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Do E-commerce so long, have always wanted to say that their heart in this regard, suffering from the time of the relationship between the empty shot to write. In the evening has been considering this aspect of the problem, simply to write a sigh of relief, also forget their own a worry.

In recent years more and more small and medium-sized enterprises began to build their E-commerce platform, but do not know how to do it, today I would like to say that I have some ideas in this regard.

A clear goal, what kind of platform

E-commerce Web site from the perspective of segmentation is also divided into several kinds, for example, a productive enterprise may need a display class site, need to put their products on the site and then let their customers through the site to know what we have new products listed, which goods have not been produced, and so on. And for the pure Internet company, we not only need a platform to show the goods, more importantly, can let users on the website to buy goods smoothly, we are more inclined to online sales. Define what kind of platform the enterprise needs after we can start to build a suitable for their own online mall.

Where do you start?

Many people who have not contacted the Internet or have not worked on a complete project on their own have been overwhelmed by how to launch a new project, usually through a variety of ways to learn how to be a mall, and many of the answers may end up in the wrong direction. In fact, building a business shopping mall is not as difficult as you think, as long as you know what you need to be able to do a good job.

The most basic system structure of the Business-to-consumer Mall


This is a most basic mall system structure, before doing the mall we can think about what basic functions we need to support the entire site? So we think of the internet to sell things, of course, we need to upload the goods, you can send pictures, edit commodity information, modify prices, inventory and so on. Upload something. We want users to be able to see the goods we sell, we need a product display system to show our product one by one in front of the user. What about the user's purchase? We need a member system to enable our members to manage their own distribution information, to be able to add favorite items to their own collection, click to buy, you need to have a payment interface to allow members to choose their own payment method to complete the transaction, After the payment is completed we also need an order management system so that our customer service staff can see in time in the background who bought what goods, the relevant departments should do what the next work, and so on, this is a simple process, think carefully about perhaps other functions that are suitable for you to find.

Three, of course, it's not over yet.

Finished the second step after we have a prototype of the mall, it can handle a number of simple requirements, can allow users to achieve a simple selection and purchase.

As the variety of commodities increases, colleagues in the purchasing department tell us that a sorting function is needed to put thousands of items in their respective categories, so that the user will be more concerned when picking the goods. A colleague from the operations department told us that buying only one item at a time, if I had to buy multiple items for the same item, would require me to repeat the purchase several times, which would be too inconvenient for the user. Customer Service Department colleagues feedback, is not able to add a clear position on the homepage of an online customer service function, many users can not find customer service ... So we have a variety of needs. In the continuous collection of requirements to improve the function of the platform, we have to consider the size of the company reached a level, whether it is necessary to our work more refined, improve the efficiency of the company to bring more revenue.


The image above is an organizational structure and assignment of responsibilities that I have built for the small and Medium business enterprise, which is certainly not entirely suitable for you, but here I just give you a train of thought, how the actual operation should be combined with the status quo of the enterprise itself. Some time ago, a group of companies asked me to write a project proposal for them, take into account their current status and possible funding to make a relatively conservative plan, because I do not agree with the way to hit the money to run a Web site, especially if you do not have enough money to the point of no localization. Some SMEs or the Internet relatively backward some local business owners, perhaps they are more willing to spend more money on the traditional media ads also do not want to spend a dime on the network, because the effect of the network is unknown, maybe I 100W lost a little splash can not see, But under the line, at least I can see "Yo, this is our ad" every day when I pass the street. Do product is also a truth, both qimei difficult to achieve, as far as possible to find the balance between the user and the enterprise, make the user satisfaction to let the boss happy products.

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