The new technology faction of the pioneering circle: Chasing the big hot escape the technical trap

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There are young people in the entrepreneurial circle: they redefine the product with technology, but no traditional technology entrepreneur "technology first"

Dot Network set up a search engine level of Web site architecture and data system, hope that through the accumulation of data and user behavior analysis, complete the user behavior analysis, the completion of the user's content recommendation.

They are young, product technology-oriented, aggressive, and most are two or three startups-Shen, founder and executive partner of Sequoia Capital China Foundation, adds the label to a group of new Chinese Internet entrepreneurs on Weibo.

Nowadays, the group of people are doing their work. This list is very long: dot dot net of the Xu Chang, the United States Regiment of Wang, Poly mei Excellent product Chen Yu, Beautiful said Xu Yijong, aviation Butler Wang, I U.S. stock's side three articles ... They are "tech men" and "technical", but they reject stereotypes and rigid labels: their startups cover every hot segment of the Internet; they are emerging by redefining their products.

What kind of people are they? How does "technical background" help them define products in their respective fields? Such product technology thinking, the advantages of entrepreneurship from needless to say, which still exist what kind of defects?

The darling of the capital

They are the darling of entrepreneurs, they can get a lot of investment, even before starting a business is the object of competition for capital.

Dot Dot Network CEO Xu Chang and his employees called Kai-fu Lee "brother-in-law", because innovation Workshop is its enabler. Prior to this, Xu did not have a clear business plan. Last year, the hot to the need for police to maintain the order of the Webmaster assembly, he and Kai-Fu Lee and other speakers to explore mobile Internet entrepreneurship, passionate atmosphere encouraged him, he put words: "I if the entrepreneurial must choose mobile Internet." ”

After the meeting, Kai-Fu Lee again strongly invited. After Xu Chang selected the direction, the innovation Workshop naturally became the home of Dot dot net.

Capital also contributed to the beauty of the poly. When CEO Chen Yu returned to his business, he formed an entrepreneurial team with several like-minded young people. They wanted to play games, and then because the capital side bullish Chen Yu team, hope they can do e-commerce. So another E-commerce site was born.

Perhaps those entrepreneurs who have no doors to finance are jealous of the good fortune of Xu Chang and Chen Yu, but the luck is not falling from the sky, these are the labels for the tech-product-oriented entrepreneurs who have won the capital:

Young。 Chen Yu is the letter, Xu Chang claiming to "catch the tail", older than some of the Wang is only 35 years old.

Good education background. Xu Chang, Wang and Wang are all from Tsinghua University. Their careers are equally glorious, with Xu Chang as Sohu CTO and Grand Winger, and Chen Yu, a graduate of Stanford University, was a "super programmer". So they not only have superior technical background, but more importantly, they have their own representative products.

Moreover, capital values another indicator--at least one entrepreneurial experience--and not a "small-time". Wang is a famous continuous entrepreneur, the predecessor of Renren Network is founded by him and Xu Chang.

In the dating site, such as membership integrity, fraud and other issues, Lily has established a corresponding data authentication system, using technology to solve problems

Chasing big Hits

It is not difficult to understand that capital hopes to achieve the popular industry's dark Horse, "technical faction" is not infatuated with the industry in the lonely narcissistic.

"New technology" and capital reached the first consensus is not infatuated with the sophisticated technology, on the contrary, they will be in the hot areas of the current search for entrepreneurial opportunities, even if it seems that there is no technical content. But they will find the opportunity to differentiate, and then redefine the product to make themselves stand out.

"My silence is higher than the cost of entrepreneurship, youth, Honor, right?" Unless I find a good direction. Xu Chang asked. After the webmaster meeting, he began to ponder: Which field is able to produce tens of billions of market value of the company's "Big Pond"? "Internet entrepreneurship first look at this is not the essence of human needs, the second is to see whether the demand is met." ”

The ultimate impress is Tumblr, a micro-blogging form focused on interest. Xu Chang claimed inspiration from last year's movie, "Three silly Bollywood". "Forums's interest is suppressed, whenever as a child to see the comic books, playing marbles, after growing up No." He said, "on Weibo, a friend buys a house, has a child, and you respond politely, which is a social aspect, but in turn, everyone has an interest in hoping to find someone who is congenial to their interests." ”

Xu Chang says the success of a social network depends on what the user produces. Dot Dot Network looks similar to the current hot microblogging, but Xu Chang through two tags to redefine dot network, one is the interest map, the second is light blog. Its capacity is more "heavy" than Weibo, but it is "lighter" than blogging. Unlike Weibo, which is dedicated to information dissemination, it pays more attention to promoting interests and hobbies.

In the era of SNS, it is not uncommon to connect the interest as a user relationship. But in Xu Chang's view, this is his "exclusive" Opportunity: first, the light blog must have a strong technical support, and secondly, this is the need to race with competitors of the entrepreneurial, the leader can survive.

At present, the development speed of dot dot net is unexpected Xu Chang. In the April, dot net only in more than 100 days from the innovation Workshop "Graduation" (General Innovation Workshop Project incubation time of 6 months), completed a round of financing, the amount of more than 10 million U.S. dollars, by the joint venture source, Sequoia Capital and innovation workshop investment.

Originally, the DOT network is expected to end 2011 registered users will reach 1 million, this goal was achieved on June 3. Xu Chang More "dare to think", he hoped that the end of dot dot net registered users reached 10 million, in two or three years to achieve the number of millions of users. To make it easier for users to share their "interests" anytime and anywhere, dot com has already launched the iphone version, the Android version, and the ipad version is about to launch.

In Xu Chang selected the direction began in full swing, Chen Yu and its entrepreneurial partners just put the name of their site from "group Beauty" changed to "Poly beauty excellent products."

There was no doubt that the site of the Chen Yu, which had sprung up, attracted the attention of the group. But in the real place, Chen Yu began to be skeptical about the long-term development of group buying. There are big differences between Chinese and American group-buying users, with cars in the US, but not in China;

"Group buying looks tempting, but the key is not what we can do, but what we can't do." "Chen Yu first to do" subtraction ", decisively give up the United States Group Purchase mode of the most lucrative consumer coupons. "Chinese group buys hundreds of of goods, is only a channel, we are seriously homogeneous, who also has no pricing power." "As a matter of fact, because of the fierce competition in the industry, each group purchase site through the" burning money "way to develop, the product average profit is the first to fall from 20% to 10%, and then to 5%, 3%, and some even" lose money to make a yell. "

"Users love cheap mood is not necessarily long-term, but the mood of beauty is definitely long-term." "Chen Yu found a more sustained customer demand, cosmetics sales market has a huge capacity but has not formed a" giant. The industry did not appear before the Giants because the cosmetics supply chain channel is too complex, too deep water. Cosmetics Online shopping mall are "all-inclusive", with hundreds of thousands of kinds of merchandise to attract users, "the more choices, the more users, and then sales more."

Group purchase site Most of the first and then by the merchant services, poly-US excellent products on the first day to establish a warehouse and back-Office service system, inspection, delivery of their own. If you just give the order to the merchant, the business background service does not keep up, too damaging the user experience.

"Can I just sell one thing and sell it?" "His plans for the United States are," we are in the fast accumulation of group buying users, if it is true one day to buy a problem, I suddenly changed is the consumer. ”

Compared to dot dot nets and poly-Mei excellent products two set up but more than a year of emerging forces, lily nets is a technical school to start the old-timers. So far, many people still find it difficult to understand why they abandon the competitive edge of the technology sector, after all, the Chinese Internet is still full of uneven dating sites.

Vice President Muran a "six-degree segmentation theory" to show his technical male label, he said, "If only friends, users can through microblogging and other SNS products, in life can also." ”

The lily NET focuses on the social needs of marriage dating. The registration of lily nets is quite cumbersome compared to the one-click registration of most websites, and it does lose some users. But this is the lily net deliberately set the "threshold", lily nets do not pursue a large amount of users and excessive frequency of user visits, but the pursuit of "success rate." "If it's really about getting married, it won't be a tedious test," he said. ”

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