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In fact, the blog is a lot of time for the webmaster is a good place to put out the chain, but with the microblogging and more new network to promote the emergence of new ways, we will find that the importance of blog and weight seems to have declined. But the so-called ginger or the old spicy, blog still has a very high weight, but also the webmaster propaganda information and the construction of a brand must be a means of network promotion. Today, China's 8u small series and you talk about how the blog to achieve the ranking of the previous several methods, and everyone together.

1, high-quality content is to create a boutique blog first step

In the search engine has always attached great importance to the premise of the content, for the blog is also to pay attention to the inclusion and content. How can be search engine in time to crawl and retain visitors, no substantive content is unable to resist the test. Blog in the release of their own information at the same time, but also in order to better facilitate the user experience, to achieve their blog and others blog good interaction, but also to help the intention of the customer's visit.

2, outside the chain is to enhance the ranking of the blog another lever

In addition to the content of the blog, high-quality outside the chain is to get good rankings and high PR value of another big evaluation index. For webmaster in the site is the same time. China's small series of 8u after the time to show: if you and a ranking compared to the previous site to do the link, then the search engine will have a mechanism to statistics from your chain in the number of visits, these large and small high-quality outside the chain can also help to improve the ranking of each webmaster. 8u Network Promotion Practice has proved that we also have to admit that there are some well-known websites in friendship links and cooperation with advertisers, will pay attention to the ranking of the site.

Of course, outside the chain of this piece to get high quality, we also need to find some good sites and through the release of some high-quality soft text to get links. If it is like China 8u ( to send some network promotion or build the site of articles, we can find some webmaster network or A5 class professional website.

3, blog to enhance interaction to win popularity

Blog interaction is that we webmaster must not be lazy, in addition to their own blog set well, some interaction is necessary. A blog is not good for narcissistic, we need more interaction to let their own information and content to go out, have the opportunity to be more audiences see, if just behind closed doors, the effect is unsatisfactory. 8u network promotion in the actual work of more attention to this point. Blog visits and related concerns can help us to bring certain popularity, and the accumulation of early popularity will help us eventually bring a qualitative change. 8u Network to promote their own blog from the original Nobody, to now every day there are a lot of visitors is a good proof that the network interaction in the SEO is very important.

4, more to the relevant sites and forums to contribute

To the relevant site is to let webmaster do not blindly in the chain, early in particular for some novice we will certainly go to the Internet to publish some information. But maybe it's just a quantity, and there's no quality requirement. However, we are in the process of doing the promotion of the need to accumulate the amount of work we also have to pay attention to the quality of the Post site optimization and promotion of the importance. Therefore, to find the relevant site and forum Press, can be targeted, in an industry can also have a higher weight and prestige. This is also a search engine in the study of your blog or site more value of a viscosity survey.

In fact, as a blog and do the site, we webmaster need to have enough patience and perseverance. Because the site is just beginning may not be ideal, but as we continue to deepen the network, we can gradually grasp some of the correct and effective methods, through the accumulation of these methods, China's 8u small set this is a good thing for webmasters. Instead of saying that the work you're doing has no effect, it means that the work you do doesn't make sense. This article from China's 8u small series starting A5, if you want to refer to more information on the promotion of the network, webmaster can come to exchange. Also welcome to correct me, but also thanks to A5 's editor and platform.

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