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Yang Yuanhui, the founder of the street, cited such a remark to sum up his own entrepreneurial road, "entrepreneurship is like riding a broken bike, continue to ride forward, but also to make a move to repair various problems, and you can not stop to repair, once stopped may fall apart." ”

To create something new, you have to fix the original problem. "What is the new thing on the street?" Yang Yuanhui replied: "To help users make consumer decisions." ”

This and foursquare the latest revision of the product direction agreed. Users in the positioning and check-in process, the application to add a new element: According to the past Check-in history reflects the user preferences and friends to recommend more worthy of consumption of businesses.

The product enters this stage, must undergo a long time the data accumulates the process. Since March 2009, the Foursquare, currently in the world with 20 million users, the total attendance number 2 billion times. May 2010 Online Street, the current number of registered users more than 3 million, daily active users accounted for 10%, the user cumulative number of attendance 50 million times.

In Yang Yuanhui's view, the street is now like a box without open, all data collected, the next thing to do is to open the box, so that the data to serve more users.

Foreign investor Fred Wilson concludes that the law of social networks is that 1% of users create content, 10% of user curate content, and the rest of the consumer content. We're trying to make the 1% of users better at creating content and then serving 100 times times more users than this user base. ”

But the new products have not come out, the old problems in the waves flooded. Outside of the user to sign the enthusiasm of the query, products are still uncertain business model prospects, the low acceptance of new products, and even the stability of the original service, application distribution faced by the fragmentation of the market, the team to solve the problem of efficiency, all this for the street team, are not skipped.

In the face of this rapid shuffle of the market, the street can withstand the pressure, grasp their own rhythm, to the original vision of the product to continue the test of this young start-up company.

Talking about users: recording the needs of life higher than looking for concessions

Since the establishment of the street, the most frequently asked question is why the user signed in. The street is also repeatedly explained that the street is not a sign to do the company, the street to help users record their lives.

In the analysis of the power of user check-in, Yang Yuanhui introduced, the core user's goal is mainly "record life", rather than take concessions. A large user survey was conducted in February this year to find that active users choose to "record their lives" when choosing active reasons.

In order to better meet this demand, street in the next revision, will also provide users with a more appropriate record format to facilitate users to review life.

But on the mobile phone, a lot of tools to record life, microblogging, blog, space and various types of mobile phone applications, the street formed the difference point?

Yang Yuanhui Summary, as a recording tool, users in the use of the process is divided into four steps: The first step, the user positioning; the second step, the user to find the location to record; step three, release the message; step fourth, sync to other social networks. To make a better recording tool, you need to spend energy on this four point.

First, accurate positioning. "The location of the channel is not only GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 2G, and 3G, 2G under the Chinese Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom positioning methods are different." Therefore, different technical optimization needs to be provided for different channels. ”

Secondly, there may be 3,000 locations after the location, how to select the Top 20 locations, and the place where users want to go is just in there. This part of the street is the most concentrated.

Third, when the user sends the content, guarantees the service stability, prevents the flash-back or the content release failure question.

The next step in the street is to provide consumer decisions, and companies that want to make a difference in this direction are not just one side of the street. Public comments, NetEase Rice, Baidu side, and even Apple in the iOS6 also highlighted this aspect of the function.

Yang Yuanhui that many of the current products focus on providing users with the most popular businesses, but the street side of the user base is more likely to get the most suitable for their own services.

The characteristics of the street users: Focus on the North-canton and other first-tier cities, young, using smartphones, like to try something new. When a product serves these users with common characteristics, it is more accurate to meet their consumer needs.

Talking about brand and merchant: the difficulty of cooperation lies in finding new models

There are 105 employees on the street, of whom 20 are responsible for online businesses. At present, the service that the merchant can provide on the street is "pleasantly surprised". There are three ways to surprise:

The first is to issue coupons at the side of the street, which is the easiest way for merchants to understand;

The second, for businesses to provide street-side membership card function, the traditional line collection seal mode into an electronic version, set a certain number of seals that receive concessions;

Third, the chain of merchants on the new store, you can pass by the street to notify users who have been signed in.

But as a user who uses the street, it will be found that the "surprise" threshold is higher. For example, many friends to sign together or only "landlord" can enjoy concessions. The problem street has realised that it is also trying to reduce the threshold of surprise, such as "Landlord Surprise" and "happy to surprise" the number began to decrease.

Yang Yuanhui does not think the "surprise" effect is weaker because the staff for the business negotiation implementation is not strong, "This model is very new to us, to the business update, what is a good surprise, can attract more people, both sides are learning." ”

In the existing cooperation imitation, the preferential level of group buying mode is the simplest, rough, effective, but other models in the effect of the level is chronic. For the street side, the present difficulty is to find a new model. "If we have a better model, I'm sure the team will be able to get the merchant involved quickly," he said. ”

In the brand and cooperation, the street experienced a long time groping, from the initial unsatisfactory effect, to now make some more successful cases, of which Starbucks cooperation is more well-known.

Street and Starbucks cooperation way is nothing more than through the store sign up to get badges, with multiple badges that get more concessions. The number of collaborations with Starbucks is now more than 10.

According to the street, if the cooperation mechanism is set up reasonably, the sales conversion rate of successful cases can reach 20%, that is, 20% of users participating in the activity will choose the brand to do the activity when choosing the service.

Talking about Foursquare: their cost to the server makes it hard to imagine

Yang Yuanhui for the street in the foreign prototype Foursquare always praise, "product stability is very good, service stickiness is very strong, the interface is also very good." They are brave enough to try something new, such as personalized recommendation, Radar function. I often go to places such as London, Paris and New York and see what Foursquare will recommend to me, and then find the recommendations are really accurate. ”

Compared with foreign entrepreneurship, Yang Yuanhui that there is still a gap in the domestic entrepreneurial environment. "In the early days, Foursquare spent a lot of money to buy expensive things, such as their server spending, really scary." They can buy a lot of cloud services to ensure the stability of the service. But at home, cloud services to the degree of certainty is still not sure, we have to find their own rooms, buy servers. Everything is more prudent. ”

Refer to the distribution of Androvin version application, "important version to contact thirty or forty of the application market, small version also need to contact ten or twenty, these are the labor and energy." Yang Yuanhui to these but also helpless.

At present, there are more than 100 employees on the street, team size and Foursquare equivalent, "I did not expect to be able to do more than 100 people, for me, facing the challenges of management, how to make a team of 100 people continue to operate efficiently, each employee has a strong executive power and efficiency, It still makes me a little anxious. ”

Yang Yuanhui seems to appreciate Wang, once in the meal has been internship he often casually mentions Wang summary: "Wang used to tell a theory-advertising is an art, that is art." A stands for attention,r is relevent,t is the trust. This represents the three stages of advertising, where the T-level advertising conversion rate is the highest. "And that's what the street is earning."

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