Song Wei: The World Cup is meant to help early-stage entrepreneurial projects hatch

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News and science and technology December 22, from Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone management Committee, Tianfu Software Park and the joint venture swc "> The Venture World Cup Chengdu Qualifier was opened in Chengdu on December 22. Entrepreneurship World Cup competition general consultant Song Wei the scene of the World Cup competition to introduce.

Song Wei, General advisor of the World Cup competition

The following is the World Cup competition general Advisor Song Wei Transcript:

Dear leaders, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

I am very honored and very happy that I represent the Sichuan people will go to hometown, today is the last should be the end of 2012 to do the last activities in Chengdu.

Last week, I was at Harvard in Boston, and the most I felt was finding a very mature local competition in the United States, and are college students, have not graduated, there are many are Massachusetts meritorious, Harvard Law School and so on excellent students, their success rate I read after I want to vote, I think the project may not need to see, what they need? They are very successful, but they need to be in the Chinese market, they take part in the World Cup, can go to the Chinese market to start a business, I said no problem, Chengdu 11545.html "> We have a slogan, Chengdu is China's Seattle."

Why we hold the World Cup of business, mainly to help us entrepreneurs, especially college entrepreneurs, through the platform to get capital, through this platform to get the resources of social connections, through this platform with our mentors point to point dialogue, it seems that entrepreneurship is more like a platform, more like a non-profit organization.

When we started the platform, we feel that there is a sense of responsibility, there is a mission, we many times, in Xi ' An, in Wuhan, many people say this feeling is a god, we should unite with people who can have this spirit, including Silicon Valley investors to attend our meeting, I think the main is to enable our entrepreneurs to quickly and international standards, which is our true purpose.

Because the World Cup has been held for three sessions, including China, and overseas we held in Sweden. At the same time, we have been in the United States well-known institutions, including MIT and Harvard have been promoted, our competition in various countries around the world, there are currently 8 countries to participate, including India, Singapore, Sweden, the United States, Israel and so on.

I mainly talk about entrepreneurship World Cup today, I want to mainly hope that through this platform to help the early elite entrepreneurial projects to do incubation projects this is my philosophy.

This platform is the one we understand as the world's next to the Oscars in the field of entrepreneurship, you are honored to participate in the team of the starting group, you will enjoy a year to participate in the light and entrepreneurial World Cup of all the scene to observe and study, I think this opportunity is a rare experience and opportunity for many of our founders.

In addition, our entrepreneurial competition is the whole by China and the global competition, is by the country first from the region to the country, then from the country to a global, our region than, for example, Xi ' an in the Northwest Division, Chengdu, we call Chengdu we call the Southwest Division.

In the past competitions, we also invited many excellent entrepreneurial team, have participated in the XI ' an division of the Chongqing team, we are very grateful to the media friends of our light and entrepreneurship World Cup support, thank you again!

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