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He is the founder of the new Oriental study, Visa and consulting abroad, and Wang Qiang, Yu and called "Troika" to support the development of new Oriental. Now, turning to an angel investor, no longer talking about going abroad, visas, career planning, but talking about entrepreneurship and investment.


The following is part of Xiaoping's classic quotations:

1, once, a friend to do PE friend told me, Alipay and every customer to find him in the start-up, want to melt seed money, but they do not do early, so did not cast. I listened to the stomp, I was cast early, if they found me, I am likely to vote: In general, business executives out of work (aged), or successful enterprises to create a new project (Taobao, micro-letter), the success rate than the first entrepreneur is much higher.

2, entrepreneurial failure after the people, the success rate is also higher. Every guest is the third time to start a business. PayPal is also the founder's fourth time to start a business. Entrepreneurship is the biggest challenge to the wisdom and experience of life. Pay tribute to successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs.

3, when I made a lot of money, I do not think this is my Chinese dream, this is not a force. My dream is to put the money like dirt to the entrepreneurs of the million acres of fertile land, and really can bear the fruit of gold, last night, a lump of gold. So, I am pushing the Chinese dream into depth, my Chinese dream is to help the young people who have nothing to lose at this moment, to find them and let them realize their dreams. 57-Year-old I can say is a female dream, like a mother ship, it contains countless young people's dreams.

4, I hope that entrepreneurs understand the meaning of team spirit. Team spirit is not eating and drinking disregard, it is called "fair-weather friends"; What is team spirit? Teamwork is the mutual support and promotion under the common values and mutual respect and cherishing. I and Mr Yu, Wang Qiang in the new Oriental relationship is this relationship. This is the most precious treasure in my life.

5, in the current China, entrepreneurship is indeed the strongest voice of the times. When I vote on every project, I think, "It's a Facebook"--it turns out to be "a dead end." It is the process of looking for hope forever in despair, and it is a bitter and valuable experience for me to invest in 56.

6. Will a start-up company die? As long as the founder does not die. Many companies carrying a few dollars left, as long as you do not give up, often can also be turned over. In the early days of the new east, almost every day has led to the collapse of things happened, but Mr Yu insisted on the end, has been held to this day.

Entrepreneurship is always directly related to one's abilities, dreams and will. Entrepreneurship is like Kuafuzhuiri, you keep chasing the sun, although you can never reach the sun, but you will be a step closer to the sun.

Of course, the failure of entrepreneurship is still happening every day. Therefore, we must allow failure, study failure, and generously share the story of failure, and finally let us learn from the wisdom of avoiding failure.

7, someone said he does not know the people do not vote, do not understand the project, the industry does not vote. I am very happy, because the rest of me all cast ... I cast the project, no acquaintance not acquaintances of the problem, as long as your smile can impress me, your story can convince me. I am an angel, have a little public welfare psychology. I was later summed up: charity is to help people in need of help, and investment Angel is to help people who want to help. In other words, angels help the Strong, help the people who dream to help people, every entrepreneur is great. I have always said that, despite the loss of investment, but also will be happy, because the venture at least increased the GDP of the year. This is not a joke, you take the money to do, a few buddies with a year or two to toss, for the overall wealth of society is a value-added benefit.

8, a good successful entrepreneur to integrity. Once, an entrepreneur who came back from Cambridge under the age of 30, I asked, what are your strengths? He said my greatest strength was honesty. It can be seen how important honesty and integrity are. Pan Shiyi once said a word, he said that the real estate industry every five years to change a person, the rest of the people are bankrupt bankruptcy, collapse of the collapse, the accident son of the matter, and finally left is law-abiding, honest hospitality people.

Like me, the age of this year is nearly two 30, if said in 10, 15 years ago, 5 years ago, we did improper things, now I became a celebrity, any one of the customers stand up, said you cheated me, you didn't tell the truth, for me are all doom.

For 30-year-old people, the road is still long, you can successfully 5 years, successful 10, successful 15, but ultimately make your life glorious things, or you have failed, can make you again brilliant things, or your character, character.

Entrepreneurs are honest with investors, markets, clients and partners. People who cheat investors will not have a long-term life, and if you have any difficulties with your partner, be honest and be able to get through. To the market more honest, so-and-so dairy is a typical example, when someone to his milk poisoning did not bring him down, but he became a tragic hero, he was himself knocked down.

9, a lot of people have to do business for a period of time to quit the idea, and even think that doing business is not as good as education, charity Noble, always want to get away from the commercial fire. This is the Achilles heel of contemporary Chinese values. You can give yourself different stages of life to design different goals, but since the choice of the immediate things, we must have indomitable, the determination of the will to not take your own efforts. ”

10, see a good company, Americans are bought, the Chinese are to kill it. Of course the culture is turning around. Before you pirated an American software, you may think you are smart, last time a person copied the U.S. software, the result was scolded garters. China's cottage culture is also evolving.

11, we talk with others about entrepreneurship project finally developed an intuition: This project a listen, you know can not. Because you are an entrepreneur, you are the most important decision in your life, you sell yourself, you sell your ideals, you describe your products. At this time, you can move me in front of me, let me feel your things make sense, depend on this moment.

12, the new Oriental early is also low-end, 1996 to 2003 is the absolute low-end, but the new Oriental later slowly developed one-on-one, now 1.5 hours a class of 1500 yuan, even if I can not discount. So high-end low-end can make money, the key is what you are good at, what to do. Like a cell phone, there used to be a millet cell phone, there are now 360 mobile phones, we have to do. The profits will always be equal, and there are one or two winners in the end.

13, the listing of a simple goal is a lot of people to avoid saying that is to create wealth, listing rich. When Mr Yu was in the road show, they asked why you wanted to go public. "We have struggled for a long time and we need money," Mr Yu said. Global investors in the United States have heard laughter, which is called real, this is called reality. You say you venture to the end, hard, many times in people's hard, if the wealth is not my main goal, it is certainly a lie. Entrepreneurship is actually the pursuit of wealth. I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs who are often less successful and always say I don't care about money. In China, people who are often very clear about their shares and money, and who say they don't care, are often the worst investors.

14, entrepreneurial 90% will die, so happy is a minority, most of them are not happy, I have half of the project, it lost, I will give it a second money, it has no money, I will lend him money.

I recently had an entrepreneur close up, I thought about it, just borrowed him, I cast 1.5 million, accounted for 15%, and then borrowed my 500,000 registered capital, I hurried, and also 200,000, but still lost my 1.8 million, you ask me to borrow money, my heart is very uncomfortable.

Credit to the entrepreneur is priceless, the company dead is normal, success is not normal.

Work can be a failure, a person can not fail.

Angel investors is not a fool, the essence is Liuhe color, a friend to start a business, more than 10 friends whip, if successful, is the next Tencent, if lost, when it is to support a friend to start a business.

15, looking for angel investment the best way is to find friends around, superiors help, if you must find me to invest, first find a person I know, if you roll money ran, I went to find that friend.

If you don't have acquaintances who can help you find an investor relationship, you don't want to start a business.

If you are willing to the user as a friend, if your product has a problem, you have to have how much pressure now Internet products have hundreds of millions of of users, the pursuit of active, but, is the user forget when "people" look. So when we scold GDP, we have to think about whether the KPI is also problematic.

16. Entrepreneurship is not a sprint, but a marathon. The key is whether you can come to the end with the anticipation of difficult challenges.

Entrepreneurial opportunities in where, I still can not tell you, I think this is the charm of entrepreneurship, success is not replicable, because not copy, so you have to go your unique way. "The money is there, and we all see it without you.

Since entrepreneurship, on the one hand to adhere to, on the one hand to learn to adjust. Irrational insistence, and rational abandonment. In any big era, there are always pioneers, there are always laggards, our responsibility in this era, is the choice of action.

17, three suggestions: to have a boss, so as to make things bigger, have decision-making; to have a team, will not be exhausted, a person is unable to do; The founding team should have strong learning ability, working ability and influence.

18, entrepreneurs if you want to find millions trust, incredibly not an acquaintance, friends, colleagues, teachers, leadership can guide a person can help to recommend, do not start a business. "We take part in all kinds of meetings, and everyone wants money with a business plan." Don't you have someone to help you find someone with a little bit of resources?

In the United States, the Angel "three F" argument is profoundly justified. The so-called "three F" means friends, family and fools. Looking for investors must think about what resources are, not no one understand the idea of entrepreneurs, it is entrepreneurs do not.

Entrepreneurs need to know that things can fail, not a person can fail. The most important thing for the entrepreneur is the credit, the VC is a small circle. If there is a credit problem between the partner and the investor, it is frankly fatal.

19, entrepreneurship is not a hundred meters long-distance running, but a marathon, marathon is 42.59 kilometers, which means that you can still be over 40 kilometers of the past, still may fall. So entrepreneurship is more than endurance, more than perseverance, more than the long-term ability of things. In the creation circle, too many people think of entrepreneurship as a hundred meter sprint.

Business model predictable mission, entrepreneurship needs business model, but in addition to the need for effective implementation, entrepreneurial team's executive power mainly include a wealth of experience, a high degree of learning ability and humble attitude. "An entrepreneurial model, a business model, you think that the special cow, you just get a lot of money, does not mean that you can succeed."

20, for the entrepreneur, if you have a core team of 3~4 people, there is a person who is always in the devil's Advocate, this is the enterprise lucky, because he can help you. "The Chinese partner" says in online education, Cheng Dongqing that online education seems too far away. Mengxiaojun said, close to our parting person is also near, you must see what other people can not see. A team must be grounded-both the snail climbs there and the eagle sees it, and the eagle tells the snail that there is a sparrow next to it that might eat you.

21, the entrepreneur only has the determination not enough, you must have the team. With a team is not enough, you have to have a genuine truth outside. This is not much I have emphasized in the past. Why not? Because entrepreneurs are often young people, young people like to do things first, you need him to have experience, but he does not have experience, there is no truth.

Entrepreneurship is the essence of condensed life, entrepreneurs should be the elite of this era elite. Think about it, your team, everyone is put Gbagbo in with you to pursue the dream, if this time you did not do this truth, how can do it?

We sometimes give 100,000 or 200,000 yuan to entrepreneurs without knowledge, because I believe this person is smart enough to make a product, but frankly, they are not the mainstream of entrepreneurship. The mainstream of entrepreneurship must be in the relevant fields have experience, have the industry knowledge of people.

When Rojun left "SINA le Habitat" founded "passers-by", we heard that he will be successful. We also want to invest in such a person, but may not be able to invest, there are many people who want to vote for him. A few days ago, passers-by reported a round of financing of 400 million yuan. Because he has a genuine knowledge of the field. "Dragon Girl" gong from the Century good edge out, resign the CEO's position, now still is the chairman and the biggest shareholder, she came out to set up "91 foreign education Net". In fact, she didn't teach a foreign language, but she told me that she did not marry when she made the best of the century, but she had the need. This is also a kind of truth.

Chen Au founded Poly-Mei excellent products, so far the team does not have a cosmetics sales women, but they have the knowledge of the Internet, they understand the Internet, understand social networks. Their generation is born in the Internet, they are Aboriginal people, I think they can sell anything in the Internet.

(Source: Chinese entrepreneur)

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