Mobile entrepreneurs in the eyes of the shopping guide website: The big environment has changed the value is underestimated

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The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host technology Hall

"Editor's note" since 2013, the changes in the electrical quotient have been dizzying--it has become too fast and too big. In most people focus on micro-letter, Alibaba and Jingdong Mall and other big guys, billion power network to find a mobile internet 10 years of entrepreneurs, the last six months he tried to change from a service provider to do shopping guide website. He said that the big environment has changed, many small start-up teams are looking for a new direction.


The next 35 years Shopping guide website will explode

Billion power network: Many people say, you are the best companies in the industry, why suddenly to transition?

Entrepreneur: Doing business in China may be a good business, but not a big deal. Rely on a project of human resources to do a project, too tired, the key is not so lucrative. Our dream is not to earn a little money, but to do something big.

Billion power network: In the past you make money?

Entrepreneur: always water in the throat, just to make ends meet.

Billion power network: in your industry, at present someone bigger?

Entrepreneur: It's a small company, even if it's a big company, it's just 100 million or 200 million dollars. For example, to the U.S. listing of Hisoft software and Evans Innovation, listed after the company's share price has been falling, think two 300 million or so dollars of enterprises combined is more than 600 million U.S. dollars, the result 1+1 or equal to 1, 40,000 employees, stock price is still falling, this is the software industry Foxconn Ah, we do not want to do Foxconn, although Foxconn is a great company.

Billion power network: Why the direction of transformation is the shopping guide site? It doesn't sound new.

Entrepreneur: Shopping Guide is not a new model, many people do not see his value. Mushroom Street in the past two or three years users and trading volumes are soaring, in my opinion, the future of internet shopping, one is to pick things will be cross-stitch eye, and the second is the probability of consumers being fooled will be even greater. such as beauty and Mushroom street, such as retail media, entrepreneurial opportunities exist, and shopping guide site will be an outbreak of the trend has been very obvious, within 35 years there will be a big shopping guide company appears.

Billion power network: In your opinion, shopping guide can make how big business?

Entrepreneur: Do not be super big company, but become a medium company is no problem. Take the ready-made company example, Mushroom Street is the most active single days have 500,000 single, in the future they can be in the category of women's clothing Taobao kill, become a 35 billion dollar company is not impossible.

Billion power network: The problem is that the market has beautiful said and Mushroom Street, why have you?

Entrepreneur: We avoid the beauty of the said and Mushroom street, do not do fashion consumer goods.

Billion power network: In women This category, you mentioned Mushroom street such a shopping site can kill Taobao, why do you think?

Entrepreneur: I see some data, Taobao women's core buyers basically ran to the site of Mushroom Street. Taobao is too big, pick things too laborious, these few years basically no innovation, in the shopping experience to do more than Taobao is really not difficult. The capital side is also very optimistic about the future of the shopping guide site, it is said that Mushroom Street recently 100 million U.S. dollars in financing, it should be almost settled.

Billion power network: Such a big transformation, which points you have repeatedly considered?

Entrepreneur: Just you ask, already have beautiful say and Mushroom street, consumer why still need us? After three months of entanglement, many problems are becoming clearer. Shopping for the website is muffled, twenty or thirty people a year to do tens of millions of is not difficult, in addition to fashion consumer goods, there are still opportunities in other areas, we are not late.

A lot of small startups are looking for new directions.

Billion power network: What do you think is the core value of the shopping guide site?

Entrepreneur: Sell content, pick goods for consumers.

Billion power network: How high is the threshold?

Entrepreneur: Do the threshold of the shopping guide site is not as high as the electricity quotient platform, electric business platform needs a lot of money and manpower, their entrepreneurial era has gone, and shopping guide site is relatively light, adhere to do a good job in the market, this is very obvious in the tourism industry, such as the hornet's Nest and poor travel network, the original entrepreneurial team not much money, Do not sell air tickets, also do not sell rooms, is to do content to sell traffic, now life is also very good.

Billion power network: Over the past year, the Internet environment changes so fast that the new direction of the entrepreneur is not also more up?

Entrepreneur: The industry changes big, the enterprise changes also will follow the big, many small teams are looking for the new direction.

Billion power network: We observed that the 2013 gradually emerged a very good mobile internet start-up companies.

Entrepreneur: Yes, before 2013, mobile applications are basically tools, such as a weather daily and calendar, and now start looking for segments, such as beauty salons or pet dating, I am very optimistic about this niche in the social companies. In addition, as we all know, the company that makes the hand swims also really earns a lot of money.

Traditional enterprises do 020 still can't find "north"

Billion power network: not only small companies change, big companies are the same, how do you think Alibaba investment Yintai?

Entrepreneur: Before 2013, people who were social were competing with each other, and people in the retail trade competed with each other, and everyone in each field basically closed the door and beat each other. 2013 years later, social people began to do finance, mobile phone people also said to do real estate, the unrelated two industries, is only a regional conflict, now become a positive battlefield.

Clearly, everyone has seen the fact that the Internet is changing all of China's monopolistic industries, and the online and offline future will be closer together. In the face of change, many large enterprises have anxiety disorder. Yintai is afraid not to combine with the internet to hang up, Ali also afraid and offline cooperation on the hang, so two people hold together, in fact, the money in their pockets no more, just buy a sense of security, it is written news of the people busy dead, in fact, there is no real meaning.

Billion power network: Now many traditional big guys want to eat o2o this piece of fat, but the actual effect has not yet highlighted. For example, wangfujing and micro-letter cooperation, we went to the scene investigation, the battle is very large, but the actual application is very small.

Entrepreneur: Yes, just in the groping process, many people boast with the micro-letter cooperation how the performance is good, in fact, the composition of the virtual, publicity is large. and see Silver Taihe Ali Cooperation, sent 210,000 Ali Silver Thai membership card, only 600 people to shop, this number can be very intuitive to explain the problem. But this is only the beginning, I firmly believe that the mobile electricity business has 20 years to 30 of high-speed growth period, the future of the basic necessities will be flooded into the mobile electricity market, only to be torn open a small mouth.

Billion power network: Traditional retailers in the north, the brand to do O2O have substantial progress? What kind of traditional enterprises can use the mobile electric business?

Entrepreneur: I think there is no real progress, they are still in the quantitative process, the brand first to figure out how many goods in the shop, 99% of China's companies do not do this. You can't even do that, what about O2O? According to my experience, the retail enterprise income scale to reach 2 billion, at the same time it conditions are perfect, it is best to have a mature electric business system and ERP system, perfect store information management system and cashier system, only in this way can have users to use up, Otherwise, mobile electricity dealers are useless to them.

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