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On the evening of 20th, state Digital President Zhang announced on Weibo that he would resign as president and director, and that the next phase would start a third venture around bicycles. However, he said he would continue to serve as a consultant for the state digital. and said: "Will always be a state digital, if there is a critical, thousands of miles, thousand difficult million will also be rushed back." ”

State digital confirmed the departure of Zhang, and announced the appointment of "> Evans Hisoft Vice President, Compliance director Shang as independent director of the Board of Directors.

Data show that Zhang graduated from Peking University, 2004 and the university classmate Deng co-founded Long State Digital, the first business for 3G portal, followed by the launch of Go desktop products. State Digital was officially listed on Nasdaq in November 2013.

In addition to being the president of a listed company, Zhang is a biker enthusiast who rode the world's continents and published a book, "Short Flight," that records his years riding career.

Leaving behind, state digital situation is not optimistic. According to the second-quarter earnings, state's total revenue in the second quarter was 100.1 million yuan (about 16.1 million U.S. dollars), a 25.2% increase from 80 million yuan in the same period last year, and a net profit of 6.6 million yuan (about 1.1 million USD), down 22 million from the same period last year.

A few days ago, the news of the 3G portal began mass layoffs, in addition to sports, bookstore channel, the rest of the majority of channels are directly abolished. At the same time, 3G Portal Vice President, content editor of the Peak has recently left the 3G portal.

In this respect, Zhang in the media interview, said that layoffs is a negative, but both inside and outside the company feel that the portal business should be abolished, to the company, layoffs are rational, the company's core business has long been go desktop, the portal income contribution is very little, also did not contribute to profits.

Public data show that the 3G portal was founded in 2004 by State digital creation, is one of the earliest mobile Internet portal site, but also the first mobile internet nuggets. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the golden age of the portal has passed, the 3G portal layoffs indirectly prove this point, and very early "go out of the country" to the desktop has become the main business of state digital.

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