Mars Dialogue Hunt Network Dako Bin: How to bypass the barriers to entrepreneurship?

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Donews December 5 News (reporter An Hong) 20-25-year-old young people have become the main group of entrepreneurs, the same as the founder of the Dako Bin said, entrepreneurship is not just complete products, project construction, product after the need to bypass the team, management and many other obstacles to close to success.

Talking about the pioneering experience: the HR system is very important

Dako Bin shares that, from the data, more than 50% of the entrepreneurs choose to start their first venture in the age of 20-25, and the current relaxed entrepreneurial environment and low-cost entrepreneurial operations to make 80, the new venture into a big trend and direction. "Not to bear too much history and social responsibility, imaginative creativity is relatively large, their original intention is more of the pursuit of good things." ”

Dako Bin that the initial stage of human resources will not become a bottleneck in development, but when the enterprise into a rapid growth period, the need for different talents to make up for the initial problems of entrepreneurship short board; With the expansion of enterprise scale, the establishment of functional human resource system will become very important.

"Do not think that the completion of product construction has been close to success, it was just a painful start," Dako Bin reminded the entrepreneur, "you've done it, a lot of people will come along, and it's the death of the project that's the constant pain point of entrepreneurship, but it's often the kind of pain that brings more possibilities, fulfillment and happiness. ”

As a start-up company's talent "replenishment Station", the job network provides start-up enterprises with "entrepreneurial gift package" and other supporting products, and relies on the recruitment of Career Development center to establish after-sales team, to outsource the form of HR team to help enterprises to carry out recruitment, management and other human resources.

The Internet and High-tech sectors are breeding more high-growth start-ups, which have also led to a shift in the direction of employment for a significant number of good professional managers. For start-up companies in the visibility of difficult to contend with large enterprises, hunting network in the recent introduction of the "Entrepreneurial rookie" channel, for the enterprises, is an employer brand communication platform to meet the two-way needs of start-up companies and elite talent. The Job Network also opened the official micro-letter of dialogue CEO, employer stories and other enterprise columns, from a number of dimensions to help them display their corporate culture, on the one hand increased the viscosity of the enterprise users, on the other hand, for potential candidates also more content readability.

As the partner of this Mars competition, the recruitment network will also give a number of support policies to benefit the shortlisted team.

On positioning: Not to do a single advertising platform for recruitment

"In the domestic market competition, other people can learn is not belong to you", Dako Bin, the entrepreneurial team of product service system and market tactile direction of control must be sensitive, fast, this is an entrepreneurial normal. Positioning in the high-end professional recruitment of job hunting network, pay more attention to Enterprise services and integrated marketing, rather than such as Zhaopin, worry and other traditional recruitment sites as a simple advertising platform exists.

"The problem of traditional recruiting sites positioned on advertising platforms must continue to drive the growth of their website traffic, and the resulting mass of junk data is unavoidable." The disadvantage of advertising platform is that it cannot produce industry closed-loop, and the uncontrollable factors are larger. Dako Bin said that the hunters positioned themselves as data processing centers for data analysis and standard fields, to GCDC Global Career Development Service Center as a competitive barrier, through the center of the National system in the internal and external network collaboration for enterprises and job seekers to better match, communicate, build a service platform and promote the formation of closed-loop recruitment.

In the process of entrepreneurship, the retention of users is to open the market must face important issues. Dako Bin Frankly, with the taxi, local life and other high-frequency service market, recruitment market user viscosity is relatively weak.

Because of this, in the Low-frequency secondary market entrepreneurs should create more contact with the user opportunities and value. The recruitment network aims at the high-end talent user characteristic, through to the headhunting and the former colleague network resources integration, helps to complete the present benefit timely satisfaction and the potential control to the future benefit. "When the chance comes, no one will refuse," Dako Bin said.

Referring to the future planning of the job hunting network, Dako Bin revealed that will continue to strengthen the content system construction, the exchange of peers into the original column "Fellow Questions and answers" in an important part of the plate; In addition, through the old people pulse relationship to generate peer opportunities to help users career development; In addition, it will enhance the user stickiness in the mobile end, Make it easier for users to interact and get information. Finish)

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