Orange Hotel CEO Wuhai: Music for the entrepreneurial "roving"

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Oral: Wuhai: Pan Dong Yan graduated from the Central University of Finance and Economics in 1987, and was awarded the EMBA degree of Tsinghua-insead Business School in 2010. 1997, the founder of the business, is the first hotel booking service and the earliest implementation of the membership of the business Travel management company. March 2000 to join Ctrip as Senior vice president. 1.5 After leaving Ctrip, to create a journey of wealth, after the sale of Sina, Sina will be sold to the resell, Wuhai with the vice president of Art Dragon.  March 2006, leaving the Art Dragon founder to "designer Hotel" for the unique positioning of the Orange Hotel group. Le for entrepreneurial "roving" "into a princely loser," I Still Be "Kou", and is "roving".  Along the way, a lot of people around me, but entrepreneurship is still very lonely feeling, but I enjoy. To me, the most perfect happiness is a sense of conquest, after trying to make a thing, so that the interests of all parties are very satisfied. I think the most enjoyable thing is that when a company encounters a particularly big crisis, I can lead it across the past and turn the crisis into opportunity.  I seem to be born with this personality and impulse, so the restless entrepreneurial experience is not surprising. To say the truth, not unwilling to Yeh, the company sold for many reasons, I think the most important thing is not enough ability and vision. I did not sell the company and did not make a lot of money, at the moment of all the contracts signed, I have never felt excited or happy, but also not unhappy, some just peace, which I also feel very strange.  Remember when I had a very poor time, suddenly make money, also will not feel happy, because I feel that their life form and not because of the nature of the change occurred. After so many years, after so many companies, I have hardly fought for my own interests. For example, when it comes to shares, I rarely fight, almost. In this respect, I also made a special reflection: people have desire, why do I do this? Then think, no desire is just very reasonable. Is there really no desire? No, it's just not a deliberate pursuit. I've always thought that money is just a matter of collateral and a yardstick.  I enjoy the process of doing one thing best, the other is the thing that comes with it. People need a sense of achievement, playing Mahjong also want to win money, monks also want to become a Buddha. In the process of chasing a sense of accomplishment, there will be appendages, this appendage can be material, can also be the spirit. The sense of accomplishment of this conquering challenge is a never-ending path. Everyone will choose some way to spend their life, but the way they behave, do things differently.  The constant conquest of challenges and innovations is the way I feel about life, only that I have fallen into business. Entrepreneurship is lonely, but I enjoy entrepreneurship is very lonely feeling. For example, few people can understand what you think. They may not think as far away as you do, sometimes without empathy. For example, dealing with people, dealing with some things, can not talk to others, can only know themselves. What is loneliness? Loneliness is a lot of things in your heart, but you can't talk to others.。 People are complicated, and many things come out, they may not understand.  In the process of doing business, this feeling of loneliness is often. But along the way, there are still many people to accompany you. Both alive and dead. Adam Smith had a great influence on me. I memorized his books when I was a graduate student. He abstracted and simplified all the complicated questions, and in many respects woke me up and reaped a great deal.  There are also two "ghosts", one is the investment Andy Mark (Andy Mok), and one is the world's largest GDS distribution system Sabre's global Vice-President Parker (Jerry Pack). Once, I worked with Parker on the project. I put the report that I made out at random and put it there. He said this is not good, the report should be how to tidy up, how to set the order. It's a big deal to me that a vice president of a big company is so fastidious about such trivial matters as the paperwork.  Later, I became more meticulous, and this habit for me to do after the hotel is very important. I and six room CEO Liu is often chatting friends, in addition to the nonsense, talk about more is each other's business. I think, two do business big men sit together, do not talk about enterprises, not talk about innovation, but to gossip others, or just talk about children, wives, Hearts, is not a bit of a pull? My friend can not meet for a year or two, but there is a word. 7 days Zheng Nan Yan is such a friend, I have been quite grateful to him.  He helped a lot when I first started the Orange Hotel. I remember the first time I saw the film "Wall Street" is about 1994 years, the film has two words that affect me a lot. A word is "money implies sleeps". I printed it in my wallet for several years. This is not to say that I have much to do with money, but I hope to motivate myself to work beyond the ordinary. The other word is "If you are need a friend, go get a dog."  Dogs are the best people to talk to when they have a dog. Admittedly, entrepreneurship is lonely, but I enjoy it. [Page] around the "old" people do business for so many years, found that people are the most important. Along the way, I have been following me for more than 10 years, there are three people, more than 8 years also have two people.  The technical manager of the Orange Hotel has been with me for more than 10 years, and he was a reservation clerk from the business trip. In addition, have to say is Ma Xiaodong. Ma Xiaodong has been my vice-president since the start of the founder's business. We in the chemical Department of a singing contest to know, he is "what matter a word is enough" that kind of people, we like-minded, very tacit understanding, a saying half, know each other to say what. Ability is absolutely complementary. And business negotiations, he must be better than me; communicate with investors, I am better than him. I have some idealism, he is a pragmatic person. The person I met first, in the end he is more familiar than I, there is nothing is he calls to communicate. This canForce has no way, is a natural temperament. My mouth is harder, more straight, sometimes regardless of anyone's sensibilities. This May and I was a child living in the closed countryside, the character is not very open, even a little inferiority complex, a lot of things more sensitive, more introverted personality, so and people do not deal with my forte. Call the government office, how to talk to people, how to say, I am not good at this time. Some things need to pull down face, I also can't pull down. Ma Xiaodong will be able to do more clever, sleek, can do things, and not to hurt face. The most important thing is that he, like me, is also the kind of people who do not fight for short profits, and he knows I will give him a confession.  More than 10 years, we have never red face, it is also a miracle. In addition to friend, entrepreneurs must know: people follow you, is to feel hopeful. Do not expect them to be more loyal, but you must be loyal, this is the price of being the boss. When I sold my business, I gave my ex-wife One-second of my money, One-fourth to myself, and One-fourth to other executives who actually had no shares. Though it's a penny, I think I should do it myself. Friendship is very important to me. Many of my subordinates are also very good outside, I will not easily "move them", let them come back to follow me.  I know that once you move him, you will be responsible for him. Trust has boundaries, fairness is the foundation 30 years old before, I often depressed time. People you trust, friends and relatives, work together is not the case. His men, you are very good to him, promoted him, he did not even say hello to leave you. At that time did not understand, introspection is not a person has a problem. After the 30-Year-old sold the company, it is rarely this state, because to understand. This is part of the work of life, a world where there are people who are not allowed to act according to your standards and expectations, and his behavior is probably right from his point of view.  Everyone's conscience and moral standards are not the same, many things in the world, from the perspective of human nature, are able to pass. However, when it comes to teamwork, in addition to ability, we have to say that trust is the first. Early start is "Rumble", encounter things to pick up sticks bricks and swarmed, do not each other a bright guy, look back at the left of their own.  It's good to be able to find someone you know, but don't find a way to be courageous, fight and run, how much you can "hit" a few times. In my experience, trust must be seen separately. Including to Ma Xiaodong, I will also tell him that my trust in you is absolute, but I do not necessarily trust your ability. In some ways, I will not trust your ability.  Trust a person, must be able to draw the boundaries of people, but this is a lot of entrepreneurs can not give up a complex. The more realistic problem is that when people work together, a lot of things will show up. For example, each person's economic base is different, value orientation will be different, is to see long-term or short-term, will not be inconsistent. In the process of entrepreneurship, many people have immoral behavior. The occupations of many Chinese enterprises ' employeesLiteracy is relatively poor, such as stealing information. For example, no sense of responsibility, say do not do. I have a project manager, said Dad had something to go home, the phone never get through, tens of millions of of the project is thrown in that regardless.  I can only believe that, from a moral standpoint, these people cannot eat in society and society will criticize them. Entrepreneurship is really "people dispersed, the team is not a good band"! In order to gather people, many company leaders and employees like brothers, I think it is a huge hidden danger. When something really happens, you don't have the heart to "kill" your own brother? Occasionally eat meal is concerned about the staff, but every day, as long as there is a meal forgotten, you have done everything in their eyes has become a fake. The relationship between the boss and the employee is the boss and the employee.  Many times, the boss of the heart to the staff to see, employees are also not believe, may have something to believe that, after a period of time, there is something not done in place, they will still be dissatisfied. In my opinion, the most important thing for a leader is to be fair. If you are fairer, the people you choose will be fairer and the people they choose will be fair. I have a special feeling about fairness. I think, from the perspective of corporate culture, different enterprises have different characteristics, but can not escape from a foundation is fair, with this foundation, the other is possible. [Page] Designers for the arts, I for business in the Orange Hotel, there are a lot of thoughtful design, designers played a very important role. However, the hotel's aesthetic and value orientation will have my participation. I make a judgment based on the customer experience and will do a lot of communication with the designer. After the introduction of the Orange Crystal Jianguo store this year, we took a lot of people to experience the visit. One of my thoughts-putting the bathtub in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and matching the electric curtains is very popular. Our designers are all foreigners, they said they did not think the Chinese people are so open, it is a cross-cultural problem. Business is taboo for art and art, design for design, technology and technology, which is the cause of the death of many enterprises. But designers are artists, and that's what we have to think about. For me, the designer is responsible for giving the customer a shout, and I and the other employees are responsible for getting the customer to call where it is. As a hotel, innovation is not only different, I do not want customers to come just a feeling that this design is good, but do not know where good. It's important to have something that allows customers to get out and spread.  For example, we put two imac computers in the lobby and a personalized design with touch panels on the walls of the room. As a designer hotel, I have a deep affection for the Orange hotel.  As every customer in the life of a foothold, a day or two days, I hope it can leave their memories, leave the brand, and even leave a story, hope that the Orange hotel can have emotional, personalized "live" up. The "Roving" experience again 2006 decided to make an orange hotel, it is important to give me a new sense of challenge. It is a good feeling to make a thing bigger from zero, to be able to exert and express one's own thought and will more fully. I gave myselfThink of the posterior is: if the failure, and then work chant.  In this way, I am a person with sex. Frankly speaking, the Orange Hotel should not be my destination. I am a poor self-control, doing things more dilatory, such as financing reports, Board reports, and read the EMBA when the paper, only to wait until it is too late to do, will proceed. I think everyone has their own expertise, my specialty may be more like pondering and innovation, but once the company stabilized, Yeh people can do more than me, I may be only out of advice.  But I believe that the Orange hotel will certainly be one of the most fulfilling things in my life. I have two motto: one is a princely loser, and the other is to be a tramp. I am still a "Cole", but "Wang" or "Kou" is good, I will never stand in the arch. Orange Hotel is a very unexpected thing, since done, and determined to make it a way to experience a "roving" king or into the history of the Kou. I hope that when I die can be magnanimous to say to myself: I am fair, worthy of their conscience, not white live, this is enough.
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