepreneurship, more reference value.

From the Alexa data to see the site has a high viscosity. Its PV per capita in the last three months is 39, well over 10 of the large portal, and the per capita stay is close to 40 minutes, well above the 10 minutes of a large portal, and the bounce rate is only 19.3%, well below the 30% of the large portal. At present, the world ranking in more than 70,000, and the domestic ranking in 5,000, perhaps for a large public-type website, entertainment class site, this flow is not high. However, given the narrower user base it faces, there is a good flow of traffic to a single site that focuses solely on hair health.

Attention to the machinery industry can also be bigger, for China heavy Machinery network, the future gathered more attention to the machinery industry users, especially the face of mechanical maintenance problems of users, the value will continue to improve, because the user group to solve the machinery supply and demand leasing problem needs very urgent, for them, The inability of machinery to arrive in time may mean an extension. They desperately need to find the goods they need. Because of the urgency of demand, there is also a great potential for business opportunities.

Small direction as long as the first, there are people who need you, someone needs you, can produce commercial value. In the steady heel, can completely do in this field deep, big, create a considerable output value.

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