Shenzhen push gem exit scheme "Undead bird" is difficult to revive

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Gem delisting system comments on the release of the "Beatles Hat" Shenzhen yesterday issued the Enterprise Board delisting system comments, gem 36 months, the cumulative three will be returned to the city, and do not support the suspension of listed companies backdoor.  Analysis said, according to the draft, GEM back to the market is relatively strict, conducive to the return of stock prices to the fundamentals of listed companies.  Shenzhen yesterday issued "on the improvement of the Gem delisting system Scheme (draft)."  Its content shows that this perfect gem delisting system will add two conditions: The gem has been publicly denounced by the exchange for three times in the last 36 months and its shares will be terminated, and the shares of GEM companies will end up on the market for 20 consecutive trading days, when their daily closing prices are below par per share.  The new plan no longer only focus on the performance of listed companies and equity, but also listed companies in the two-tier market behavior performance as a retreat system of concern.  However, according to the Shenzhen 36-month time standard calculation, from January 1, 2009 to date, Shenzhen has 22 public condemnation, not one company reached 3 public condemnation, including St Guang Xia and deep real (has been suspended) in this period has received 2 public condemnation. In accordance with the "Gem listing Rules", the gem mainly includes three main points: first, direct withdrawal of the city, the second is the rapid withdrawal of the city, the third is to eliminate backdoor hype. For the direct withdrawal of the market conditions, and the motherboard, SME board enterprises for three consecutive years loss of the market, if the gem continued to appear two consecutive losses, will be directly back to the city.  Therefore, according to the two-year deadline, to be published next year's annual report, the first batch of risk of the venture board listed companies will get to the bottom. Does not support backdoor "undead birds" difficult to revive the draft proposal, the listed companies will not accept the return of the listed companies through the backdoor mode if the market is suspended.  This means that the "undead birds" on the gem may really die this time, and the attraction of the listed companies ' shell resources to the funds will be greatly weakened.  At the same time, the draft pointed out that the gem will no longer implement the existing "Exit risk warning Treatment" mode, the abolition of "St" system will be implemented, and only to give 30 trading days of "delisting", while the establishment of a special "delisting board" for trading. Li Dahuan, director of the British Securities Institute, said that the new system has no "ST, St" such "star Hat" of the transition phase, the adoption of direct withdrawal of the regulations are more stringent, while not allowed to be backdoor, can inhibit the vicious circle of investment, forcing the company's crisis consciousness. Therefore, it is helpful to curb the "garbage stocks".
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