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Recently, with some college students talk about employment, the general response is that employment is difficult, difficult to the sky. Employing units harsh conditions for the majority of college students is difficult to match. So a lot of brain students will be transferred to the network world of vision. The gloom of the financial crisis has yet to fade, and the spring of the internet has come early. There are many legends on the internet, such as "The Boys easy Month 6,000", So-and-so on Taobao monthly income of 20,000, and so on, to many network new people brought endless fantasy space, think they may be many years ago Bill Gates, easy to use the network platform to make a fortune. Taobao on the super high popularity, e-commerce field of a large number of independent sites have arisen. But I say, internet entrepreneurship, at most just the cute dream of new Internet.

1, the Internet business model or the need for a certain technical basis to support, which is the bottleneck of many new network development. Many people even at least not understand the common sense of the Internet, even can not build a website independently, "entrepreneurial" process every step need to pay someone else to do, relatively high cost makes many network new people unbearable.

2, the Internet business needs to be familiar with the net earning mode, the vast majority of people will be the net profit model set in the advertising business, or Google AdSense, such as advertising alliances, or sell ads. Both of these models are directly related to the flow of the site. Network new people want to build IP over million web site, almost impossible, at the same time the high flow of the site relies too much on the search engine, once careless site by K, entrepreneurship into empty talk.

3, many people think they mastered the site optimization technology, rely on site optimization, or site optimization training to survive. Then I say, you're out. If you have mastered the optimization technology a few years ago, at the outset to do the optimization of the list or to do optimization training, or that you have now succeeded in SEO this word to do Baidu and Google homepage, then I think you have to say that the capital. If you have not achieved, as a newcomer, I would advise you to give up this no return, because now on the internet, there are few people who do not know SEO.

4, someone thought of Taobao entrepreneurship, to see how many people in Taobao rich Ah. Then please see, these winners are when the registration of Taobao, their reputation is after how many years of accumulation. Then look at the collation of Taobao, Taobao Mall and the high reputation of the sellers always ranked ahead ...

is not that the network of new people on the internet there is no way to start a business, nor is it entirely, in this era, the network of new people in the Internet entrepreneurship, only with the line business combined to have a way out. So, or suggest new people give up the illusion, honest to find a job, steady, Benbon to accumulate work experience, this is the right path.

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