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I am a college graduate, the future is full of hope, with lofty ambitions and ideals of the young blood, after graduation was divided into a factory to work, they do not want to do an ordinary daily step-by-step staff, always wanted to change, to change the current weak income, monotonous work family life, I accidentally saw a story about the net to make a news report, know that the original through the network can also venture, make money, so I tried, since then I embarked on the network to make the road, although not to earn how much, but in retrospect to my influence is also very big. Today, I would like to talk about the struggle and struggle on the internet this year, but also a summary of their own, in the gains and losses to seek balance.

When you open the computer will only QQ, chatting, stealing vegetables, when you are just a layman, when you know the founder of the QQ is MA, when you are not a layman, you understand that he used to do Tencent network ads, sell some blue diamond, yellow diamond members, QQ costumes and so on, earn the layman's money, and earn is astronomical, Know that the network is to make money, of course, net earn far more than these. When I use my first website I don't feel the internet is so magical, I can also make my own design put on the internet so that people all over the world to browse. Did not do the website does not understand how the website is constructs, the website it is how to run, it is how to profit, now these understand.

Goods from producers to consumers in the hands of the total agent → agents → large and medium-sized wholesalers → retailers → consumers hand, there are so many links in the middle, and each part of the people they have to pull hair, they make money but let consumers a person digest, think we buy a thing to dig how much cost, In fact, the price of goods is not as high as we buy, the middle of the money let agents, wholesalers, retailers earned. When I think about it, I have more confidence in E-commerce, its advantage is very big, its foreground is very big, the commodity comes out directly on the net with the consumer to trade, eliminates the middle so many links, these intermediate link fee we consumers do not digest, we buy things when through the online purchase cost is much lower , E-commerce It is the charm of this.

Into the Internet, embarked on the network to earn the road, and saw the electronic commerce is a big cake, but it is a win for the manufacturers of consumers are a great advantage. At that time I began the online shopping, is crazy, buy anything on the internet, because I know e-commerce, it's fast and affordable, is any way of shopping can not be compared. Into the internet I can't miss it with the prospect of immeasurable, in the next few years will impact the traditional industry, so I made an online shopping site-Baba slave shopping back to the net, also calculate with it rub point side, specially for the network to provide quality shops and high-quality goods, so that do not understand the net to buy people from E-commerce to get benefits. In the operation of this site there are many things to learn, such as SEO, network marketing, this is an industry. Over the past year I have been learning to learn SEO, analysis of consumer shopping habits and psychology, want to do my site well. But because of my limited personal ability, plus usually too much attention to results, there are half time wasted in the daily view of the site included, reverse chain, snapshots, rankings, and not careful to learn the Web page production, Photoshop, HTML language, such as the Foundation, in the website promotion and publicity, lack of strength, Not to accumulate the number of contacts, a person struggling to fight, but the other team operation.

Today's summary makes me see what I've done in the year, what I know and what I'm missing. Mixed, the next step is to constantly seek the balance of gain and loss, realize self-worth.

This article by the Baba slave shopping returns the net stationmaster to write, reprint must be accompanied by the link.

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