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"Dig the Net News" recently, in the grand launch of the global Interactive Entertainment Expert Forum, the speaker on the spot to challenge the grand, the organizers also for its courage to praise the truth, the opening of the wind, the scene at times drew applause from the audience.  October 30, known as the "VC of the most entrepreneurs", the founding partner of Dry Dragon Venture Charlie on board the global Interactive Entertainment Experts Forum, with the industry to share the theme of "Mobile internet age entrepreneurial opportunity" speech. When it comes to the entrepreneurial opportunities of mobile Internet, Charlie reminds entrepreneurs, "we do not think of doing big business." What big companies think about doing three years from now you do it well, and it makes sense to be his competitor after three years. "Innovation must not be in big companies, but in small companies," he said.  When answering listeners ' questions in the interactive session, it is more clear that "I am going to invest in small companies and train a large number of competitors like Shanda." "Small companies should dare to compete with big companies and subvert big companies." He also advocates this spirit, as it can provide an open venue such as an interactive entertainment expert forum. This is very rare in the big company now. "The atmosphere of the activity is extremely warm, the sharp sharp point of view draws the audience's bursts of applause."  At the end of the event, the pulpit leader also praised the outspoken, while encouraging more guests and listeners to carry out the collision of views, the wisdom of the stirring, verbal confrontation. According to Aiyi, director of the Grand Training and Development Department, the global Interactive Entertainment expert forum opened to the whole society, has held 11 activities in 1 years, invited many cows from inside and outside the industry to share wisdom and experience. "We are delighted to see an increasingly open, more and more willing to speak the truth of the rostrum, which is the purpose of the Grand Forum, but also hope that in the future pulpit can hear more authentic, powerful, avantgarde voice." "It is reported that November 10, Google's global vice president Dr. Liu will be a guest in the global Interactive Entertainment expert forum." Listeners can login to the official website sign up for participation.
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