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Editor's note: This week's business school is focused on the "Shi Yuzhu", which stands at the forefront of business today. As a legendary figure, Shi Yuzhu success in the era of scarce resources, he had as a generation of Zhongguancun youth Idol is sought after, covered with Halo.  Shi Yuzhu's failure, has become many enterprises to reflect the textbook, is criticized by the carrier, fail Mai Shi Yuzhu in the fierce competition today again rise, almost let all people stand in appreciation, admire his side. Business Legend--shi Yuzhu since the reform and opening-up, China's high-speed, strong economic development for entrepreneurs to create wealth activities to provide a rich soil and environment, countless stories about adventure, opportunity, wealth creation and success of the story to the people of one after another entrepreneur legend,  Shi Yuzhu is one of these entrepreneurs one of the most legendary typical characters, his legendary experience vividly shows us a series of stories about entrepreneurship and wealth creation, and in him we see an unyielding and tenacious spirit that shines, which is the driving force of entrepreneurship-wealth creation and economic development. The first person to use entrepreneur (ie, entrepreneur or entrepreneur) is the 18th century French economist Richard Cantillon, a term that is risky in French. The first to recognize the entrepreneur (entrepreneur) important role in economic development as the number Schumpeter, the 1930s, Schumpeter in economic analysis for the initial introduction of the extraordinary genius of entrepreneurs and their related innovation activities. Now, we use the term entrepreneur (or entrepreneurial entrepreneur) to differentiate the general business owner, which refers specifically to those who have a particular mental temperament and mindset, a positive spirit of adventure, innovation and create a wealth of passion people. In Schumpeter's view, it is the innovative activities of those who do not meet the status quo, and their entrepreneurial spirit (entrepreneurship), which constitutes the main engine of economic development, which he calls entrepreneurial entrepreneurs "the Knight of Capitalism",  It is their ambitions, their spirit, their struggles and their successes that have created the growth miracle of capitalism. One of the entrepreneurial spirit: a keen opportunity, the success of a fine entrepreneur, depends largely on their innate acumen and judgment of opportunity, as economist Kozna: "Opportunities originate from asymmetric information." It is this "subtlety and sharpness" that enables entrepreneurs to seize the fleeting opportunities that they see, and often before they are seen by ordinary people, to gain the opportunity to take action. Shi Yuzhu body, we see a lot of such "sharp": The early 80, the beginning of the start to see Chinese-character desktop system software development, the early 90 development of health care products market, 2003 will sell the company's fist product intellectual property rights and marketing network 75% of the equity to invest in the stock market, 2004 to enter online games ... In spite of this process, Shi Yuzhu also hasMistakes and painful lessons, but in each period of economic development, he seems to have grasped what Schumpeter called "attractive" industries, and is good at these opportunities and business resources effectively match, thus, for his future wealth of the empire to find a foothold in the foundation. The Spirit of innovation: pioneering spirit and adventurous spirit entrepreneurs with a dream and will, in an attempt to establish their own "kingdom", they do not want to people, ideas and actions are often preceded by the world, which creates wealth for entrepreneurs to provide a "first move" advantage. Adventurous spirit is one of the outstanding characteristics of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial blood flow in the "business" passion, they have the passion to create, the pursuit of passion for success, the display of personal ability and resourcefulness of the passion, they like challenges, to meet change, dare to venture to pursue success. In Shi Yuzhu's legendary experience, we from his beginning of business, all his products for their own advertising, and later in its product marketing in the usual "high-intensity" advertising campaign, as well as the continuous exploration of new business areas and business models, fully embodies this spirit of adventure. Entrepreneurial Adventure is a careful "calculation" on the basis of rational decision-making, they cautious and intelligence, for this point, we have experienced from success to failure, and then from failure to success of the Shi Yuzhu to see the obvious changes.  In the process of controlling financial risk, guaranteeing the safety of enterprise operation, making scientific decision and perfecting management, the enterprises that complete the primitive accumulation of capital need to make more efforts in these places. Continuous innovation, continuous innovation and innovative spirit of the third: continuous innovation, continuous change economist William. The uniqueness of capitalism, baumol, is innovation, not invention. Schumpeter believes that innovation is the discovery of a lucrative opportunity, and continue to pursue this opportunity until they are used in practice, innovation is the realization of the "new combination" of resources, which is the most important characteristics of entrepreneurial spirit, that is, in new forms and methods, the capital, technology and other factors effectively combined, Creatively applied to the process of enterprise production and management. Shi Yuzhu's entrepreneurial success process is a continuous innovation of the connection, but also his legendary success is the most important reason. For example, "Brain gold", "Brain Platinum", "Gold partner" accurate product market positioning, creative and popular response to the advertising design; "Journey" Network game product design and sales model of many innovative points; as well as enterprises constantly adjust to the external environment changes, open up new business areas, from the earliest software industry to health care products industry , and then to the capital market investment, as well as the current network gaming industry, are reflected in a very strong adaptability, learning ability and forgetting ability (unlearn).  If a company has the core strength but lacks the strain and the forgetting ability, then may fall into the core ability rigid trap to lose the competitive advantage, this is the current many big companies face the entrepreneurial problem. Entrepreneurial spirit of the four: the desire for success, 100 unyielding schumpeter that only unwilling to mediocrity, and have a strong "success" of the people, only to become an entrepreneur qualification. Pioneering furnitureWith the Will to conquer, the impulse to fight, the impulse to prove oneself superior to others, he succeeds not for the result of success, but for the process of success, the perseverance of the entrepreneur, the courage and ability to overcome difficulties and failures.  From the Shi Yuzhu's entrepreneurial experience, we see that it is in the success and ideals driven by willing entrepreneurial spirit and never-ending exploration and struggle, so that he rise from mediocrity, from defeat and adversity rise again.  As the Shi Yuzhu of the entrepreneur, brings us many ponders about the enterprising spirit to create the wealth myth. Zhang Ying-hong, Ph. D., Renmin University of China, PhD, is now the capital of economic and Trade University of Business Administration professor, deputy Dean, the main teaching and research direction for enterprise strategic management, corporate entrepreneurship, industrial clusters. Professor Zhang Yinghong is also a guest professor of the MBA Strategic Management Course at the University of Scranton (the University of Scranton) in the United States, and a Fellow of the Beijing Institute of Modern Business Studies, the CBD research base of Beijing Philosophy and social sciences research Base,  The capital enterprise and the Reform Development Research Institute executive Director and so on academic part-time.  Related reading: Shi Yuzhu of marketing experts: How to lay a good product, brand, strategy three card? Reductive Shi Yuzhu: My success is not accidental journey research and Development veteran Disclosure Success Insider: Shi Yuzhu businessman's iron fist this post in 2007-10-26 8:30:30 was edited by the author!
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