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A snapshot of a website is the basic reference factor for a site to search for good or bad. And many times, the site snapshot will also affect the webmaster mentality. All webmaster Open the computer every day the first thing is to query their own site snapshots, there is no update, content has not included, included more or less. So, site snapshots almost become a webmaster judge a site standards, even with others to exchange links, will also consider the new snapshot of the old. An old snapshot in exchange for the link, the number of rejections encountered is the largest, because many webmasters like to take snapshots as a site is operating well. So today I'm going to analyze the issues that affect snapshot snapshots:

Causes the snapshot not to update one reason: content is original

As long as you do the station, will know that the spider's favorite is the original content, and many of the webmaster in order to eliminate the update to write the original content of the time, to find some collection plug-ins, so it can save time and convenience. But search cited the most hated is the collection station, generally the collection station as a garbage station, for the garbage station, search can not be a passion for processing oh. Better to kill than to miss. This is why so many webmaster every day to say their own station why not included. Why a day is less than a day's reason. The answer is your website content is original? or Batch collection! Original content can improve the ranking of the site, so that snapshots quickly updated, as long as the adherence to a period of time to reach the state of the second is not a problem, so, do not talk all day search cited Zhi zhi that, first ask their content is original?

Causes the snapshot not to update two: the space is stable

A stable space can directly affect the ranking, the weight of the high and low, will affect the update of the snapshot. When the spider crawls to own website, discovers the website simply cannot visit, once two times also does not matter, but if is Zooey this kind of situation, moreover you do not know when the spider will crawl own station. So many times, spiders come and encounter a visit. So even the site can not enter. What about the snapshot? Update of the snapshot the spider to crawl and grab a certain content to appear, spiders can not enter, then you do not want to update the snapshot, the early check the space is stable.

Causes the snapshot not to update three: links

By linking to some cheating links, you can also cause snapshots not to be updated, the author also encountered such a problem, because the author with two quick photo one months of the site did a friendship link, originally the author's website snapshot is the next day, who knows the link, after two days, the snapshot unexpectedly not updated. Therefore, the author carefully to find the reason, finally found that the original is a link to the trouble of friendship. Links to the site has a certain impact on snapshots, such as you link to a K-drop station, then there will be the possibility of a compromise of their own site has been K, link a snapshot slow station, then the snapshot of their own site may be followed by slow down. So, about the friendship link this piece, many stationmaster all feels deeply with. Try not to be with some suspected of cheating site links, a little less to make the site suffer well.

Finally, I would like to say that, adhere to the long-term writing of original articles, do not cheat with the site to do a link, space to be stable enough, not one weeks your site will be back, of course, a lot of hair out of the chain to attract spiders to the site, the only way to make their efforts white busy.

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