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Chengliangliang Liu Baoqiang Wolf is really coming! Yesterday, the GEM Market first listed 28 listed companies ushered in its restricted shares of the first trading day. Although the "Wolf" in the eyes of the market does not seem to let the gem index fell sharply, but the full range of red festive can not hide the fact that the wolf has actually arrived.  Yesterday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange large trading platform appeared on the gem of the figure. Deal 11.96 million shares for a large trading platform, the gem market may be a new customer.  But almost as much as previous deals, the 9 deals that appeared yesterday were discounted in varying degrees. Shenzhen large trading platform data show that yesterday a total of 4 gem companies have carried out 9 reduction transactions, a total of 11.96 million shares, the total amount of 290 million yuan. Among them, the Jiffeng agricultural machinery (300022.SZ) became the lifting of the first day to reduce the title, a total of 5 transactions, and both buyers and sellers are Huaxi Securities Trading Unit (231100).  The remaining 4 deals were traded in silver shares (300020.SZ), Huayi Brothers (300027.SZ) and Jinya Technology (300028.SZ). Among them, Jinya technology deals The biggest, Guotai Shenzhen Shennan Middle Road Securities Business Department at 17.11 Yuan per share price sold 5.04 million shares, the transaction amount reached 86.23 million. And its party is a special account for the organization.  Huayi Brothers ranked second, the deal two a total of 2.5 million shares, the transaction amount of 75.85 million yuan, all by Citic built in Beijing Dongzhimen South Street Securities Sales department thrown, the party for CICC Beijing Jian Guo Men Wai Street Securities Business Department and Wanguo Chengdu Huai Shu Street Securities Business Department. And the reporter carefully looked at the transaction price found that the first to appear on the platform of the gem market shares also appear in varying degrees of discount.  For example, yesterday Jiffeng farm machinery on the bulk trading platform on the transaction price of only 31.82 yuan per share, and yesterday the stock in the two-tier market, the average is 36.55 yuan, almost 5 yuan per share discount. Generally, the price of a large transaction is usually 90 percent on the last trading day, or it fluctuates at 90 percent, but it is clear from the Jinya trading price that institutions spend more generously.  Jinya technology of the transaction price is 17.11 yuan, and the last trading day close to 17.16 Yuan, almost no discount, but relative to its two-class market yesterday, still has a certain discount. The Sell-off may be just the beginning, though the growth of the gem market yesterday seemed to obscure a mere 9 deals on a large trading platform. However, for future trends, most of the industry is still expressed deep inside the hidden worries and unease. "This appearance may just be the beginning!" "" The growth of the gem market has gradually receded, and as people within the company, the actual performance of the company is too familiar with, the lifting of the opportunity will certainly sell. The Asset Management Department of a brokerage in Shanghai said so in an interview with reporters. "Thisis a start. "Previous voices said the holders of these lifted shares would not sell, but it turns out that there is no reason not to sell as long as the price is reasonable," said the asset management department.  "The person further said that as the gem market overall valuation faced with the strong demand for adjustment, the selling momentum will be more and more strong, outlook is not very optimistic."  Reporters carefully contrasting the transaction data found that if the Jiffeng farm machinery sold shares sold for 31.82 yuan per share, may be a lifting stock shareholders, then Huayi brothers only two transactions appeared two transaction prices, is likely to be caused by the sale of two different shareholders. And it is worth pondering that, in the face of such a large scale of the lifting of the ban flood, still have the emergence of funds, the industry is also considered normal phenomenon. "The market has never lacked a rival plate!" Someone is bearish and someone is bullish! "But faced with the fact that the growth characteristics of the gem market are increasingly being questioned, is it true that these bullish or even funded operations are correct and perhaps only the market can give an answer," said a private equity fund in Shanghai. ”
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