Mr Yu: Kai-fu Lee drives more entrepreneurial dreams

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There are four founders of the Innovation Workshop, except Kai-Fu Lee, managing partner Hua, spokesperson Wang Huihui and product director Ye. Newspaper reporter Cao Minjie "he could have been comfortable looking for an international agency with a millions of dollar salary." "Innovation Workshop The first batch of investors, the new Oriental Education technology Group chairman Yu said, before starting a business, Kai-Fu Lee and Mr Yu discussed the issue of entrepreneurship, then Mr Yu asked Lee," You are nearly 50 years old, a lifetime and then there are opportunities to come out?  Kai-Fu Lee resolutely decided to start a business. There are four founders of the Innovation Workshop, except Kai-Fu Lee, managing partner Hua, spokesperson Wang Huihui and product director Ye. Wang Huihui and Hua were born in 1978, and Ye were born in 1982. Kai-Fu Lee has a lot of qualifications, contacts and experience.  Innovation Workshop was first a middle-aged entrepreneur with three young people to do together. In Mr Yu's eyes, Lee is the vanguard of innovative thinking. A person of innovative thinking, the state is to encourage. Another implication of his venture is that he has shown confidence in Chinese politics and will not do so if he has no confidence in Chinese politics. Confidence in Chinese politics is important because China is in the midst of a period of transition, with people of insight able to drive millions, so doing so gives confidence to many overseas investors and returning Chinese. "If Kai-Fu Lee succeeds, it will bring some entrepreneurial dreams to some of the international executives." These people because of the internationalization of the company's technology management experience, and international capital resources, if they dare to venture out, will lead a group of China's new corporate model development, they will use international resources. Because these people have a characteristic, is to be familiar with the Chinese and Western culture, English and Chinese speak fluent. "said Mr Yu. Share to:
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