Xun CEO Bu Guangzi: Chuan O2O Project was voted tens of millions

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Since March this year Xun net was merged to Jing Dong, the industry about Xun Net founder, CEO Bu Guangzi will leave news. Although Tencent invested in the Xun network, Bu Guangzi had to serve the Xun network in 2015, but the Xun network was integrated by Beijing and east, as the founder of the Bu Guangzi early departure became inevitable.

Founder and CEO of Xun Network Bu Guangzi

Bu Guangzi previously worked in the new Egg China, June 5, 2006 founded the Xun Network, and has been as CEO of the Post. 2010 Xun Net received Tencent investment, then gradually by Tencent Holdings, in May 2012, Bu Guangzi publicly disclosed Tencent's shareholding ratio of about 80%. August 5, 2013, Tencent issued internal mail, the appointment of Xun Network CEO Bu Guangzi for Tencent vice president, Tencent Electric Power company chief Executive Officer Wu Guangguang report.

Bu Guangzi left the Xun network in May or June of this year, but it was not until mid-July that Bu Guangzi confirmed that he had quit. Recent news from the industry, Bu Guangzi will start again in Shanghai, involved in the O2O project, and has received tens of millions of dollars of angel investment. The specific situation of Bu Guangzi O2O Project is temporarily unknown, but Bu Guangzi has repeatedly expressed the view of O2O bullish, this choice of O2O field entrepreneurship is not surprising. The following are the representations or views of O2O before Bu Guangzi:

• March 2013 easy to view E-commerce event, Bu Guangzi: "We see O2O today, but nothing but is around how to better meet customer needs." So, the future of the online and offline combination I believe is a big trend, not everyone's consumer demand is satisfied under the line. The future O2O is also our easy news and Tencent focus on a point ";

December 2013 2013 Hongqiao Trade Forum, Bu Guangzi: "With the development of mobile Internet, e-commerce into the O2O era, that is, the third stage; In this phase, E-commerce and traditional retail will truly achieve borderless integration."

Billion European network learned that Tencent has two internal projects to do O2O, respectively, "micro-shopping" and "micro-life", the former is mainly responsible for retail products such as clothing stores and shopping malls and other scenes of O2O, the latter is mainly responsible for life services such as catering enterprises, KTV and other scenes of the O2O. Among them, Xun net dabble in more is "micro shopping". Previously Bu Guangzi in the O2O field of entrepreneurship, and "micro-shopping" similar to the possibility of greater.

Coincidentally, before Wanda Electric Business CEO Yi Yitao, COO Mahaiping After leaving also have to choose in the O2O field of entrepreneurship, and the traditional electric "under the tree, inch difficult" compared to the O2O of regional attributes and services for the characteristics of the field of entrepreneurship can be a large number of "small and beautiful" survival, O2O New wave of entrepreneurial tide is ferocious.

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