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In September 2007, the 35-year-old Peng created a "twist" on his resignation from the Haidian District Bureau of Commerce.

The idea hovered in his head for almost half a year. At that time, he was a deputy office level cadres for more than 3 years, young and promising, and in his mind, his life seems to be missing something.

When the district for the national selection, Peng is really passes hurdles just campaign, he why Iron heart to leave this other people envy the job and platform? Others are baffled.

The reason is probably only Peng own heart clear, he wants to untie three years to suppress in the heart of doubt: Gome in the end is how to make money?

"I was in charge of the development and investment promotion of the circulation industry in the Business Bureau, with Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Metro, Gome and so on have more contacts, the retail industry has a further understanding, I began to ponder how e-commerce better from the traditional retail learning and learn, but are limited to some relative surface, relative theory of things, in fact , I really don't know how retail is done, how the retail chain in the end is how to make money. "Peng Shili said that at that time in domestic retail sales means gome, Gome advanced and efficient profit model for him is a mystery, a make his tea does not think rice fragrance mystery.

Go, there is a road to the ideal

Peng's interest in the retail industry stems from his enthusiasm for E-commerce. 2000, Peng from Renmin University of China entered Vientiane network work, at that time the Vientiane network in the domestic business is well-known, Peng Shili as the director of the market and customer service, responsible for online mobile phone sales services. Later, accompanied by the internet bubble broken, Vientiane network closed down, Peng has been "mixed in the Internet Circle", until to participate in the Haidian District in 2004 for the country's leading cadres of the public selection.

"In my mind, e-commerce is full of magical imagination space, and I know that I will eventually go to do electricity business, just haven't found the right opportunity." "After being in charge of a circulating government department, Peng Shili a deeper understanding of the retail industry, and he found that traditional retailing had many things to transplant to the consumer and began to have a keen interest in the domestic retail giant Gome. It can be said that the drive of curiosity and the desire to explore the Gome model prompted the resignation of Peng.

In Gome for more than four years, the experience of being an assistant to the president made Peng gradually see the "magic" of retailing, and also uncovered the mystery that had been lingering in his mind. In his eyes, retailing is a chore, with no weekends, busier vacations and different kinds of people. In his mind, retail is a small matter, but is a "you and I side of the matter," is typical small medium see big. And in his understanding, on the one hand, retail no small things, success is all in the details, but more importantly, the model determines the realm. For the mode of the consumer, "the model of the large retail business is advanced, only, can be copied to the field of electricity, which has to pay attention to", "the current online retail, more and more towards the line of retail mode, which is in the back, in order to short-term reversal of the amount and as soon as possible break-even and give up the business of goods, Is typical of the golden goose, in the long run, is a one-way road. ”

"Today's companies are beginning to use the form of the accounting period plus rebate, the advantage of this model is that platform risk is low, income is guaranteed, also can play the fund lever function, but the side effect is the commodity management ability drops greatly at the same time, also brings the very big risk, the pressure and the burden to the supplier, the final result is the commodity ' low price not low ' phenomenon ”。

"Why are prices high?" Because there is a problem with the supply chain. From the factory to the electric business platform, the middle layer, a variety of fees and funds Zhanya, so that prices are constantly pushed higher. Therefore, in the face of ' low price is not low ' and can not be profitable phenomenon, we should reflect on the mode of e-commerce circulation. "After a long investigation, see factory, Patrol Shop, Peng to realize that only through the intermediate links, the goods directly from producers to consumers, it is possible to control the price at a reasonable level, in order to create real high-quality consumers, low prices."

However, to change the model, it is difficult, especially the existing model has tasted the sweetness of the enterprise, the possibility of almost no. So, there is only one way, that is entrepreneurship. "I'll do the others." ”

At the end of December 2011, a social shopping platform with shopping as its core application quietly launched a trial run. This is the first direct business with SNS combination, in a short period of less than half a year, without any advertising, the members of this platform quickly developed to nearly 200,000, and is a snowball effect roll the bigger, the more rolling.

This platform is called--love, a "shopping net, happy Shopping Network"

The protagonist of this article Peng, is the founder and CEO of the Love, a 40-year-old stubborn "old boy." From the United States back to create Vientiane Network and as CTO of Kevin became the first of his entrepreneurial road.

My friend said, "Old Peng, you're crazy."

Called Peng "old boy" is not too much, because of the pent-up curiosity and strong entrepreneurial heart, he from the comfort of the agency to the enterprise, but also because of the industry status and trend of insight, resolutely abandon the generous treatment, the year of the beginning to start business, only for the heart that sentence, "I just want to help consumers to do down the price." ”

But it's easier said than done. All the friends around me said, "Old Peng, do electric business, and still spell price, you crazy?" ”

Yes. is to do something other people do not dare to do "crazy things" to help consumers put the price really down! Hunan People's "bully pretty" in Peng Shili embodiment of incisively and vividly. How can we reduce the price of sales? There is only one way: lower the price! How to reduce the price? First of all, take off the middle difference!

In order to get rid of the middle difference, Peng has to let the production plant supply directly. And to let the factory direct supply, one is to go to the distribution model rather than the consignment model, let the factory have no worries, the second is to get "first money after the goods", there is no accounting period, so that the factory does not have the burden of capital Zhanya; the third is to profit from the difference instead of charging profits, to protect the operating interests of the factory, factory Hanlaobaoshou and the operating risk added to their Only at the same time to do this three, the factory can supply directly, in order to give the supply "price".

Is there any way to keep the price down, besides removing the middle difference?

Yes! Scale effect. If in a short period of time the product sales to a certain extent, the factory has been the product turnover, rapid withdrawal of funds, nature can give a lower price. Although the gross profit margin has fallen, but the gross margin is big, the capital turnover is fast. But the question is again, how can the limited demand be concentrated on the same product?

Peng the design of a new retail model-cloud procurement. Cloud procurement through the SNS and ladder pricing mechanism, a large number of dispersed consumer purchasing power, led to the same product, products by the ladder to price, the larger the price lower. And it is different from group buying, users in the early purchase of products at a higher price, the end of the cycle price will be refunded, and this model is based on SNS social platform and sustainable supply chain.

E-commerce and social integration, Peng and Kevin have not done before. The sudden heat of group buying has made him more aware of the importance of user stickiness and sustainable supply chains, both of which have to be you and me. Although there is no such experience, Peng thought even if it is stones, but also to build a foothold in SNS shopping site, he has always believed that retail and SNS can be combined.

"People's tradition is 35 friends to go shopping together, we communicate to a product, judgmental, share information, mutual influence behavior and decision-making, thus quicker, more pair, more joyful shopping." Love is the kind of aggregation that is on the web. When a user buys or likes a product on the, his/her behavior is seen by others, and when more and more people come to love to buy the same product through invitations and sharing, the price becomes lower. ”

However, this "cloud sourcing" model allows love to bear all the pressure alone. First of all, the platform is completely free, there is no entrance fee, also do not accept the selection fee, not charge advertising; second, do not account for the period, the first payment to the factory, which means that the factory can not spend a penny on the electric platform to sell goods; third, the return of profits, purely by the profit margin, that is, by operating goods rather than operating properties, business location, Operating suppliers to make a profit. Therefore, a lot of friends in the retail industry after listening to the idea of Peng, have some dare not believe: "Old Peng, why do you do this?" Are you crazy? ”

Peng certainly not mad. In fact, he knows better than anyone else, if the new model works smoothly, it will change the price of the electricity industry. "Consumers only know the price is high, but they do not know where the extra money is spent, I just want to change this mode, cross the middle link, the goods directly from the producers to provide consumers." ”

Peng Shili Heart has a ledger, manufacturers across the intermediate link to the goods directly supply him, there is no need to pay as much as other traditional electric-power platforms, so the price will be low, and when the goods are sold cheaply on the platform of the AI, the model of cloud purchase will trigger a user "snowball effect", even if the profit is small, to a certain amount can still be profitable, This will enable users, factories, and the love of the three parties to win the situation.

"A lot of people asked me why I did it. What am I for? Just to get the market price down! To create value for consumers, so that domestic consumers can enjoy the export of cost-effective Chinese-made! At the same time, let the factory more than a way to live! Peng Shili said that the is concentrating on doing small household appliances, and will do relatively little household things around family life, thus helping young consumers aged 20-35 to improve the quality of their family life.

He ran more than 300 plants in 6 months.

According to Peng, this c2m (from consumer to factory) social shopping platform, he and Kevin two people constantly pondering, constantly try to come out, currently there is no such retail model. In an industry dominated by the traditional model, the promotion of the new model is bound to be difficult, but Peng is not worried that he is confident that his new retail model will be welcomed by export factories, because it is good for them.

"The platform does not charge any fees, will also advance the payment to the factory, they do not want?" "Since last August, Peng has screened more than 300 good quality plants from thousands of factories, with a team of purchasing teams to visit the field, and to discuss the cooperation matters with satisfaction." "I have to put this aspect of the good, because love is not only low price, and all goods must be high quality, which requires a professional procurement team to choose, judge, I also want to check the field, find the feeling."

More than 300 plants, average daily running at least 5-6, noon often do not have time to eat, Peng and procurement team in the next factory to drive the road to chew bread; see factory process needs in the field accommodation, also is the choice of 100 Yuan hotel. Although to oneself everywhere "harsh", but to the factory choice, Peng has the extremely high standard. In his view, to do the factory and as a person, the first must be like-minded, only the concept of agreement, in order to advance the common consumer services.

Look at the factory, Peng put the factory's environmental hygiene in the first place, "a factory even if the scale is large, if there is no good habit, it is not the partner I want to find." "The habit of Peng the first is that the toilet is not clean, the ground is untidy and so on; the second is to see product monitoring, that is, whether the production line is standardized, the laboratory staff status is high, and so on; third, look at the staff status," through the staff status can be seen in the factory and the boss of the people, if the factory environment, culture , the staff is also happy to work. Happy eggs are produced by happy Hens, and only happy workers can make happy products. ”

Peng's retail model is highly praised and sincerely welcomed by many factories. Every factory, often a two hours after the factory boss's attitude took place 180 degrees of change, from disdain, to do not believe, to doubt, then to recognition, to believe, to the final full support. Also have a lot of factory decision-making process is long, or is unwilling to try, for this Peng Shili also often "cottage". "To visit the factory, we feel that the factory's environment, size, staff status, technical strength are very good, want to talk about cooperation, but went to the two did not see the boss." "When Peng the third visit, the boss of the United States finally appeared, the Sichuan boss after listening to the Peng of the scheme outraged, surprise," This is my dream channel ah, this way we are willing to support, I would like to summon everyone to support you. ”

Peng Shili revealed that he personally visited more than 300 factories in the field, has selected nearly 50 and love to sign an agreement, is continuously for the love of the platform to provide sustainable supply.

"Good" is his biggest characteristic--Peng in the eyes of employees

April 13, 2012, walked into Peng office, he was preparing for lunch, it was already 3 o'clock in the afternoon. He put the Bento box he brought from home into the microwave and fixed a button in the microwave with a rope, explaining: "There is something wrong with the microwave, and it must be tied with a rope." I took it from someone else. ”

Looking around the house, simple and unusual, a couple of hand-stitched desks reflect that the office is also a meeting room. Peng a little sorry, "ah too simple, really embarrassed." "In fact, it is understandable that the start-up of the company to increase revenue and expenditure is inevitable, but, from a generous treatment of hundreds of billions of corporate President assistant, to use other people do not have the microwave, the contrast is really too big point." But when chatting with the Peng Shili staff, he was very generous to the staff, and last year a male employee had a small tumor on the corners of his mouth, delay not to go to a doctor, Peng, after the notice, "Roar" he: "You quickly go to give it to me to get rid of ..." Although the mouth is fierce, but called finance took more than 1000 yuan cash let him hurriedly to do surgery. from its inception so far, less than half a year, employees from the initial 1 to the current nearly 20 people, the start-up company employees are relatively low, and a lot of work, overtime is common, but in addition to a staff for physical reasons outside the company temporarily, no one left, this is on the entrepreneurial road The most unforgettable and grateful thing Peng.

In the eyes of the Peng team, Li has a very personal charm, "he is knowledgeable, thoughtful, insightful, and particularly willing to share, then he can learn a lot of things, and he is really a good person." Very sincere. "The director of the technical Department of Peng said that the biggest feature of the Li is" good "," like our technical department personnel, sometimes because the pressure big temper will be very irritable, is apt to be angry, he (Peng Li) for this has suffered us a lot of gas, but he never mind, also takes you to go out slowly to enlighten, until mutually communicates well. Such bosses are really rare. ”

Love gifted will just on April 18 officially online, has been in the public testing stage, but on the line a few days, the response is very enthusiastic. The beginning of the year to start the business of the road, Peng Shili said the walk is not easy, the next road will be very difficult, more dare not extravagant talk about success. But he has always adhered to his entrepreneurial philosophy: first, to have good ideas and strategies, to have asymmetric competition, to create a systematic, sustainable low-cost, truly create value for consumers; second, to adhere to, do not give up easily, not only to insist on entrepreneurship, trust, but also adhere to their core competitiveness; , the team is very important, the good team is more effective, the discordant team Chengzhi Bull. And for the members of the choice, he wrote down eight words-like-minded, thick and thin.

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