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Want to do a product of 50,000 users, only the function of the product itself can be done well; To do a 100,000-level user's products, the product needs to do a good job on the basis of their targeted publicity; to make the Parina level and even more users of the product, then we must give the product a touching story. Let it spread as freely as the air. A few days ago with Mister Eric Lunch, chat to our company developed the sixth section of app--"Business Technology", Eric asked me the next step, I said, the industry's big media, has been basically with us have cooperated. Micro-blogging is also ongoing. Next certainly is the product bottleneck period, wants to break through this bottleneck period, we must give this product a moving story. Only the product that has the story, only has the strong dissemination and the continuity. Eric said yes and let me cite some cases. As the author of the last job engaged in the jewelry industry Media marketing Director, and has been engaged in recent years in the market and public relations media related work. So, there are still some examples, such as: 1, Cartier Jewelry-it is at the European Court reputation. The Prince of Wales (who became King Edward VII in 1902) praised Cartier as the King of Jewellers and jewelers, and in 1904 awarded Cartier a first-class court supply license for the British court supplier. Cartier's design features the exotic atmosphere of civilization discovered by the three brothers around the globe. (Note: Louis, Pierre and Jacques, the three founders of Cartier, love to travel around the world.) With the fame of the jewellery kingdom, Cartier became the Royal jewel of European royalty, and the British royal Family ordered 27 crowns for the coronation of Cartier. In addition, the royal family of Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, France Prince of Orleans, Prince of Morocco and the royal family of Albania also appointed Cartier. So Cartier is also known as the Jewel Merchant's emperor, the emperor's jeweler. We don't question whether Cartier has any real history. But it has to be admitted that Cartier has been with aristocratic jewelry for more than 100 years, only because it has a long jeweler's emperor, Emperor's jeweler "story." 2, Tiffany Jewelry-not to mention, I believe many people know, it not only has a story, and this story is once a popular global film. Do you remember Hepburn's classic black evening outfit, came to the Tiffany shop window on New York Avenue, eating breakfast and looking at Tiffany's shop with envy. "Yes, this is the Goddess Hepburn in 1961 starring breakfast at Tiffany ' s (also known as the Jewels "). There are many types of stories, Cartier jewelry is a story about European nobility, Tiffany's is a beautiful love story. Of course, all great products have a great story, or the story of the founder of the product (such as: Ma Yun's legendary Experience), or the productAnd the story of the founders ' stories (e.g., jobs and apple), or the stories behind the product. Then the product of the story of how important, may wish to analyze, the author's opinion is: First, the memory of the story is more profound. Just imagine, the same product of the article recommended. The monotonous product function introduction far from the vivid product case story lets the person be impressive. Second, the story has a better continuity. Products and products of the story is like a point with a line, product perfect again good, nothing more than the expansion of the point of a slightly larger point, and a line, although the end of the line is not small, but it can extend infinitely, beyond the time and space constraints. (Cartier continued the story more than 100 years ago), even if the product is gone, the story is still continuing. Third, the story of the dissemination of stronger. I used to introduce a wedding ring for a friend who is about to get married and don't know how to jewelry. At that time is the introduction of Cartier and Tiffany two brands of diamond ring. Because at that time, the history of Cartier is not particularly understood, only know is a very big brand. So he only told him about Tiffany's "jewelled" film, and said that Cartier is a very large and historic brand. Finally, the friend chose Tiffany, asked the reason, he said the story with Tiffany's diamond ring to the girlfriend, than send a more expensive Cartier diamond ring can more let the fiancee moved, and he also hope and fiancee have so good love. After that, he was right, just because of this beautiful love story. The story is mysterious. The longer the story, we will feel the more mysterious, so as to inspire people's original curiosity, the story in mind, but also indirectly with the story of synchronized products in mind. And the product on the contrary, the longer the time, the more defects found, and then eventually eliminated, and from the memory of people disappear. Of course, the author must emphasize that good products are the basis, no good products, you even give this product again beautiful story, it will die. The author thinks, a new product wants to become a great product, have at least the following three steps: 1, product experience,--accumulate the seed user stage (the user is God, the product is good and bad is the foundation. It determines the loyalty of the product's seed users. 2, targeted publicity-to accumulate a small range of high-quality users. (The new line of products will be through the industry media reports, micro-letters, micro-blog publicity and other means to accumulate a small range of high self-users. 3, Product story--to really become a great product, first of all, not your users have how much, but the popularity of the product and the reputation of how high. and to improve product visibility and word-of-mouth, not by the company that point people everywhere to talk about product function can be solved. It must have the effect of word of mouth and drama. Therefore, to make the product into a great product, it must give it a moving story. Let it spread itself spread wildfire. Finally, the author concludes that: Want to do a 50,000 userProducts, just the function of the product itself to do a good job, to do a 100,000-level user's products, to do a good job on the basis of products, on its targeted publicity; to make Parina level and even tens other products, then we have to do a good job, publicity well, Give the product a touching story and let it spread like air.
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