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Philosophy tells us that there is no free lunch, the world does not have no reason to love, there is no innocent hate, when you are attracted by it, when you are in it, when you are struggling to resist already too late, you simply can not leave it, the deeper the deeper ... Signature!

Free (share/share) These nouns, which are accompanied by the development of the network enlightenment, have been carried out through the arduous explorations and innovations of several generations, which have facilitated the social development and the dissemination of information, and brought a new era to the social development of mankind.

The charm of the network is to allow more people to share access, so that the wind to embrace the internet, entrepreneurs embrace the Internet, users embrace the Internet, become a person composed of another world and a black hole.

There is a confrontation between the positive and negative in this world:

You're going to ask, is there going to be a confrontation for free?

Well, let's analyze the positive side of the free confrontation.

Retrospective free, Internet success can not be separated from free:

It is the user's black hole, can be in a very short time to attract users!

Sina, a website that shifts newspaper news media information platform, achievements news portal.

NetEase, the promotion of mailbox free always around the mailbox for marketing expansion of the new portal site.

Tencent, point-to-point user chat software, free communication, casting the Penguin Empire building.

Shanda, free online gaming, has transformed the charging model to withstand the entertainment game portal.

Baidu, although the search for people's awareness is free, but this potential awareness of the achievement of the Chinese largest search engine to spell Google.

Taobao, free shop, China's largest Consumer-to-consumer website, foreigners can not be matched.

3721,360 security guards, video sites, free space ..... Wait a minute.

The first is free of late, want to do the industry's No.1 can only choose another direction.

There are also recently appeared "free, white drink, white with Gabai" is the classic masterpiece, stimulated antivirus software industry, also willing to try to discuss to provide users with "antivirus free Lunch", to provide advertising services to profit.

Jinshan software, can't bear the impact of piracy, picked up the so-called "national software" hat, really got up.

Network games, Jinshan Company's poison PA products in two years ago began to try to change the simple retail mode, instead of "software free, Service paid" new model, that is, users can download antivirus software at any time, but the subsequent upgrade process to pay a certain fee.

The largest anti-virus manufacturers rising company 2008 Beta Antivirus software has recently announced free to let users trial for three months, even after the official version of the release, users can still continue to use three months, add up more than half a year time.

Russian information security manufacturers Kaspersky also from the end of last year has been working with 360 security guards, to provide users with a six-year genuine free use of services (this way within one years of the domestic unknown anti-virus software, hard pulled to the top three in China).

Watching video resources "pirated movies" and television news and other content, a short span of two or three years, the world ranked 200 immediately lined up. Representative has 56,tudou,,youku and so on video resources.

Domestic software program Download class Web site is also, but these sites took an elegant name called sharing (sharing), seize the opportunity of Xunlei consolidated download resources into a download portal.

It can be seen how terrible the free power is!

We can almost get to the next conclusion who is the first free, who dares to challenge to win is the boss.

What is the cost of the website operator for free?

1, hardware, server cluster, withstand the bandwidth of large flow, office supplies including staff computer equipment.

2, the daily expenses, the staff wages, the marketing expense, the public relations and so on.

3. National legal risks, copyright disputes, hacker attacks, etc.

These are normal corporate behavior, in the free competition in the success of the existence, unsuccessful and how many lost? The cost of survival rules 1/10000 is astronomical.

Free Internet The opposite side of the black hole human demand is never-ending, the network to meet people's knowledge of the desire and understanding of the outside world, mutual understanding, facilitate life.

However, through these superior conditions, viruses, rogue software, bad information yellow, and other social garbage are also the people with ulterior motives, transplant grafted on the site. This fission spread has also brought disaster to people through the rampant spread of ignorance about the Internet. Economic health and so on, at the same time, people's contempt and the law also punish these spammers, become the interests of driving moral black hole.

Example: Panda incense, 3721,ie plug-ins, window, trojan theft of user information, bank trojan, computer virus damage PC hardware ... And so on.

Of course, the network positive and negative from the result is not absolute, but always in the network between the opposition to survival and development.

The most fundamental source of such antagonism is interest, where does the benefit come from?

1, bundled advertising

2. Customer service Fee

3, its own value

Regardless of the free internet is whose black hole, users and interests will always be difficult to balance.

Lovely black hole in the use of good overnight wealth, the improper operation can be a tragedy.

In short, the user's way to think about the advantages and disadvantages of the internet, will be free to the end, have their own user success is not far, and no matter you are the role of the internet, the black hole is also close to you.

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