The question of entrepreneurship: why now?

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Most people think that "finding a problem and solving it" is a good way to start a business. Actually, it's not enough. One of the more questions you should ask is "why now".

I divide "Why is now" into two sub questions:

1. Why has previous efforts to address this problem failed?
2. What are the new factors that make it possible for you to succeed today?

There are so many wise people in the world who have the same ideas.

Maybe you haven't heard it, but I'm sure a lot of people have tried to solve it before you. So why do you think your efforts will be more likely to succeed? I think you might say, "Other people are smart, but they're not smart enough to come up with such a good product like me," > Marketing strategy.

It's bad to think that others are smarter than you. If you want to achieve great success on a problem that no one else can succeed, the reality must be that some changes have taken place. If nothing changes, you may fail.

How to ask "Why now"?

You can usually review the changes of the past few years, such as the following example--the past few years:

New technologies such as 1.GPS develop rapidly
2. Consumer behaviour has changed (they begin to understand what is "cloud")
3. New distribution channels (such as itunes app Store) appear
4. Legal changes

Taking spool as an example

Spool is a tool that lets you save any URLs and cache them locally on all your devices. So why do we think that doing spool will succeed now? Why did similar startups fail?

1. As mobile devices rise, multiple browsers, multiple systems, and content consumption become more fragmented (consumer behavior)

2. People are getting used to consuming content through wireless networks (consumer behavior)

3. The Internet is becoming more and more touching, and the input becomes more and more inconvenient (new technology)

4. Cloud computing is getting cheaper (new technology)

5. Mobile App Store can be directed to global users (new channels)

6. Social networks and mobile phones are highly integrated (new channels)

Although I am not sure how many of these factors will stabilize the development of spool, I am sure it is time to launch the spool.


To get a greater chance of success, you'd better ask yourself "why now". And there are a few answers to this question clearly. If you can't find a few positive answers to this question, you are likely to fail like the "Smart Man" in front of you.

Note: The original author is the founder of Spool. He came up with an interesting way to test whether his idea was feasible and worth thinking about. However, I think not every project is adapted to his theory, because pioneering work must have pioneers to do, that is not to do everything to think about the external time is not mature.

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