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The experience of two of college students who have built their own expertise to help the public find a place to eat and drink has been the first to find a pharmacy in two streets. A year ago, they supported by social funds, with their own technology shares, the founder of the public to find a convenient place to eat and drink site-search Chengdu. After the introduction of Chengdu, "on the promotion of the employment of ordinary college graduates of the implementation of ideas", they are very happy, and look forward to a better future.

An experience of budding entrepreneurial inspiration

In 2005, Zhang Kaijun and Schubergen came to Chengdu to prepare for an examination of the software Engineering (upgraded) and computer Applications (graduate), where they lived near the school. One night, Schubergen headache, went out and turned two streets did not find a pharmacy. With this experience, two people with their own expertise to build a website to help people find a place to eat and drink the idea.

2006, Zhang Kaijun, Schubergen into the examination and research. After entering the school, they began their previous plan, attended by Bugand of the 8200.html "> PLA Logistics Engineering College." 3 months later, they developed a search around the information of the Web page, but the page is not complete, the effect is not ideal.

The introduction of social funds to step up the entrepreneurial pace

June 2007, in an accidental opportunity, three people know that there is a certain amount of money accumulated Songxiang, Songxiang immediately expressed their willingness to invest money. When the end of the year, the three Zhang Kaijun officially launched software development. Last June, Songxiang took out 500,000 yuan to officially launch the site's commercial operations, while in the Wuhou District Trade and Industry Bureau registered Chengdu Diffuse Point Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

"Last November, we earned over $2000, the first time we achieved a 0 breakthrough in revenue," he said. Zhang Kaijun said that with the gradual promotion of the site, the monthly income gradually increased; in April this year, sales revenue exceeded million, May sales revenue reached 12,000 yuan. "At the end of the year, the monthly sales revenue reached 30,000 yuan, to achieve parity between income and expenditure, and then achieve profitability." ”

"Opinions" published in Chengdu, let us see the company a brighter future. Zhang Kaijun says what they need most now is to get more money to boost the company's growth. "I have finished the project book, Ready to Tomorrow will be the project books to the Communist Youth League." Zhang Kaijun said they would also apply to move the company to the university's entrepreneurial park to reduce operating costs.

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