Matador Media Jiangnan: What Mars can bring to entrepreneurs?

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Donews November 18 News November 18 afternoon, sponsored by Matador Media (donews), "> Beijing Mobile Silicon Valley and Dikai investment jointly hosted Mars Internet Innovation Competition Media meeting in Beijing also Zhuang mobile Silicon Valley held.

Matador Media (Donews) CEO Jiangnan detailed introduction of Mars Internet Innovation Competition Tournament and this time to provide the value and resources for entrepreneurship.

Jiangnan said that the competition Matador Media (Donews) will integrate its own media resources to the TMT senior media coverage depth and breadth of publicity for excellent entrepreneurial projects to provide strong communication support, and to provide public relations, brand, and marketing level of professional training and support.

In addition, as the joint organizers of this competition Beijing mobile Silicon Valley will provide technical support, investment and financing services, Office environment, Administrative Services, government policy advice and other superior support policies. As the exclusive partner of this competition, the job hunting network will provide recruitment training and human resources service for the participating enterprises free of charge. Matador Media will also join dozens of investment and financing institutions to form a strategic cooperation Alliance, aimed at providing entrepreneurs with better investment and financing environment and display platform, but also to help the Internet industry and investment and financing institutions to collect entrepreneurial talent, the most potential to explore the entrepreneurial project.

It is understood that the Mars Internet Innovation competition from November 18 officially launched, the entry period is: November 18-December 11; Preliminary Audition phase: December 1-December 13; The preliminary interview date is: December 17-December 18; The finals will be officially held in December 23.

Jiangnan Introduction, in the entry period, the team can login to the Mars competition website to complete the registration information, upload the business plan, the evaluation team in the audition period will determine the finalists of the project; During the preliminary interview, the judges will interview finalists in the mobile Silicon Valley, confirm the top 12, then 12 will accept the tutor's closed-door training, To prepare for the finals, there will be six dream instructors leading the entrepreneurial team in the final challenge.

"In the" good Voice of China "program, star instructors will initially select students, and then they will share their experience, resources and so on. In this competition, there will also be a seat to help the dream mentor, to lead, helping entrepreneurs, facing the selection of the top investment and financing institutions partners, Jiangnan said. Finish)

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