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2008 years to the past one months, it should be said that the usual dare not to say, should be a point of the hot topic. Since the end of 07 has been brewing a small and medium-sized website of the concept of "non-Olympic strategy", but now is not in the station, so just stay in an abstract concept, is only an immature idea.

I was thinking, the Internet, especially the courage to say, dare to talk to a lot of people, but until today, I have not seen which small and medium sites dare to "Liang Jian", dare to publish their own "non-Olympic strategy", so I decided to take the brick to the jade, bright point of view.

The so-called small and medium websites, nature is relatively, the big website refers Sohu Sina NetEase Tencent Baidu and so on.

Look at the Olympic strategy of big websites:

1, Olympic sponsor Sohu: Sohu announced the 2008 Olympic Games reporting plan. According to the plan, Sohu will pour the whole company's power before the Olympic Games, the Sohu Olympic channel will be built into a full coverage of the Olympic Games portal, not only pay attention to the Olympic sports events themselves, more concerned about the Olympic Games and China's 30 years of reform and opening-up, the Olympic Games and the Chinese people's lives, from science and technology, green, humanities and other aspects of the spread of the Service Olympic Marketing, a collection of the entire Sohu matrix power to cover the Olympic Games, serve the Olympic Games.

2, Sina: Beijing Olympic Games will also receive at least 15 interview card, including issued to the international news agency and print media reporters, can be used any venue. In the media League, Sina and more than 40 network media, 16 provincial Authority plane media, 9 television stations to form the Olympic Reporting Alliance, Sina also with the leading domestic authoritative sports media-"football" and "Sports Weekly" and the International three news agency-AFP, The Associated Press and Reuters have established a close strategic partnership to create a landmark media Alliance platform in the history of Olympic reporting.

3, NetEase: NetEase's 2008-year Olympic strategy is mainly composed of three major parts. Including more than 100 media at home and abroad to form a cross media form of the Olympic report matrix, join hands with 100 colleges and universities in the National Olympic reporting station, the 9 products line and content channel to fully integrate to meet the needs of the Olympic report, but also planned a series of interactive activities with netizens, 2008 volunteers will be invited to participate in the report.

4, Baidu: announced the Olympic strategy to the Netizen, will build the biggest Chinese sports interactive community, its Olympic interactive platform simultaneously on-line. At present, "Baidu Post bar" has nearly thousands of sports as the theme of the bar, all kinds of posts up to millions of; Baidu knows "inside, the question that is related to sports has 40多万个."

5, Tencent: Tencent 2008 Olympic Reporting strategy will emphasize the participation of everyone in the Olympic Games, using the Community strategy to build the Olympic online life of Chinese netizens. Tencent's Olympic online life platform, our users will be the first time to learn about the Olympic information, Tencent's many products to participate in the Olympics, and the world to form a perfect interaction, fully appreciate the "home" feeling. Therefore, the slogan of Tencent Olympic Report is: "2008, your network home"!

The Olympics are definitely not just big sites

The 2008 Beijing Olympics, for China, is definitely not just a sporting event. That's why the world is so concerned about the 08 Beijing Olympics, as well as the domestic population.

The impact of the 08 Beijing Olympic Games on all aspects of Chinese society will become increasingly apparent as the Olympics approach and the competition becomes more formal.

The Olympic Games is not only belong to those big websites, also can not only belong to China's website, just like the Olympic Games not only belong to those athletes and host countries, the Olympic Games should belong to the whole mankind of a flourishing age.

As if Sohu, the Olympic sponsor, could not monopolize all the Olympic Internet resources, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will certainly become the target of China's Internet, and she is also the first Chinese Internet to have the opportunity to stand in the local and world-class competitions dances. Access to the Olympic resources or not to get the Olympics, this battle has not really started, the outcome is difficult to test, as long as the strategy properly, who have the opportunity to take the Olympic Games Dongfeng helicopter.

"Robbing money, robbing food, robbing a woman"--non-Olympic strategy for small and medium websites

For small and medium-sized sites, to be bold, not blind.

Once a small and medium-sized website dare to light their own "non-Olympic strategy", we must remember not blindly impulse, not to pursue the number and speed of the Olympic news reports, but also to the characteristics of the enterprise, to create their own non-Olympic strategy, (hereinafter described). To keep in mind that the non-Olympic strategy of small and medium-sized sites, not the pursuit of a simple sensational benefits, but to via the Olympic Games Dongfeng, in order to the site's social and economic benefits double harvest, that is, the so-called "Rob money, grab food, rob the woman!".

Rob Money

For many small and medium-sized sites, the current most important task is to profit. Not listed there is no huge amount of money, especially the majority of the 2.0 concept of small and medium-sized sites do not realize the revenue, so the main goal of the medium and small sites of the non-Olympic strategy is to "Rob Money", from the hands of the rich advertisers to rob money over.

In the face of the 08 Beijing Olympic Games, the strength of the strong to become sponsors, the strength of almost also engaged in "non-Olympic strategy", but in the face of the Olympic Games, there are many companies do not find and their own consistent marketing approach. This time, the small and Medium website "non-Olympic strategy" will become the Olympic market an important supplementary strength, also will become some enterprises during the Olympic Games advertising channel.

This requires small and medium sites have a good idea, a good planning, a complete "non-Olympic strategy!" When the small and medium Web site with a very attractive marketing plan to change the time, I think those who have the vision of the enterprise will not miss this opportunity.

Grab Food

There is a saying, "There is food in the hand, not in the heart."

08 Beijing Olympic Games is a flourishing era of China, and certainly is a hotspot of netizens ' attention, a focus. It can be imagined that many netizens will pay attention to all aspects of Beijing Olympic Games, and those who have to seize the initiative of the big sites naturally occupy the advantage, if the small and medium sites do not think ahead of the game, the establishment of a number of maintain flow or even improve the flow of methods strategy, in general, the Olympic Games during the period is likely to face a decline in the situation of less content

Small and medium web site of the non-Olympic strategy is an important goal, that is, during the Olympic Games, to achieve the hands of food, the heart is not panic, that is-Rob food!

For the internet, "grain" is actually very simple, is the content and content behind the people. Have a person naturally has content, have the content natural also has the person. The two are complementary and indispensable.

Although some people say that during the Olympic Games netizens still have other needs, this is good. Since the past Olympic and football World Cup has been reflected, however, please pay attention to the characteristics of China, that is, in the current situation, even if there are many ordinary netizens do not pay attention to the Olympic Games itself, will also pay attention to the Olympic related topics, such as the Olympic Games during the life of every city people, the life of every rural people, The whereabouts of the entertainment stars during the Olympics and so on; In particular, the impact of the 08 Beijing Olympic Games is not only limited to sports itself, but the impact on all levels of society will certainly become a focus of network public opinion. Of course, there are more kinds of food, waiting for everyone to discover ...

Rob money is to provide enterprises with better marketing, and Rob Food in addition to enrich the site itself, but also let the enterprise see, this advertising cost value.

Robbing a woman.

The Olympics is an opportunity, a chance for all businesses, but also a trap that accidentally falls into a trap and is doomed.

Therefore, the non-Olympic strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises to clear objectives, that is, can not fight in the direct battlefield, Rob money for food, joy. If ambition is big enough, the courage is high enough, I suggest that small and medium-sized websites can take the route of joint operation, so the attraction is big enough for advertisement enterprise.

For instance, 12. 0 Community Web sites, mainly blogs and BBS, mainly text and pictures; then it may be necessary to unite a video site, a social networking site, etc., together to develop a non-Olympic strategy, the common non-Olympic strategy of the plate bigger, together to gain the benefits.

Rob money for food, rob the woman. The woman is with herself a Kang sleep of the woman, that is, partner, use the Olympics this time, will be the site's partners to a rational comb, is also a big event ah.

Strategies for non-Olympic Games

Said so much, you may say, you do not seem to mention the point, are general talk, then say something useful now. Before we say anything, we confiscate the money from those companies, so can only flow on the surface, how to formulate a strategy, how to implement how to "Rob money to rob a woman," nature to have a small and medium-sized site guts to know, we can only talk about the idea here, if necessary, you can sit down and chat.

The Olympics are not all blessings for companies, and the following set of data is visible:

April 2007, in the distance of the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games less than 500 days, the three Olympic benchmarks to measure the results of the third round came out. (Sheng San op Index (Olympic Performance Index) is a patent method, which is to track the performance of the brand in terms of cognition, buying tendency, publicity influence and the relationship with the Olympic concept four. )

The survey by the Beijing-based consulting company wins three and CCTV Sofres joint implementation. The results of the OP Olympic Performance index in the previous 12 companies have 5 are not 2008 Olympic official sponsors. In other words, these 5 families have been successful in achieving the non-Olympic brand strategy for some time in the past. These 5 include: Mengniu, Pepsi, Li Ning, KFC, Nike.

Before the Beijing Olympic Games were held, in the non-Internet industry, many enterprises have successfully staged a non-Olympic strategy; Some people may query that the above enterprises seem to be rich and strong, yes, for the traditional enterprises, deep pockets of natural handwriting, and the internet has always been the place to perform miracles, has always been a small-warped battlefield, large-scale enterprises in the Internet has failed to numerous cases, so the non-Olympic strategy for SMEs is absolutely feasible.

Then how to make a small and medium Web site "non-Olympic strategy"?

My train of thought is limited, target more is medium website, that is to have a certain flow and scale website. They can use the Olympic Games to open up special Olympic Zone, with the help of the Olympic Games to do some activities, such as XX Olympic treasures, or XX Cup Olympic essay and so on, you can simply divide the Olympic area into sports and non-sports areas; Set up a special team to guide the content during the Olympic Games; there are more ideas, limited to space and the selfish , can only be stuffy in the belly slowly rotten.

"Sun Tzu's Art of War" Yue: "Soldiers, the paradox of the way also ... Attack its no preparation, surprise, this military strategist wins, not first preach also. ”

For small and medium-sized sites, know their overall strength for the time being far less than competitors, but still want to "go all out" to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, as a small and medium-sized site, participation has played a certain role in the news and publicity, this has accounted for the cheap "potential, because the benefit and the system of power", SMEs borrow "non-Olympic strategy" to achieve consolidation of the site , development sites, "Rob the money to rob the woman", using their own advantages, avoid and strong opponents direct confrontation, but the detour, to achieve beat Low-cost, if successful, it is validated "so the Battle of the winner also, no wisdom name, no Yong gong." "Even if it is unsuccessful, it is a reasonable price to pay for growing up, why not?"

Olympic Games for small and medium-sized sites is just an opportunity, for Internet enterprises, from the framework to the operation to the personnel collocation, and so on is a series of complete system, through the non-Olympic strategy, you can try some small and medium-sized sites to obtain the corresponding success, but the development of enterprises is a systematic project, so the continuous orderly development is worth advocating.

The real hero is the one who laughs last.

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